This group is aimed to get Austrian Drupal people together. All Austrian are invited to discuss Drupal related topics, find partners for collaboration or help organising meetings/workshops in Austria. As well it would be great to raise awareness amongst local developers and website owners to use Drupal.

Diese Gruppe soll eine Plattform für alle Österreicher sein, die Drupal weiterentwickeln oder damit arbeiten. Es sind alle herzlich eingeladen sich an der Diskussion zu beteiligen, Partner für gemeinsame Projekte zu finden oder lokale Treffen zu organisieren bzw. daran teilzunehmen. Ziel ist es die Drupal-Community in Österreich auszubauen und einen Beitrag dazu zu leisten, dass diese großartige Software eine noch größere Verbreitung findet.

Find us also on
Facebook: Link

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Entwickler |

Employment type: 


Wir suchen für das österreichische Social Media Projekt einen Entwickler.

Erste Aufgaben sind:

  • Upgrade des Drigg-Systems für von Drupal 5 => Drupal 6
  • Anonymes Voten ermöglichen
  • Erstellung von InfoFriends (Leute die ähnlich voten)


Bei Interesse melde Dich bitte per mail: office (at)

Beste Grüße,

Gerald / David

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Front End/UI Developer needed

Has anybody interest, prefereably a free lancer, in joining a web project for 2 months ASAP?

  • Excellent graphic design
  • Heavy knowledge on Drupal theming, e. g. Views, blocks, search, CCK forms etc.
  • IE 6 friendly CSS hacks
  • Multimedia player skins

Meetings will be conducted weekly in Vienna. If interested contact me or comment here and include links to your reference works.

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Drupal Austria/Vienna Meetup Nov

2009-11-11 19:00 - 21:00 Europe/Vienna

Yes, we'll have another meetup before Drupalcamp Vienna on Wednesday, Nov 11th.

Location: Nelsons, TU Vienna (
Date: Nov, 11th - 19:00

- Drupalcamp Vienna (News, facts, organization)
- Your presentation or discussion topic, just comment...

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Developer, Themer | Pitschek+Partner

Employment type: 


wir wollen auf Basis von Drupal eine spezifische Community mit B2B-Funktionen konzipieren und extern entwickeln lassen. Dies erfolgt im Auftrag eines Konsortiums.

Das Ganze soll auf Basis von "features, spaces" aufgebaut werden, da wir uns hier eine bessere Wiederverwendbarkeit und Wartbarkeit erwarten.

Was ist zu tun:
- Spezifische Module entwickeln
- Features, Spaces,... konfigurieren
- GUI optimieren (im Sinne einer verbesserten Usability)
- Themes

Bei Interesse einfach eine E-Mail an

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Gerald A. Pitschek

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Packt Publishing: CMS Award 2009

So its time again to vote for the best CMS 2009:

Choose wisely ;)

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Drupal Meetup Austria / Vienna Oct

2009-10-14 19:30 - 22:00 Europe/Vienna

Dear Drupal lovers (and haters),
we are going to have another meetup in Vienna on Oct, 14th.

Date and Time: Oct, 14th, 19:30
Location: Nelsons, upstairs. (

- Drupalcamp Vienna Nov 27th + 28th,
- Your presentation or discussion topic, pls comment

Cheers and see you!

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Drupalcamp Vienna 2009

2009-11-27 09:00 - 2009-11-28 18:00 Europe/Vienna

Hi all, in case you don't know it already, there will be an international Drupalcamp in Vienna / Austria on Nov, 27th and 28th.

After successful camps in Cologne and Aarau this event is the third Drupalcamp in a German-speaking country this year, and the first one in Austria generally.

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City selection for DrupalCon 2010 still wide open

Please note that the list of cities from (as per the BoF in Paris) is just a list of possible suggestions. Please see the draft document that has been proposed for city selection guidelines:

The goal is to publish that document at the end of this week (after incorporating feedback from the community) and to start receiving city proposals immediately after that. Since we need to have recommendations to give to the Drupal Association by October 15 the proposal phase will have to be short. The proposal phase will probably end October 1. After that we will have the proposals reviewed by the events agency to gather their feedback in time for the October 15 deadline.

If you want DrupalCon in your city/country in 2010 please review the document and add your feedback!

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WebentwicklerIn | Neurovation GmbH

Employment type: 
Part time
Not allowed

Hallo liebe Drupal-Community,

Wir sind ein junges Unternehmen in Graz und suchen dringend (ab sofort) einen Webentwickler/eine Webentwicklerin mit Drupal-Erfahrung. Es geht um die Weiterentwicklung unserer Innovationsplattform Neurovation ( – zunächst vorwiegend Bugfixing und Refactoring (Beschäftigungsausmaß: 50%).

