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Drupal 8 for mobile native app

Hey guys

I would love to know any thought on developing native apps "powered by Drupal" (TM).

I have plenty of experience developing responsive websites which work great on a phone. However, for this new project the phone app should:

(a) appear in the app store/Google Play
(b) be able to take photos

I'm going to develop using D8 even though it's not quite ready yet (not long now, though!)

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Experienced Senior Developer for Music Startup

Senior Developer - Join our team

Full-Time competitive salary plus equity options
United Kingdom
London or Norwich or remote working


Join our groundbreaking Music-Tech Startup which has been receiving international recognition for its disruptive solution for the entertainment industry. “Best European Startup 2014” SXSW Hatch.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual, passionate about cutting edge technology, with the drive to lead our tech team and steer our innovative product forward in this exciting new market space.

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Web Development | Free Arts of Movement e.V.

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We need a native app for android and ios developed with drupal gap. the app
should reproduce the main functionality of the site, which are
displaying (with filter and search functionality) and posting these type of

  • parkour news artikel (text with one picture)
  • parkour group (text with one picture and some text fields to categorize the
  • parkour training (text with one picture and some text fields like monday
    and "every week, every month,..")
  • parkour video (youtube link, captured picture and text)
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Mobile App Drupal Developer | MetaBureau

Employment type: 

Seeking a skilled and experienced Drupal 7 developer with recent and IMPRESSSIVE custom mobile app development experience to assist with project.

Requirements are:
- develop some custom modules
- develop App for iPhone
- develop App for Android.

This is a voting/wiki style site.

Users are able to:
- upload video to youtube
- modify and comment upon content
- vote for content.

Key functionality includes:
- demographic tracking of user votes (age, region) and charting of this info per user
- wiki style content editing system.

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AtDrupalCon app for DrupalCon Portland

With our app, you won’t be sitting around saying, “Well I don’t know… What do you wanna do?” We’ve researched, deliberated, and made some cut-throat decisions to compile our list of the best things to do in Portland. Our fun, interactive app lets you live it up at DrupalCon by showing you what’s going on at the conference and the hot spots to check out in Portland, along with making it easy to connect with other Drupal lovers. Explore Portland the easy way. Choose from 7 different categories—food, coffee, breweries, biking, hiking, gardens, and film.

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VP of Engineering |

Employment type: 
Full time
Allowed is a fast growing tech startup in NYC that is disrupting the event industry publishing space. We work with major conferences around the world with hundreds to thousands of exhibitors to digitize their news.

VP of Engineering / Lead Architect

The VP Engineering will be the technical lead of the company, reporting directly to the President, Trace Cohen.
This person will be a major thought leader in the organization and must be capable of highly innovative, highly collaborative problem solving in a fast-changing and growing environment.

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Only 1 App avalable?

Installed newest OP beta4 - great product, but see just 1 readilly made App available "OpenPublish Disqus". Are there more available?

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Using Services to integrate Drupal 7 site with custom iPhone app?

I have to integrate a Drupal 7 site with a custom iPhone app. I need to be able to be able to perform the create, retrieve, update and delete process on the Drupal site using the iPhone app.

I have 20+ content types each with multiple custom fields. So what I need to know is will I have to write my own custom solution or is the Services module able to perform most/all of the functionality for me?

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suppor on openpublic

Hi, sorry by my english.
i just installed openpublic for no goverment use because i want to use drupal 7 and openpublish is not D7 ready.
I need to change some type of content to support scheduler module but when activated it, the date parameter is disabled.

Which folder and wich type of permission need to install Events App? (To install an app, web server needs write access to the Drupal sites folder. Please adjust and try again).

Hola, soy hispano parlante, estoy adaptando openpublic para uso no gobernamental. Deseo usar drupal 7 y openpublish no está listo aún.

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Drupal as an Application Framework: Unofficially competing in the BostonPHP Framework Bakeoff

BostonPHP hosted a PHP Framework Bake-Off last night, a competition among four application frameworks: CakePHP, Symfony, Zend, and CodeIgniter. A developer coding in each framework was given 30 minutes to build a simple job-posting app (wireframes publicized the day before) in front of a live audience.

I asked the organizer if I could enter the competition representing Drupal. He replied that Drupal was a Content Management System, not a framework, so it should compete against Wordpress and Joomla, not the above four. My opinion on the matter was and remains as follows:



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