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Adding support to Google Plus on follow module

This is a small update to the Drupal follow module in order to support Google+ network, to see a demo of this in action just take a look at my blog on the block "Follow me on"


Module Project

Orignal post entry on my blog

Jesus Manuel Olivas

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Agregando Soporte para Google+ en módulo Follow

Esta es una pequeña actualización al modulo follow en Drupal para agregar la opción de Google+, para ver demostración solo revisa en este blog en el bloque de "Follow me on"



Entrada original en m blog

Jesus Manuel Olivas

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Google Technology User Group - Western MA

This was sent to me to post:

Hello, I am a new member of your Drupal User Group, and I also happen to be forming a Google Technology User Group (GTUG) out here in Western MA.

I was wondering if it would be alright to announce this on your drupal group forum?

Thank you,

Steven Jay Cohen (

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Damascus GTUG

What is a GTUG?

GTUG: Google Technology User Group that will allow developers and technicians to share ideas, experiences about Google Technologies, chat, and have fun together in online technical environment.

If you want more information about the GTUG, simply go to or

What are the benefits from being a GTUG member?

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Developer | hyderabadiindians

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

500 plus jobs in Google.visit reduce unemployment.

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Any of you able to match IP address to City in China with modules such as geouser?

Hey all of you in China...

I thought this might be the best way to start a discussion on our websites in China being able to find a user's location. I have seen many sites in China such as websites with classifieds, real-estate, etc. that automatically know that you are in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, etc. However, with Drupal, I have never been successful at doing so.

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Big News - Google officially announces support for Good Relations RDFa markup

This news came a few days ago... Google is officially supporting the Good Relations (e-commerce) ontology as a source for Rich Snippets.

This means that once we have a good mapping for it in Drupal Commerce, sites that use Drupal for commerce will be at a distinct advantage. Yahoo research showed that click through rates for rich snippety search results were 15% higher, and other research has shown up to 30% higher.

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Can Pantheon benefit from mod_pagespeed?

Has anyone found Google's mod_pagespeed for Apache beneficial for Pantheon? Any plans to include it in Pantheon/Mercury 1.1?

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New version of the Google Ad Manager module


I have to write this post to introduce the 2.x branch of Google Ad Manager module because it is very convenient and handy even for the complex case.

The old version of GAM (and its brother, OpenAds) create a block for each ads slot. It was practical, but only for small sites. When you have about a few dozens of ad slots, and you want to use those blocks in Panels, or you want to place different blocks in the same place (depend on in which section user is)... it is a nightmare.

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Robot.txt ve Google'da Dizinlenmek


Drupal ile hazırladığım site hemen hemen her şekilde sorunsuz gitmesine rağmen, Google'da dizinlenme konusunda sorun yaşıyorum.

Robot.txt şu anki haliyle orjinal ancak Google'da bir sayfam dizinlenmiş. [bknz.] Robot.txt'ten neyi kaldırıp kaldırmayacağımı bilmediğim gibi, çift sayfa şekilde dizinlenmek ve başka bir sorun yaşamamak için dokunamıyorum. (Sayfalara URL Alias ile yeniden URL atıyorum.)

Diğer bir konu da arama motoru botlarının onları aktif etmemden sonra siteyi ne kadar zorlayıp zorlamayacağı. Bu site okul tarafından sağlanıyor ve sanırım -bandwidth mi denir?- yeterli olmayabilir. Bu yüzden, öğrendiğim kadarıyla, botların siteye giriş çıkış sürelerinini de nasıl ayarlayabileceğim konusunda yardım istiyorum.

Şimdiden teşekkürler, herkese iyi çalışmalar.

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