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Google released an open source "learning platform"

However, connecting our expert teachers to eager students around the globe can be a complicated business. To that end, we are excited to release our new internal learning platform, CloudCourse under an open source license. Built entirely on App Engine, CloudCourse allows anyone to create and track learning activities. CloudCourse also offers calendaring, waitlist management and approval features.


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Google is using site speed as a factor in search rankings

It's no surprise that site speed offers visitors a better experience, but Google just announced that site speed is now a factor in search rankings. I think this has actually been true for some time, but it's worth mentioning here. This is definitely another feather in the hats of performance specialists who offer high performance tuning services to their clients.

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1.7 question about premium content and Google

Congrats on the release of 1.7. Looking forward to messing around with it soon. Just curious if the Premium (e.g. subscriber-only) content feature allows nodes to be seen by Google? I'd love to have premium content, but I want Google to see it. Yes, I want to have my cake and eat it too!



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Google FriendConnect module for Drupal


Acabo de encontrar esto en Planet Drupal

Lo interesante es que fue desarrollado en Argentina. Esta tarde lo voy a probar en el sitio de Ginga


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Google Caffeine - Improvements to search algorithm

On Tuesday night at the Melbourne Drupal Meetup, there was some discussion on the relevance of meta tags in helping search engines classify content..

While RDF in core will move us a long way toward more relevant semantic data, the major search engines continue to work on their search algorithms...

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Google Wave Community

As Google suggests, Wave requires a contribution from a broader community outside Google. The Google Wave API is open for all and developers around the world may participate. Having this context we look for building a vibrant forum which will simultaneously have the developers and their end users at the same platform. Budding developers will also get support from the forum in different technical issues. The mission is to have a very supportive community like we have today for different Open Source platforms, e.g. Drupal, phpBB etc.

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Google image search

We would like to contribute the module, auto-image-file-name. There is a big need in all of our projects to google search enable our images. One of the important criteria for the same is the image file name.

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Google Page Speed

Hey all,

I had been hearing a lot about Google Page speed via twitter recently. So I checked it out, WOW!!! It gives you information to help speed up your website, and its all within Firebug.


Firefox and Firebug

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msysGIT = tortoiseSVN

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&from=1289 and node?page= produces multiple pages and fictional pages

Currently in Drupal 5.10 it produces multiple content in multiple urls:


Are currently indexed by Googlebot. But is being showed as double content for the same page in Google Webmaster Tools. In fact it displays the ?page=16

Similar to this ?page= produces fictional pages for the last page in tracker pages.

These pages are indexed by google:

But currently the last page is:

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