Design and user experience

Graphic design; theming; Usability/Interaction design; Site Planning and Information Architecture
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Organic Groups

Tutorials for Organic Groups Module

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Looking for Better document and img handling (other files too)

Ive been looking at Imgassist lately because FCK is old and CK while a great alternative does not provide a free imagebrowser like FCK did ?

Unfortunately that leaves document handling in the dust or does it ?

Can anyone recommend some great alternatives they have used on small - large sites with success ?

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Subnavigation, best practices -- help

Im struggling to wrap my head around which or rather how to construct menus for content heavy and simplistic (brochure) sites. I have a friend who recommends I use books for both. Only use new content types for pages that function differently or do not have the same fields. From a users (editor role) point of view it works really well, since there is way less clutter (not seeing all the primary nav items and subitems) when trying to add a new page to your site structure, and it works really well by using a book menu block per page.

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Active trails between two different menus

What I have:
A primary menu (one level depth) at the top of the page.
Some secondary menus to the right, that changes depending on primary links (controlled via Visibility).

What I need:
Primary links to stay active when secondary links activated.

You can see the project I'm working on at nexos

I'm a graphic designer, trying to evolve to serious web design with Drupal, and think I accomplished the theme task very well, but this challenge of active trails...

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Drupal Dojo sessions: Sustainable Theming with Fusion

2010-06-01 12:30 - 13:30 America/New_York
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Don't theme yourself into a corner. We built Fusion after years of feedback from designers, site builders, clients, and developers. It's a powerful and supported base theme, with layout and style configuration options built in that you (or your clients) can control through Drupal's UI using the Skinr module. Based on a simplified 960px or fluid 12 or 16-column grid, you can easily define your own custom grid if needed.

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Drupal Dojo CoffeeTalk

Title: Drupal Dojo CoffeeTalk
Frequency: Weekly
Status: Commence production April 2010
Format: Short Audio/Video podcast
Producers: Open Learning Labs
Starring: Doug Vann, Gus Austin, and a rotating cast of Drupal community members.
Description: A roundtable discussion covering news, events, projects, and initiatives important to the community.


Please add your suggestions!

  • Google Summer of Code
  • redesign
  • Drupal 7
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Drupal Dojo sessions: Drupal 7 Fundamentals

Title: Drupal 7 Fundamentals
Status: Commencing April 2010
Format: Weekly webcasts mixed with ongoing workshops, tutorials, and documentation.
Producers: Open Learning Labs
Organizers: Doug Vann (dougvann), Gus Austin (gusaus), Stacy Wray (stacywray), and a rotating cast of community mentors.
Description: An introductory track that covers the ins and outs of Drupal 7. The course will cover everything from creating new content types, adding images, creating custom user profiles, managing users, and more..
When: TBD

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Drupal APPcenter || Module browsing through Drupal Back End

* Good products has Appcenters like Apple App store , Ubuntu App
center ect..

* by using those centers we can discover thousands of apps in various

* When we consider about drupal, if we want to add module we need to
download that module from: or
and install it.

I am trying to propose convenient solution for module installing

possible implementation

1. Develop separate module to access and browse module-galary through Drupal.

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Inserting a Span Tag into links - not into primary links

Does anybody know how to insert span tags into all links on a page the Drupal way? E.g. <a href="">link title</a> becomes <a href=""><span>link title</span></a>. This is easily done with javascript but there must be a way to do this in template.php. Any pointers are appreciated.

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Custom Form, pass $node->title into a hidden field

Not sure where to post help but some how landed here.

So here is my set up,

I have a content type - form - which I have pasted php into the body field and which is based on the form API. See code below...

Then I have a content type - competition - which has a title, body and node reference fields. The node reference field is set tp Full Node and is configured to load a form content node.

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