Transition Towns

Transition Towns (,,, etc.) is one of the fastest growing social movements in the world today. It's a bottom up movement made up of initiatives around the world collaborating locally and widely on community based answers to peak oil and climate change around the world, supported by Transition Network and affiliated organisations.

Drupal at the centre of a lot of the web developments. This group exists to bring together Drupal builders, site admins and developers with an interest in Transition, for knowledge sharing, and joint development activities.

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Schumacher College looking for Drupal people


I hope all are well and happy, and that this is the correct format and location for this post.

I've been asked to post this on behalf of a client who are about to embark on a Drupal 7 'social network' project to fit within an existing Drupal-friendly set up (D7, SugarCRM, Jitterbit, Moodle, etc.). They're a good bunch and it could be a friendly, long-term relationship with a neat evolving service worth looking into.

Here it is:


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Lead Developer/Architect | Transition Network

Employment type: 

Transition Network is looking for a lead developer/technical architect to work with the ‘Transition Technologist’ group on our web project.

Read the full post here:

Transition Network is a charity which works to inspire, encourage, connect, support and train communities as they organise around the Transition model.

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Drupal Meetup at Playaskool in Black Rock City, Nevada, at 1:30pm on Friday, August 30, 2013

2013-08-30 14:00 - 16:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

We're having our first Drupal event on the playa at Burning Man! Join us at 1:30pm on Friday, August 30, 2013, at Playaskool. Sign up below and follow DrupalBRC on Twitter for updates.

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Burning Man Regional Groups and Theme Camps Using Drupal

This wiki page documents the Burning Man regional groups and theme camps that use Drupal as part of their online operations.

We'd like this document to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible, so edit this wiki!

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Environment Agency hack day

Just seen and registered to go to this which might be of interest to some in this group:

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Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS)

I am helping to write a proposal for €1-2m EU university research funds to build ...

Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS).

I dub this software4transition.

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Summary of related initiaves

I think it's time for a summary of Transitiony Drupal initiatives.[Cross posted to Transition Drupal group]
Forgive me some of what I say will not be accurate, but my attempt here is to give a big picture.

First of all the 'official' initiative made some progress this weekend in separating 2 use-cases1) The transition groups themselves2) The local communities in which transition groups operate

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Is anyone using Drupal to connect their neighbors? (Twin Cities)

I am looking for Drupal folks interested in experimenting with Drupal to connect the neighbors on their own block. (or two)

Who's in?

At a minimum, can provide pizza and beer for those interested in a little hack event to put together some tools.

In addition to the latest social media, we are interested in ideas and tools about how to reach people on urgent matters via text as well as DrupalVOIP options to reaching elderly neighbors with voicemail calls.

The hack event would be a couple of months from now in St. Paul or Minneapolis.

Steven Clift

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Counceling wanted: Social Network dedicated to sustainable settlements

I'm part of the IT Team of GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) and actually working on a Drupal platform which will be used by CASA (American Councel of Sustainable Settlements) and RIE (Iberian Network of Ecovillages). In the future more affiliated networks might join and thematic sites about related subjects (permaculture, green building, etc.) might get integrated.

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Developing for the Ecovillage Network

First of all I want to present myself. My name is Achim. I run a project about creative sustainability in Spain called Valle de Sensaciones ( /
I'm part of the IT Team of the Global Ecovillage Network. Our network collaborates and identifies with the Transition Town movement. Thats why I just got member of your group and post this announcement here.

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Using Drupal Commons distribution as a foundation

Hello everybody.

This is in some way call to arms! ;)

I would like to suggest CSA, Transition towns and other real-world communities and individuals to join forces and resources and help Acquia to build one community Drupal distribution to rule them all. :)

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hexag's picture current status?

Hi all,

Really interested in this project, but there seems to be little activity on it recently. What are its current movements? I would be very interested in working on this project, especially in Drupal 7, which by looking at the design spec, should be more than possible with today's state of modules. I'm happy & able to do the backend monkey work & less comfortable with the theming.

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Newbie here. With a major offering.

Hi, My name is Jack Spivak. In Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Please check out this full featured and, so far, "unadvertised" drupal communities installation/platform, GrassrootsPower!!

Just got excited to see that Transition is thinking about drupal!

I'm joining your conversation for whatever I can offer/provide. Been working about 3 years already to put a robust Drupal offering together for groups/communities interested in doing productive work together. It is based on a social network backbone but has a purpose and interface with a decided workgroup flavor. It is specifically targeted at social, economic and environmental justice movements and includes some very novel concepts around automatic information sharing based on principles of knowledge ecosystems and communities of practice.

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Transition Edinburgh South uses Drupal 7

Hello everybody. I'm Sarah and part of Transition Edinburgh South.

For those interested, uses Drupal 7.

I wrote most of the copy for it, and was on the team that developed the website. The project was interesting because it consisted entirely of people from the community.

We also used Open Atrium to coordinate the efforts. You can see me blogging about Open Atrium vs Face book

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Drupal for resilient communities

There is a clear, clear need for a certain kind of community web application, but so far, it hasn't been well articulated. Because the communities that need it aren't investing in web technologies, for various reason, the commercial sphere isn't addressing this need at all.

The needs this group is trying to address are in no way specific to transition towns.

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Transition Asheville uses Drupal Commons 6.x-1.5

If anyone is interested in discussing let me know:

Ty Hallock,

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Transition Network website survey results

Hi all,

we've just completed a survey of the Transition Network site (http:/ which I thought you might be interested in:

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VoIP Drupal

Saw this announcement go out, seemed worth being aware of:

Hello all,

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the first release of the VoIP Drupal platform (!

VoIP Drupal is an innovative framework that brings the power of voice and Internet-telephony to Drupal sites.

VoIP Drupal can be used to build hybrid applications combining regular touchtone phones, web, SMS, Twitter, IM and other communication tools in a variety of ways, including:

  • Voice- and SMS-based Go Out to Vote campaigns
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It's time!

Now that D7 has been released, we have to make some fundamental project decisions.

  1. Our own code base or wait for Drupal Commons to port to D7.
  2. Which contributed modules to support?
  3. Which unique modules to design and build?
  4. How does the project get supported? (More below.)
  5. How do we handle themes? Harvard's system in Open Scholar is elegant.
  6. How do we upgrade installations? Features or the new kid on the block, Site Update?

  7. Our own code base or Drupal Commons?

Benefits of Drupal Commons

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Happy New Year!

Just checking in with you guys to see where things are at. Is this still the main forum for communication on the TD project?

I've just signed up an account at which seems to let me comment there. There's also been a lot of updates over there recently. But no names yet in the 'who' column on the features list - is the main issue waiting for all the modules to update ready for Drupal 7?

I'm new to team projects - I assume if I sign up for the Git code repository it will all become clear and I can start getting my hands dirty?

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