Mercury is an open-source effort to create reusable, common, stable, kickass stacks for running Drupal. It began as an effort targeted to Amazon EC2, but really wants to have its stacks run anywhere/everywhere Drupal is found.

The current best place to get code from is this GitHub repository:

The ideas here have also spawned Pantheon Systems, which provides commercial service, but this group is about free and open-source DIY server configuration for Drupal.

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need help to install Mercury 1.2

I have a fresh installed Ubuntu server 10.04. I followed the instruction on this page ( to install Mercury. I am not sure which version it is. I am assuming its the latest one (1.2) . here's the instruction

apt-get install git-core
git clone git:// -b master /opt/pantheon
cd /opt/pantheon
apt-get update
bcfg2 -vqed

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BCFG2 repo for Mercury 1.2?

I was going to try out Mercury 1.2 for a new server we're setting up, checked out from github and it's choking trying to reach the getpantheon config server

Is this supposed to be publically accessible? Is the bcfg2 repo for 1.2 available elsewhere?

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Quickstart & Pressflow

Hi folks,

I am pretty new to the quickstart camp, but so far I like it a lot. I was curious though if anyone has tried integrating pressflow into the quickstart VM? I wanted to see whether the integration of Varnish specifically caused any problems with the use of quickstart and the debugging tools? Also has anyone tried utilizing drush for installing the pressflow instance on quickstart? Any feedback would be welcomed.


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Nginx support?

It seems to me like this project should utilize Nginx rather than apache2. Perhaps looking into this project (quite similar to project mercury, but not drupal-centric) may provide some interesting ideas?

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Some questions about Mercury

Hi everybody,

I'm looking to use and install Mercury in my own server. I took a look into the code and first I'm glad that you are using Fabric.

But I've some questions. I would like to know why sometimes in the code, there is some call to ? Specially for the certificate ?

This certificate is for what and can I replace it with my own certificate ?

Also, I would like know if its possible to use another Drupal installation expect Pressflow ? I would like use the normal or Acquia profile installation.

Thanks in advance for answers,

Have nice week-end,

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Pantheon AMI , EBS and RDS?

Hi, and thanks for the great work for getting AWS AMI's up and running for the public. Im getting ready to move my site from one of my hosts to the cloud, but I have a few questions I have yet to find an answer to with this AMI.

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Long delays and Error 503's from Varnish

I've got a Mercury 1.2 site set up on Linode and just installed a new site. In some page loads I get extremely long delays. (30 seconds or more) On other page loads, they come up almost instantly. I know the Varnish 503 error is probably because it is waiting for Apache to respond. The question becomes, why is Apache so slow??

What is the best method or analysis package for tracking down these extreme slowdowns???


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High performance Drupal advice (game server)

We are in the process of getting ready to release a game in the next few months, most of all the back-end is handled by drupal and some custom plugins, but we are now looking to move towards the cloud and making sure drupal and the db can handle the traffic.

I have started down the road of googling all over the and of course ran into project mercury / panthon / press flow etc..

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InnoDB okay for my 6.x Project Mercury Installation?

Hey forum - I'm not a database admin, and I've been looking at other sample mysql configs and optimization stuff. Someone on the Linode forum told me to change over to InnoDB and also consider running the database on a separate VPS. Before I follow the seemingly good advice, wanted to get feedback from here:

OS: Debian Lenny
VPS: a 1GB RAM Linode VPS
Drupal: 6.x
MySQL: 5.x
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Installing PDO with Drivers to Mercury Installation

We're currently running project mercury on a live server and so far it's been working great.

We built it on a large amazon ec2 ebs backed instance using the following guide:

The issue is that we need to install pdo and the appropriate pdo driver in order to correctly configure the drupal CDN module and fileconveyor setup.

Unfortunately we have tried adding the modules in via just about every guide on the internet and the only way to successfully get the module working for us is to reinstall php5 with pdo included which of course breaks mercury.

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Moved mercury to larger Amazon image but cant get memcache working correctly

I've been running mercury for a year on a small amazon instance. Performance wasnt great so I decided today to move it to a large instance, which is quite a step up.

