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October 2010 SDDUG presentation videos

These were last minute recordings, so pardon the low production values. Hopefully the audio and video are clear enough to get some value from these terrific presentations. Feel free to respond with constructive comments; I'll do my best to improve over time.

Feel free to share these with others.

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Advertisment Module

Anyone familiar with the Advertisment Module? I've installed it on a local development installation and can't get it to display an image ad. I've looked through the documentation and it seems like it should be pretty straight-forward. I'm just missing something and (noob alert), not sure what.

I can supply details if there's anyone who has experience with the module wants to make suggestions. Gonna keep plugging away in he meantime.

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Meeting topic suggestion-module documentation

An issue related to module documentation I have is that a number of the modules such as imce and notifications have lots of available settings without much explanation regarding when to use what setting (how to make it work for you). I was thinking that perhaps this issue could be addressed in some manner by our meetup group by having someone who knows a particularly highly used module well to walk the group through the process for setting it up, with some explanation for what the different settings mean, how to customize for particular situations. Perhaps some kind of ‘breakout’ group?

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Multisite with Module Settings Synced

We are looking at developing an enterprise Drupal architecture using multisite as the overall hosting solution. We have setup a proof of concept with multisite and it works great. The more complicated step is having some modules that need to be not only available to all sites, but also configured with specific settings when the site is deployed. For example, we will want to have CKEditor available for all sites, but also configured a specific way and be enabled automatically.

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Drupal Genealogy, Family Tree module

Recently, I received a project where i have to create an online database of the genealogy (family tree) of a community. I think Drupal is the best option for creating this kind of a website.
I searched for some drupal modules to create or import a genealogy and found a couple.
The first one was genmod, which displays the database created externally from a script called "genmod". This plugin is still in development, but i tried it anyway, but, as expected it gave a lot of problems.

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Drupal SME | Razorfish

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Razorfish is one of the largest interactive agencies in the world and currently has more than 2,000 employees in 20 offices in seven countries (Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) focusing exclusively on digital marketing and technology. Each office is filled with opportunities for people who want to invent the digital future. It's a big challenge, but it's a big Internet, and there's work to be done.

We are seeking a creative, experienced Freelance Drupal SME to join a fast-moving Technology team in redesigning a publisher website by:

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Ubercart integrator | re-present

Employment type: 


Uber Cart Marketplace has been designed to allow users to set up their own stores, and for the site owner to take payments directly and to take a small commission from each sale before paying the sellers automatically on a set day via Paypal masspay.

My clients subscription model is different. We would like to create an new option within Marketplace which will enable each store owner to be paid via their own paypal account. The commission, if any, will be deducted during this process.

The rest of the site will be built by us here in the UK.

We need someone who:

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Need a time slot sign up module

Does anyone know of a "Time Slot Sign Up" module, that could be used for volunteer members to sign up for hourly time slots for stuff needing doing at our upcoming DrupalCamp?

There is D5 - not been touched for 3 years.
Also, DO members looking for same:

I did one in Perl a dozen years ago, and use it now and then for SCALE and such, for booth table manning. It's extremely flexible.

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WNY Module Discussion

Hey all as we are getting ready for the upcoming July meeting I figured we could start a thread for cool modules that we have run into in our Drupal Daily Lives.

The first one I want to bring up is the Quiz module There was just a new release up to v4 and it seems to offer a lot of cool functions. I came across this module when I was thinking about using Webform to create a series of tests for users but this seems easier.

Any other modules out there

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Group organization, streamlining, jQuery 1.8/1.9, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery Eye Candy, etc.


actually I don't know the differences between AJAX, JavaScript and jQuery. But before answering here, maybe a wiki page is missing and could be mentioned in the group description?

In many groups such info lacks in the description. Yes I'm familiar with groups, but from Yahoo and the Dutch (they WERE the first & the best, Yahoo bought the software and made a cut down version for its groups). So I'm not that happy with the features and design of Drupal groups, but that's another issue...

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