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Recent articles and latest developments of RDF in Drupal 7 (May 2011)

The last few weeks have been pretty eventful for the semantic web in Drupal.

Lin Clark and I wrote a couple of articles for the IBM developerWorks explaining what it is possible to achieve with Drupal 7 and the recent developments in core and contrib. They are pretty detailed and will be useful materials for newbies willing to learn how to use the Semantic Web technologies in Drupal 7:

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Full-Size Images in Articles and Lightbox

The Article content type accommodates an image and its thumbnail. If the full-size image is larger than the width of the image <div> on the full node Article page, the image is cropped. I would have expected an imagecache pre-set to be applied to reduce the image to the proper width or height as applicable. I also would have expected a click on the image to open a Lightbox of the full-size image or some other imagecache pre-set. Can this functionality be accomplished with OP 2.1 or OP 2.2 (which I have not yet installed)?


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Modify article

I have made some taxonomy for my openpublish site. But when i load it with article i can't see nothing.

For example: Vocabulary : world cup 2010
Taxonomy term: - Groups Analysis -- refer to :
- World Cup 2010 News --> refer to:

But when i open i got nothing.

Please tell me how to fill it.

Thank you..

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New article: Building Drupal Zen sub-themes with Dreamweaver CS4

The third article in my Drupal series for is out now. This article covers Drupal Zen Sub-Themes, including Dreamweaver tip(s) when working with Drupal themes.

"When asked why I would recommend the Zen theme versus a core theme such as Garland, I answer, Zen was built to be a seed for your tree—you plant the seed, water it, and watch it grow! Garland looks nice, but is not documented well and has custom page template code that should not appear elsewhere. In short, Garland is just not right as the basis for a theme; the Zen theme is."

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Chris Charlton's picture Drupal article: Using Drupal themes with Dreamweaver CS4

The second article in my Drupal series for is out now. This article covers Drupal Themes, Dreamweaver tip(s) when working with Drupal, and shows off the Drupal Theme Starter desktop software.

"Understand the fundamentals of a Drupal theme and how Dreamweaver CS4 helps designers produce these themes."

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<a href="

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Article: Building Community with Open Source

Good article by jhedstrom in today's NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network) newsletter: Building Community with Open Source with PDX Drupal UG as an example. Nice.

Chris Charlton's picture article: Building a Drupal site in 10 steps

I just saw my latest Drupal article is now published on, and this is the first in a series I have produced.

"Read on to see how you can set up a Drupal site in just 10 steps. Learn about adding content, altering menus, modules, and themes, and how to get your site ready for search engines and users."

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