Bei Interesse bitte gleich bei Reinhard Willfort ( oder +43 664 229 84 10) melden.

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Drupal Austria/Vienna Meetup Sept

2009-09-16 19:00 - 22:00 Europe/Vienna

Our monthly Vienna meetup in Sept will be on Wednesday, 16th.

Location: Nelsons (, upstairs!
Date and time: Sep, 16th - 19:00

- Drupal Association
- Drupalcon Paris
- Drupal Tour Centroamerica by dasjo
- Project Opencreativity by fosstux
- Your topic, pls comment

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Drupal is going East, meet the Ukrainian community!

Over the weekend of August 28—29 another big Drupal event will gather Drupallers in Kyiv, Ukraine, for gaining and sharing knowledge, as well as discussing all Drupal related topics.

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Praktikum | Transforming Freedom

Employment type: 
Part time

Wir suchen Verstärkung: Praktikum Drupal/PHP/AjaxcoderIn

Das Team von Transforming Freedom sucht Verstärkung!
Transforming Freedom ist ein international agierendes Wissenschaftsprojekt, das wichtige Zeugnisse zur Geschichte, Gegenwart und Zukunft Digitaler Künste und Kulturen sammelt und aufbereitet.

Für die Weiterentwicklung der Projektplattform und unserer Hyperaudio-Software suchen wir eine/n engagierte/n PraktikantIn für PHP/Ajax/Drupal-Webdevelopment

Alles weitere dazu findet Ihr unter untenstehendem Link auf unser Website (momentan Drupal 5)!

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Le tour de Drupal

It is for a good cause, and Drupal is part of it.

Chris and John are doing a charity bike ride called Le Tour de Drupal from London to Paris arriving just in time at the start of the DrupalCon Paris 2009.

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Is Views able to remember filter results?


i have a website running with real estates ( and there i have a view, where useres can filter the objects for their needs ( when a user starts to filter the objects he gets his results below - that works really fine, but the problem is, if he clicks on one real estate to get the detailinformations, all his searchresults are lost when he wants to get back.
is there a way to save these filter-/searchresults?
activating the remember function in the exposed filters is not a working solution for the results, i tested it


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Drupal Austria/Vienna Meetup Aug

2009-08-11 19:00 - 22:00 Europe/Vienna

Yes, we also have an August meetup! No time for vacancy, there is a lot of drupal stuff going on...

Date: Aug, 11th 19:00
Location: Ronahi, Schottenfeldgasse 18, 1070 Wien

- State of the drupalcamp Vienna initiative.
- General discussion
- Your topic, idea or project. Please comment.

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T-shirts, so many t-shirts...

and this year's conference t-shirt is...

you know it already anyhow! :-)

Congrats for the Drupal Invasion in Paris.

We will take a blue t-shirt (somewhat close to your background) or any other suggestions?

Thank you to webdevil and jburns, who were close.

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Drupal Association: European communities summit (at Paris DrupalCon)

This Paris DrupalCon BoF is for representatives of national and regional Drupal communities in Europe.

Topics include:

  • Getting support from the Drupal Association

  • Future DrupalCons in Europe.

Please leave comments on the Paris site.

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Rooms at the venue available

I just received news that rooms at the venue are available.

There are 35 in total.
8 standard rooms
27 comfort rooms

Standard Room
Shower and WC to be shared in hallways. There is a sink in the room.
60 euros (without VAT) / room / night

Comfort Room
Shower, WC in the room.
75 euros (without VAT) / room / night

If the attendee is a student, the VAT is non-applicable, otherwise 5,5% VAT applicable.

The tariff includes:

  • Internet access in room
  • Telephone in the room (pre-payment system)
  • Bed cover
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T-Shirt Contest Opened for DrupalCon Paris 09

It has already become a tradition in the Drupal Community.

So, of course, you will not be missing out on showing your designs to everyone. :-)

Please read the following guidelines.

The Contests

There are two.

  • Conference T-Shirt
  • Limited Edition

So be sure for which one you are submitting your proposal, as the requirements vary.

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PayPal down, Early Bird +1

Since last night, PayPal refused to let you go through with your registrations.

It is fixed now, and you can go ahead with the Early Birds.
Due to this delay, we add one day to the deadline, which is now July 13th.

This also means, that the voting on sessions will be prolonged one day (same deadline), as otherwise you did not have a chance to vote.

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