Training: Enterprise Web Development Success

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Drupal rocks, so why is it that so many web development projects are set to fail before they even get started?

Expedition to the Summit and Client Wrangling in New Orleans, December 6, 2011

Register Here: Expedition to the Summit and Client Wrangling

Simply put, lack of communication and understanding between developers and clients is the culprit behind failed projects. With the right strategies, however, you can ensure that your project will get on the right path. We're letting people in on those strategies in our next training happening December 6th in New Orleans. Check it out if you want a clear path to web project success.

Then stay tuned for Drupal on the Bayou Summit Dec. 8-9, 2011.


The link to it is

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The link to it is and if you are a student (or have access to a .edu email address...), use that email to register + coupon code DRUPALOTBSTUDENT and get FREE admission!!!