These best practices are by the members and for the members of this group. If you'd like to improve them, please edit this page.

Or, if you'd prefer just to leave feedback, comment on this thread: Group Redesign in Progress.

Navigating this Group

  • Home Page - This was recently redesigned to highlight key content. Below the welcome box, you will see boxes for featured posts, Upcoming Events and Jobs. Below that is a table listing all posts in this group.

  • Group Tabs - From the group home page or any other "landing page", you will see several self-explanatory tabs that take you to the pages & views defined for this group.

Creating a Resource Inventory

We're trying to create an inventory of Drupal-based, Education-related web sites, case studies, tools and other resources. Any time you are aware of something like this, or refer to one in a posting, please to edit the Resources for Drupal in Education wiki page and add a link in the right place. Be bold!

Organizing Content

There are several content types and group tags that we're using to organize the content in this group. Here is how you use them.

Featured Content

To make a post show up in the Featured box on the homepage, use the featured as a group tag. But, please do this sparingly. We want only hot topics or otherwise very useful content to be featured, or else the term loses its meaning.

Case Studies and Tools

To make a post show up under the Case Studies or Tools lists (Resources tab), use case study or tools as a group tag.

Discussions, Events Polls, Jobs

To make a post show up in any of these areas, simply create a post using the corresponding content type: Create Poll, Create Event, Create Job, Create Discussion.

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