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Advance Search Form with Views and CCK fields

Hi All,

I am looking for Advance search module that'll expose CCK fields for search. I know using Views2 we can expose the CCK fields as a filter. However its not possible to convert CCK text fields as checkboxes. For e.g. I have added and exposed filter of group Search (Search: Search Terms). To assist I want to add 2 check-boxes like search in Title and/or Description which are CCK Text fields. I couldn't find way to change them as check-boxes with functionality search in Title and/or Description CCK fields.

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how to show all the node props in a block view


I´m doing a module that attempt to show a bunch of nodes created programatically

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Explicity rendering of views

Hi, I'm trying to explicity rendering at code level a view defined in my solution.

This is, suppose the name of the view is my_last_comments, and I'd like to show that view in a very specific place in my page template, say, so I'd like to get the view rendered in a preprocess variable such as:

function theme_preprocess( &$vars ) {
$vars['mylastcommentsview'] = view_render( 'my_last_comments' );

Got the idea?. I've looked for that in views module function but I couldn't find anything.

I'd appreciate some help in this.


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Adding Comment support for an Entity in Drupal 7

Not sure if this is the correct place for this post so if not let me know.

I have started working with D7 and have the need to create a new Entity and a number of sub-types. I want to allow users to post Comments to this Entity but cannot figure out how this can be accomplished. Any help would be welcome.

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Modify user filter form in user list page


I'd like to hide all the submit buttons in user filter form and submit the form in select onchange event.

I attach js function to role select :

$form['filters']['status']['role']['#attributes'] = array('onchange' => 'myJsFunction();');

And submit the form in javascript like :


The form is successfully submitted when I choose value from role select.

The problem is, it won't run user_filter_form_submit() function like clicking submit button.

What do I need to do?

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Extending Custom Subscriptions with Notifications 4.x

Notifications version 6.x-4.x includes the Custom Subscriptions module. It allows for the creation of flexible event notification subscriptions, and exposes to the user a simple, no-nonsense interface for subscription management. Custom Subscriptions is also the recommended method for automatically subscribing users to notifications.

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Free Messaging Service for Drupal


I've seen a really nice feature on the BBC mobile site, where you can send a free, short SMS style message direct to the studio and wondered if anyone else thinks this would be an interesting feature to replicate in Drupal.

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Linking anonymous user and content created by him

Hi All,

I am newbie to Drupal 6.

My requirement is that any anonymous user can come and create content of particular content type. Before saving content to the database,I need to capture his email address (if not loggedin) so that I can send him a link to view,edit and delete for the content created.

Here I thought that before sending mail, I'll make an entry in the user's table with email address registered. So that I can make a relationship between content he has created.

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Drupal Dojo Session: Building with Drupal 7

2011-01-13 13:30 - 14:30 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Introduction and Discussion re Building with Drupal 7

Drupal7 Site building - Is it all that different in Drupal7? Not really, but it's different enough that you might get lost along the way as you navigate the changes. Join us and take the short path to getting up to speed on the Drupal7 way of doing things!

View Archive:

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Passing argument between views

I want to create a View of event nodes where each Event displays an associated venue node beside it. I'm using Display Suite with views to ouput a view of all Event nodes (as full node views). I've created a second view, called Venues. I want to pass an argument (the NID from a nodereference field on the Event node type) to this view, which will display as a block. I can then add a block-field to the Event node display (in display suite). The supplied argument will output a view of the proper associated venue and my view will be complete.

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