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Drupal developer consultant/freelancer | Flightpath

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Flightpath, a dynamic internet services company in New York City's Flatiron District, seeks an experienced PHP/Drupal developer to help develop a Drupal site using best practices. Must have Drupal module development experience.

Please send resume, cover letter, URLs and salary requirements. No recruiters and no agencies, please!

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New Salsa module

Trellon is happy to announce yet another salsa module (in, which does a lot more to integrate Salsa with Drupal than the currently available modules.

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Contract Drupal Developer | Asansol Astha IT Projects Pvt. Ltd / Polytopia Inc.

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Looking for a Drupal Developer Consultant based in Kolkata for upcoming projects (US and Indian Clients) .
PHP: 3+ years
Drupal: 2+ Years
MySQL: 2Years
Proficient in Drupal Administration, Custom Module Development, CCK & Views.
This is a telecommuting job, consultant should be able to work remotely using project management tools such as assembla (
If you are interested please contact me at

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Trying to understand some fundamentals

I’m an intermediate Drupal user at best and i am certainly not a developer. I’m trying to get a handle on Drupal 7’s media handling and file structure. If this is not the appropriate place to post this question, any help in directing me to the right place would be very helpful.

Let me start with some general questions and then maybe i’ll be able to articulate some questions about specific uses of the module.

  1. What precisely is a media asset? That is, it’s neither a node, nor a taxonomy term, comment, etc. So what is it? A new entity? Is its proper name “media asset”? Will it find its way into things like the “Terminology” page?
  2. How do/will media assets relate to Taxonomy? That is, it is possible to assign terms to media, but are/will media assets be searchable and discoverable like nodes?
  3. How do/will media assets relate to URL aliases? That is, can the option to apply replacement patterns to media assets be expected, the same way replacement patterns are applied to content paths, taxonomy term paths and user paths? Is this simply an issue for the Pathauto/Token modules?

To the extent that i understand Media module, it seems like it could have some too-good-to-be true uses, but i want to make sure i’m actually getting it and not just sticking my amateur nose where it doesn’t belong. Thanks for any insight!

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Please comment on this missing ALT attribute bug - oEmbed module

Hi Everyone,

I've just created this accessibility bug on the oEmbed filter for Drupal (D6 and D7),

I would welcome any comments and suggestion for improvements.

Many thanks,


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Freier Drupal Entwickler gesucht für OpenLayers Projekt | integrale kommunikation

Employment type: 
Part time

Hey Drupal-Freaks,

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Module Development | Fivestorm Media & Investments

Employment type: 

We're looking for a custom module. The Module should do the following:

Example: User A creates story node
Story node has fileds -
-End Time (preferably a count down timer on node)
System calculates amount of words in story
User A pays for node creation based on word count ( eg. 20 words = 3$ )
User B, C & D submit content to story node
User A selects content based on admin rating
User selects (example User B's) content
User B gets 50% of purchase price (eg. $1.50)

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Google Analytics 3.0 Module funkiness

You are widely known as the Google Analytics guru. We're using 6.x-3.0 and the stats aren't what I expected. Usually GA either works or it doesn't. It is tracking, but comparing the stats to Apache logs, there is a HUGE discrepancy in the numbers - more than we can account for using our filters ( internal company IP traffic and staging site traffic ).

Here's what we've done that isn't standard:
1) Added filters for corporate traffic and to exclude staging sites

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France24 AEF modules versus OpenPublishApp - opinions requested for comparison

I'd welcome your thoughts on the positives and negatives of both systems that extend drupal for publishers.

My situation is that I've installed the France 24 AEF modules on my development non-production site but don't know how to use them, make them visible.

I'm considering OpenPublishApp also (instead, i.e not co-existing with France24) but haven't tried it yet.

My initial thoughts are:

- proof of concept with France24: high-traffic news site
- substantial suite of modules designed with journalists in mind to add content easily with minimum training

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Module Developer | Rocket and Walker

Employment type: 

We are looking for someone to develop a Drupal module to connect to Amazon Web Services Fulfillment Services.

Here's a Drupal comment regarding the "Shipwire" module which is
said to be very similar in structure, as the service is also a
fulfillment service, and the drupal ubercart modules would be the
same, and the function calls to those modules for adjusting inventory
would be the same:

We need someone to develop this to integrate into a site we are currently building. The deadline is November 1.

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