Using DSLM as an alternative to core Multi-site

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I just wanted to point to this write up and screencast I did here about migrating from multiple multi-sites to a DSLM ( based method of structuring Drupal core / contrib / install profiles. I had been looking for a solution like this for some time and have been very happy with it thus far both as a developer as well as server performance.


DSLM? What the heck is- DSLM

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DSLM? What the heck is-

DSLM - Drupal Symlink Manager

DSLM is a set of Drush commands for managing symlinking Drupal sites back to a central set of Drupal cores and installation profiles. It's a new way to handle the concept of multisite which helps manage many Drupal sites under one shared codebase.

'kay, think I'm just going to head into the next room and sob quietly for the next hour or so. Let me know if I'm disturbing anyone.

Thnx for the video. Using

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Thnx for the video. Using symlinks like that makes much sense.

Some modules encourage changes to files in the module's dir itself. E.g., CKEditor has a config file with style dropdowns and other things in sites/all/modules/ckeditor. If I understand it, DSLM would not allow different sites to have different config files. Is that right, or am I missing something?

(Not that forcing one config file is a Bad Thing, necessarily. Just something to be aware of.)


Kieran Mathieson

Depending on how you set it

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Depending on how you set it up yes it would have the same ckeditor for example everywhere. This is a very specific issue but CKEditor you can override loaded config via module implementation. More generally though, you could just not add that to the dslm set of libraries to include everywhere or modify the way it works so that CKEditor isn't a symlinked folder but a physical folder w/ all files inside symlinked. Then you could delete the symlink to the conf file and provide your own (again, I think CKeditor is probably an edge-case in terms of this config capability).

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