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The upcoming version 3 of Aptana has a new feature in it called "rubles". These are very similar to TextMate bundles in adding a scripting nature to the IDE. In an attempt to learn this new system, I have created a ruble for Drupal 7. The ruble is in it's early infancy. Right now it works for adding in core Drupal hooks. As I become more familiar with the system and Ruby, as well as Aptana finishing the features of rubles before the final release, I will be adding more features to it, including:

  • Theme support
  • Module and theme creation support
  • FAPI and Menu support

I am releasing this under the GPL and hosting the project on GitHub:


The actual plugin creation was all automated through a very crude PHP script I wrote to parse *.api.php files and generate the needed .rb files. I'll be adding this parser to the repository as soon as I do some clean up on it. The parser also means we can easily add hooks in for other modules out there, like Views or OG. A Drupal 6 version can also be made with minimal trouble.

If anyone wants to join in the development of this ruble, please (please) do so. I've been using NetBeans for the past 3 years and with the non-support of the NetBeans/Drupal plugin (and my sever lack of knowledge when it comes to Java), I decided it was time to look at another IDE that I could easily develop something for. I would really like to see this ruble grow into something that can really streamline the development process for Drupal. That's why I would like to make this a group project where we can get all the best ideas incorporated.


One thing I should note. The ruble will determine the module name by traversing up the directory tree, looking for the .info file. Once it finds that, it will replace hook_ with the actual module name. If you try to do a hook outside of a module tree then it will name the function with the hook_ prefix.


I just did an update to the

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I just did an update to the ruble:

  • Fixed a couple of small issues: spacing on new code and improper variable escapes
  • Added core theme functions to the menu
  • Help on hooks and drupal core functions.

To invoke the last one, highlight either a hook or core function and right-click. Select commands->Drupal 7-> Documentation For Selection. It will then open an internal browser in Eclipse/Aptana on the api.drupal.org page for that hook/function.

HollyIT - Grab the Netbeans Drupal Development Tool at GitHub.

Just wanted to say

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Just wanted to say thanks!
Giving Aptana a whirl and this seems likea helpful start :)

Awesome man... thank you so

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Awesome man... thank you so much!

Great - Just what i needed

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Thanks man, that's awesome

I've added some functionality

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I've added some functionality to it to be able to utilize temples, so currently if you create a new file from template there are drupal options ther for Module file, Install file, and Info file. It for the module and install file it will walk you through a wizard to select the hooks you would like to utilize. For the Info file it will go through a wizard to create the whole info file right away.

I've also had the guys a Aptana to add the ruble to the list of installable rubles in the system so you no longer will have to custom install it. This will be dependent on when their next release is though, so in the mean time you'll have to continue to install it manually.


It's a fork of the above mentioned project with many additional features added to it.

Adam A. Gregory
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Again that's great

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I wonder if you could help me
i installed that on my laptop and it was fine.
but when i do the same thing for my virtual box which has ubuntu 64bit 11.04 installed on, when i open aptana it doesn't load the ruble or at least it seems like this because i don't have any autocompletes.
is there anything i need to configure? maybe in aptana?

Great distribution

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Thank you for Drupal Rubles for Aptana Studio 3.

I've just switched to Aptana from Coda 'cos I had a need for a decent IDE. Adam's fork Ruble seems to me very usefull as well. I'll keep an eye on your repos on GitHub.

Thanks again!

Thanks to you both!

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Thanks to you both! Installing this wasn't completely obvious to me at first, so here's some install tips (thanks to arcaneadam):

The bundle is included in the latest release of Aptana Studio 3 (3.0.4 Release (2011-08-15))

Install it by choosing Commands > Bundle Devleopment > Install Bundle > Drupal.

If the commands are greyed out in your editor, make sure you've added Drupal file associations.

Here's help w/ that: http://www.millwardesque.com/blogs/christopher-millward/drupal-syntax-hi...

Didn't know Aptana was

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Didn't know Aptana was including it now. That's pretty cool! I ended up switching back to Netbeans after they got all the problems fixed and just released a module similar to this for Netbeans tonight:


It's my first go at Java after about 12 years, so it's rather rough, but it does work. I've got a lot of features planned down the road (once I get the time) to make it become a full featured tool for developing in Drupal.

HollyIT - Grab the Netbeans Drupal Development Tool at GitHub.


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Thanks a Ton!!!

I use and suggest Codelobster

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I use and suggest Codelobster for Drupal development

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