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How do I create a static block in code?


Hopefully someone can help me out here.. Firstly I am not a coder but I have a problem that needs code to be resolved..

I am creating a feature using "features" and I need to create a static block where the content is a simple HTML table.. Features doesn't export blocks so my plan is to add it in code to the .module file of the exported feature..

I haven't been able to find any code examples for a simple block to start from so if anyone can give me a pointer and perhaps a sample that would be great!!


EDIT: I am using Drupal 7 if that makes any difference..

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Free Messaging Service for Drupal


I've seen a really nice feature on the BBC mobile site, where you can send a free, short SMS style message direct to the studio and wondered if anyone else thinks this would be an interesting feature to replicate in Drupal.

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Trying to create a front/home page my way

Hi all:

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