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beginner help for drupal theme

Hi Everyone :)

Please can any one help, I am new to Drupal and web design, I have limited HTML coding knowledge and am stuck for a solution.

I purchased a drupal template from template monster, live demo of the theme here:

I've installed the template 'theme' and have no problems with the site, however on the main page 'under todays videos' their is currently four embedded flash videos, I have tried to insert the embed code from YouTube but dont get the you tube video to load up properly,

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Advice on Drupal Modules...Module Advice Needed - Creating Reservation Site/Shopping Cart

Hi All,

I have ubercart and doing a shopping cart/reservation system online for courses. Course Operators page is built. I need advice on:

A module for a customised Search Function
The Scheduler or Availability Calendar for the course operator

Can UC Hotel Booking have elements adapted and used? Or, is this something for an experienced DBA?


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Dynamic block alter/creation with custom field

Hello all,

Still relatively new to Drupal, coming from WordPress. My objective is to allow my content editors to edit a "See Also" field on my custom content type, "Product," and have it appear in a "See Also" block in the sidebar region.

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Have an existing website with multiple Views on a single page built with Panels module. Each of the views uses Pager. When any of the Pagers are clicked all of them advance. How can I make it so that each of the Pagers work interdependently?

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Hi guys,

as you can see here:

I have 2 regions. Might sound like a silly question but how do I re-arrange it so that the "showcase" region is swaped with the "banner" region? Does anybody know which tpl i have to change?

thanks in advance! :)

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Changing the presentation/theme of a view

Hi All

I'm having trouble changing the look/theme of a view I have created. I think it may have something to do with the original theme. Is it possible to change the look of the view?

You can view how my views appear here:

I really wish to take off the borders at the top and bottom and want to have rounded corners. Is there any way i can do this guys?

Thanks in advance, you guys rock! :)

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8 week intensive online course in mastering Drupal: Two new dates available.

2011-05-03 20:00 - 23:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Two more sessions are available for the 8-week intensive online course on mastering Drupal. The course that is currently running did sell out.

These are live online classes, three hours a week (plus additional assignments and videos, a sandbox, and an online learning community for participants. ) You can develop your own site (in Drupal 6 or 7) as part of the course.

One course runs Tuesdays at 8pm EST starting May 3rd. The other is on Wednesdays, 2pm EST, starting May 4th.

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Mastering Drupal: An 8 week intensive online course

2011-03-16 20:00 - 23:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

I have developed and will be teaching an 8-week intensive online course on mastering Drupal. I've built over 50 Drupal sites and have a great deal of experience training people to build sites with Drupal.

I'm also giving anyone who is a Drupal Association member or works for a nonprofit a ten percent discount.

You can read a full description of this Drupal training program here . I'll also be offering a summer bootcamp.

Thank you,
Sam Cohen

Sam Cohen, Principal

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Drupal Dojo Session: Rapidly build online communities with Drupal Commons

2011-01-20 13:30 - 14:30 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Drupal Dojo Session: Rapidly build online communities with Drupal Commons

Leader: Jay Batson (batsonjay)

More info: Unveiling the power of Drupal Commons for rapid deployment of online communities.


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Passing argument between views

I want to create a View of event nodes where each Event displays an associated venue node beside it. I'm using Display Suite with views to ouput a view of all Event nodes (as full node views). I've created a second view, called Venues. I want to pass an argument (the NID from a nodereference field on the Event node type) to this view, which will display as a block. I can then add a block-field to the Event node display (in display suite). The supplied argument will output a view of the proper associated venue and my view will be complete.

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