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Any one interested in learning Drupal

Hi there,

If any one interested in learning drupal, please contact me, I will guide you how to learn.

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Drupal Learning Academy

The Instant Solutions Academy:

Here is great opportunity who want to learn website development online.

We provide professional website development learning classes. There are two major sections of this course.

1) Front End Designing. This includes :

Duration : 12 sessions
Fee : FREE
Session Duration : 1 hour

2) Server Side Programming . This includes :

Contents : PHP,MYSQL
Duration : 12 sessions
Fee : FREE
Session Duration : 1 hour

To join : [i][n][f][o][@]theinstantsolutions[.][c][o][m] , omit [ and ]

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Drupal 学习方法汇总


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Drupal Beginner Course now offered at Baltimore Drupal Camp

Hey folks,
Do you have friends, associates, clients, etc., that want to learn Drupal?
Baltimore Drupal camp has just added a beginner introduction course as a track for the camp:


A complete beginner’s course for 20 bucks, hard to beat!!
Test sites to use as practice will also be included, not to mention, a really cool T-shirt and Drupal experts everywhere to answer questions. Join us!

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Drupal Ladder + Google Code-In = Perfect Match

Hello from the Google Code-In Drupal 2013 team ( https://groups.drupal.org/google-code-in and http://www.google-melange.com/gci/homepage/google/gci2013 ).

We recently added every step/lesson in majority of the Drupal Ladders as tasks into Drupal GCI 2013. Students started taking on the tasks and are already willing to help grow the project. Luckily I mass imported all of the steps as a csv and now we can recycle tasks/lessons every code-in contest. You can see we have plenty of tasks open related and not related to DL @ http://www.google-melange.com/gci/org/google/gci2013/drupal

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Symfony2 Class Downtown GR at the Factory

Symfony2 is coming to Drupal 8. If you want to get a leg up ... sign up to be notified for this class. You will learn Symfony2 from the ground up.

Checkout the website:


Ben Routson

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drupal4gov ladder DC

Thursday following the Drupal Government Summit at the Reagan Building, we will head over to the Commerce Department's library for a Drupal4Gov ladder event.

We have the space to break up into smaller groups and will do groups:

A Newer Drupalers
B Have some Drupal or php experience
C Coders/Developers with Drupal experience

Each group will do either an issue sprint or a learning sprint.

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What is the hardest part of Drupal to learn?

What is the hardest part of Drupal to learn when you decided to use Drupal as your platform?


What would you do differently to make it easier for someone just learning?

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Drupal 7 Book

Anyone know any good Drupal 7 books for beginners?

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Hello Drupal updated!

I've just posted an update to Hello Drupal, based on feedback from participants and partners. I just tested this on Friday, and it worked much better.


If you do use Hello Drupal, please put your event on the listing page (see bottom of http://training.acquia.com/hellodrupal ) And reply back to us about how many people participated. It's really helpful to know how you're using it and that you do find it useful.

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