Theming Strategies In Context

Overriding a template should only be done when you need major, site-wide structural changes to a page's, node's, or block's template file such as adding or removing regions because the changes will apply to ALL use-cases of those files. Smaller, less structural - but still site wide - changes can be applied through theme functions and lastly, fine-tuned and case specific changes can be applied through theme hook suggestions. But that's just the tip of the iceberg for all the theming strategies available to you.

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Drupal Dojo sessions: Sustainable Theming with Fusion

2010-06-01 12:30 - 13:30 America/New_York
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Don't theme yourself into a corner. We built Fusion after years of feedback from designers, site builders, clients, and developers. It's a powerful and supported base theme, with layout and style configuration options built in that you (or your clients) can control through Drupal's UI using the Skinr module. Based on a simplified 960px or fluid 12 or 16-column grid, you can easily define your own custom grid if needed.

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making a section title, above a menu

Theming question here...

I have a $secondary_menu in my page.tpl.php and it's doing what it's supposed to. Right above it I have a Section Title. I want that section title to be replaced with whatever the top-level menu item is. (Say the top-level is About | Products | Contact, and then 2nd level under Products is Shoes | Coats | Umbrellas. If you've clicked on Umbrellas, I want the section title to be Products.)

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Lesson #32 - Theming changes for Drupal 6

2007-10-10 (All day) Etc/GMT

Wednesday, October 10th @ 7pm PST (2am UTC)
MerlinOfChaos presents his What's New In Drupal 6 Theming. The same talk as he presented in Barcelona, only this time, Dvessel joins him in a tag-team presentation of graphical proportions! We'll record this one and post for sure, so don't worry if you can't make the timezone.

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Lesson #24 - Theming Views output

2007-07-28 18:00 Etc/GMT

This week, EclipseGc will be demonstrating how to theme a Views table. Views is already a must-have module for almost any Drupal site, but knowing how to extend and theme it will really allow you to 'kick it up a notch', if you will.

Please note that this is a Saturday lesson. Shaking things up a bit!

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Dojo presentation: color module integration

2007-06-03 13:00 - 15:00 US/Eastern

Hello everyone, I'll be going over the color module and how to integrate it into a theme. It's seldom used outside of Garland but I hope that'll change after this presentation.

To get the most out of the it, you should be familiar with Photoshop (especially slicing) and theming in general.

See you there!

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Lightning Lesson: Dmitrig01 turns a PSD into a Drupal Theme (part 1 of 2)

In a new format, dmitrig01 offered to share his screen while he turned a PSD into a Theme. This is part 1, in which the theme is translated into Drupal-friendly HTML. Part 2 will cover the final process: making it into a theme.

Grab it here (alternate mp4 link here)

There is no audio, but simplymenotu asks a number of helpful questions in the always-visible IRC log.

It's an experimental format, but it was very easy to produce on the fly. I'm very curious what people think of this format.

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Lesson #6 Screencast -- PHPTemplate Theming & ThemePack


Thanks to mpare and greggles, last sunday's screencast is available via bittorrent. This lesson covers some of the fundamentals of PHPTemplate, Drupal's default theming engine, as well as how to create your own tpl.php files, override built-in functions, best practices for following the MVC standard, as well as the fine work being done as part of the Themer Pack Working Group.

Many thanks to merlinofchaos for helping out on the skype and IRC channels.

Grab the torrent here.

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Another theming working group

The newly minted 'Zen Task Force' may provide some great project orientated learning opportunities in realm of theming. Seems like it would tie in quite nicely as an extension to the great Dojo theming lesson as well as our work on Merlin's 'Themer Pack Project'?

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