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HELP! with Views and relational data

Hi I am creating a site that has the following content types:

  • Organization (Usernode)
  • Program (define a program)
  • Attendance Tracking (track attendance for the program added above)

I would like to create an admin view that shows me all the details for either program or the attendance tracking with data from the usernode. For example

Program Name
Organization Name
Postal Code

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update modules best practice

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this kind of questions, if not please let me know.

I've been doing module update the following way:
- download the new module from
- go to Administer > Site building > Modules then deselect the old module, then click Save configuration
- click Uninstall and select the old module if available, then click uninstall
- remove the old module from sites/all/modules folder
- copy the new module to the sites/all/modules folder
- run update.php

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How to show quicktab to a specifi page?

I'm using a quicktab module to show some contents (RSS feed, recent forum posts, etc.), the trouble is quicktab is showing in every page of the site, not just one, anyone knows how to configure it to show only at certain page (homepage for instance)?

Thanks in advance for your comment/suggestion.

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How to lock anonymous users out of the site, give them access to just one home page, and present the real home page upon login?

Hi folks --

I'm building a site where I want anonymous users to access none of the site's real content until they log in.

However, when a user first comes to the site prior to login, I'd like them to have a decent page telling them to log in, and where they can see the login block.

My current method includes:

-- the Taxonomy Access module (so that I can use a category tag to specify that one of the pages will in fact be viewable by un-authenticated people, that's the page I'll make my home page for the not-yet-logged-in people)

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Media Sprint Recap on Drupal Dojo!

2009-01-13 15:30 - 16:30 US/Eastern
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Arthur and I will co-present a recap of last week's exciting Media Code Sprint, held in various offices in NYC! We'll be doing this with the Drupal Dojo, using DimDim.

Media Code Sprint Recap
Tuesday, January 13, 2008 at 3:30 PM (EST)

Why You Want to Be There

  • Because you want to learn about the future of multimedia in Drupal.
  • Because you want to help transform multimedia handling for Drupal.
  • Because everything you thought you knew about Drupal and multimedia is about to be obsolete (and why that's a good thing)...

I'll post a synopsis and schedule in the morning, so stay tuned!

(Cross-posted at

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The best module to allow file uploads to have metadata?

Hello all. My apologies if this question belongs in a more entry-level group (let me know if you recommend one.)

The question: The site I'm building will need to have a strong ability to present files for download by users. The out-of-the-box drupal has the Uploads module, which allows us to place files onto the site. However, there is no functionality for the uploader to include metadata for the file like name, author, date, keywords, etc.

-- What is the most established/respected/good module that will allow uploads to have metadata?

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User-managed galleries - is that posible with Drupal 6?

I posted this in the Image group but haven't got any response yet. May be because the title is about user-managed galleries but in fact it is about user managed node hierarchies ;-)

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Drupal Dojo wallpaper

Hello everyone,

In my pastime, sometimes I jump into inkscape, and this time I decided to do something for the Dojo.

Since it has helped me so much in the past and the group is working hard to get it back in full force, (mind you, joshk already did an awesome lesson in November), I decided to do something hoping to inspire this process, and well, hopefully be of some use also in promoting the group.

If you are using another resolution, do drop a comment, and I will provide it, no problem =)

If anyone has suggestions, (I didn't include the url, because I like my wallpapers clean, for example), go ahead and fire away, we could make a different version, no problem =)

Hope you like it!

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How to add a "more" link to the block "Group members"


I am trying to figure out how to add a "more" link to the block "Group members" provided by OG.

The "more" link should link to /og/users/groupid/faces as you did for Drupal Dojo.

Thanks in advance,


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Looking for a module that deletes orphan free tags.

Is there a module that goes about cleaning up "orphan" free tags, i.e. free tags that are not associated with any nodes?

In general, can you share a tip to searching for modules?


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