I started with a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 and installed Apache, Varnish, Memcache, etc. I moved my database over and pointed the IP at the new instance. The site shows up and Varnish is working, but no matter what url I goto it shows me the main page of my website.

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Linode: Mercury 1.2 PHP 5.3 Ubuntu 11.04 Natty

I'm just wondering what I should be using to get PHP 5.3 running with Drupal 7 on Linode through Mercury.

Is it possible (and relatively easy) to get PHP 5.3 running with Mercury for Linode?

I'm confused as to what the status of Mercury is currently. Is Mercury 1.2 out yet?

Would this be an ideal Linode setup:
Ubuntu 11.04
Mercury with Drupal 7
PHP 5.3

Also, what's the difference between Pantheon and Mercury? Is Pantheon a hosted commercial implementation of Mercury?


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bcfg2 -vqed update messed up my pressflow multisite

I am running a mercury 1.1 installation with a multisite setup. Everything has been running fine so far. However today I modified server_tuneables (I placed a 96 MByte limit on Tomcat - all other entries stayed blank) and then I ran bcfg2 -vqed to update all the settings. Once bcfg2 finished I ran into several problems with my install.

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Drupal sandbox for Linode StackScript

The group doesn't lend itself well to supporting the StackScript, and I needed to use VCS to keep track of changes to the script. I was going to use Github, but their issue tracker sucks. I won't actually be releasing any files, so I didn't want to create a full-blown project, so I setup a sandbox project to host the source code for the script and to track issues with it:

I do have permissions to create new projects on d.o, so if enough people say they want, I'll promote it to a full project.

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How do I update my Drupal Core to 6.22 when using the Mercury 1.1 stack?

How do I update my Drupal Core to 6.22 when using the Mercury 1.1 stack. I've been running Mecury on EC2 for about 6 months and everything has been great, but recently Drupal released Core patches for 6.20 that have security updates. I researched updating Pressflow using Bazaar, but I don't know if that's what I need to do and I don't want to hose my site.

Anyone updated to Drupal Core 6.22 that is using the Mecury 1.1/Pressflow setup?

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Mercury - Hudson log filling

Over the past month, I have observed that my mercury instance has stopped twice; about 14 days apart. In both cases the culprit appears to be that the hudson log is filling. From my syslog:

hudson: failed to write(client_errfd = 5): File too large

If I move the /var/log/hudson/hudson.log and restart the server, everything comes back properly.

For the time being, I'm turning Hudson log level to off. Here's a link that might help someone else:

Any other tweaks I should consider?


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Mercury 1.1: has_js cookie and Varnish

I successfully update my server from Ubuntu 9.04 & Mercury 1 to Ubuntu 10 LTS & Mercury 1.1,
but I notice that on the new Varnish default.vlc there is no has_js cookie bypass. Is it not useful anymore?

Mercury 1

  // Remove has_js and Google Analytics cookies.
  set req.http.Cookie = regsuball(req.http.Cookie, "(^|;\s*)(__[a-z]+|has_js)=[^;]*", "");

Mercury 1.1

// Remove Google Analytics cookies.
  set req.http.Cookie = regsuball(req.http.Cookie, "(^|;\s*)(__[a-z]+)=[^;]*", "");
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adding IPv6 to an existing IPv4-only 'high-perf' Pressflow web-stack?

our current web stack is an all IPv4, DIY implementation of,

		multiple listeners on IPv4:80, IPv4:443
		proxypass to varnish-cache on
		listener on
		filter/pass to 'faux-CDN' on Apache2
			'img' ->
			'css' ->
			'js'  ->
			'...' ->
	apache2/mod_php,mod_deflate +
		listeners/vhosts on{0,1,2,3}

all works as planned.

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Linode StackScript for Ubuntu 10.04 and Mercury 1.1 available

I just posted an update to the Linode StackScript for Mercury. Instead of biting off the huge chunk of jumping from 1.0 in Karmic to 1.2 on Lucid, I decided a "baby step" was in order. The StackScript now will install Mercury 1.1 on Ubuntu 10.04. I've tested a few times on my own personal Linode, and it works fine there, but I haven't tested all configurations -- please report back with any successes and/or failures.

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