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Location Module map linking opciones para Mexico?

Estoy tratando de crear un directorio de negocios en Chapala, Jalisco. Con el location module, cada lisado para una empressa captura informacion de ubicacion. Pero no puedo ponerlos por una mapa porque Google Maps no ofrezcan servicio para map linking en Mexico. O por lo menos dice el modulo an /admin/config/content/location/maplinking

Nadie sabe un servicio mapera que sirve con el location module en Mexico?

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Drupal Web Developer | Spartan Resources

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Drupal Web Developer
Atlanta, GA (Downtown)
4 month Contract

Position Description:
This position requires a developer who can help architect and build a publishing platform using Drupal. The candidate should be strong in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP (particularly the jQuery framework).

Responsibilities include:
• Gathering requirements
• Site Analysis
• Building Custom Themes and Subthemes
• Cross Browser CSS/Styling
• Custom DHTML/JavaScript Functionality
• Module Selection and Implementation
• Module Development
• Integration with other services

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oData module

Hello everyone,

just let you know that we built an oData module, for integrating any valid oData services with Views 3.
The module is under development, to become at least an alpha version.

A demo of our current work in progress can be found here.

Feel free to use the issue queue, to discuss/suggest any features you would like to add.

Thank you,

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Web Engineer | National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado, seeks an individual to provide leadership for its web development efforts. Responsible for development, documentation, user testing and support, plus management of advanced web applications and tools and Content Management System (CMS)-driven websites. Will serve as EOL’s webmaster. Develops, tests and deploys Web applications and tools. Develops complex Drupal modules, interfacing with existing databases and applications, utilizing theming, hooks and core Drupal functionality.

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Project Application: Panels Breadcrumbs


I've developed a module "Panels Breadcrumbs" that allows you to set your breadcrumbs directly from Panels configuration, and also allows you to take advantage from Panels Arguments and Contexts as Placeholder tokens.

I've applied this sandbox project to a full project, and I was told to ask here for someone that could review my application:

Project Application:
Repository: git clone --branch 7.x-1.x
Configuration Screenshot:

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new AdServer for Drupal

There is a new module for ad (banner) management. It integrates a 3rd party hosted adserver with Drupal (the Adverticum AdServer with interesting features) . So it's a cloud based alternative of the Advertisement and OpenX modules. The Adverticum has a free plan under 2 million adviews per month. The sign up form is at Please give me feedback about your experiences, opinions or questions.

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Senior Drupal Developer | Tech Finders

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Hello Drupal Developers,

I am looking for a Senior Drupal Developer in the Phoenix Area. This is a wonderful opportunity with a fast-growing company.

Client is scheduling interviews IMMEDIATELY. Please contact me for full job description.

-2-3 years working within the Drupal
-3-5 years working with PHP
-Solid experience working with PHP in a Linux environment
-MySQL and/or SQL experience
-AJAX or JQuery

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Announcing Content API Module

Hi Everyone, just wanted to put out a quick note about a new module that we'd love feedback on. It's called Content API, and is a drop-in solution for making all your content available via web APIs with no programming necessary. We built it as a part of the redesign of, and is being used there to power the new website. More information is available at the project page: For those of you at CapitalCamp a couple of months ago, this is the module I previewed in my API publishing talk.

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module developer | Skinz&Boanz

Employment type: 

We are faced with a challenge that we cannot overcome.

We need to create a system that allows the site users to select from content on a page and then either email the content, not just the links, but the content or print the content to pdf/hardcopy.

We have nodequeues installed and working and will bring it to a views that would be 'printable'. Once in views we can use the email/print/pdf module to handle that.

The issue is creating a nodequeue for anyone and having them delete after the user leaves/set time.

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OG Consultant | Buadh Brath, Inc.

Employment type: 

We need some assistance on a D6 site, specifically regarding customization of certain Organic Groups modules to the customer's specifications.

This is not a need for someone to build the whole project, but instead to assist with specific tasks.

We need this assistance immediately.

Thank you all, we have had several responses, so don't need any more at this time.

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