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Working on the improvement of the RSS/ATOM aggregation provided by Drupal.

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Session proposal for DrupalCon Szeged: A new aggregator for Drupal7

I just entered a proposal for the session that Aron Novak and I would like to hold in Szeged: a presentation of a new extensible aggregator in D7:


New aggregator:

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Group Blogging from Democratic Convention

I thought some of the folks here might be interested in a project we're working on - it's called Rootswire - - and is an aggregation of different political and place blogs. Our first big effort is to build a group site for all of the bloggers covering the Democratic convention. The site is up in beta right now (yeah, yeah, I know - it needs a lot of theming love) and we're currently working on the mechanical aspects of it, and getting bloggers on-board. It's all Drupal, and we're using feedapi and the calais module to import the feeds and automatically tag them.

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Adding an external blog feed alongside native Drupal blogs?

Hi everyone,

I've been banging my head a little bit trying to get this sorted. Basically, I want members of my drupal site to have their own personal blogs and a section where they can read other members posts. This is obviously no problem if they're all using drupal blogs on my site.

However, many of the members already have their own blogs. It would be great if instead of submitting blog entries on my site, they could just add the url of their Blog feed and entries would automagically appear alongside other members entries.

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New memetracker built using Drupal / OpenCalais

I ran across a new memetracker built on Drupal/OpenCalais and custom code. It looks very cool. Check it out at

They're tracking some 25,000 blogs and apparently running them all through OpenCalias as part of the process for finding "memes" along with some human editorial touch.

The creator of polymeme writes more about the site on his blog:

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Aggregator for D7 outline

Have a look at PHP skeleton code for better understanding this outline.

Parser: Responsible for creating a feed data structure which is expected by the aggregator (hook_aggregator_parser). By design additional parsers could consume everything (ical, html pages, emails)
Processor: Responsible for accepting items and save them, show them to the user, etc (hook_aggregator_processor)

Planned modules:

* aggregator
* aggregator_node
* aggregator_light
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RSS feeds summary only - trim full post (while aggregating)

I am aggregating Feeds from various site to aggregate at my site. Many of these feeds provide complete post instead of just a summary/teaser. I would like to aggregate only the teasers of these feeds (instead of the complete feed), and let the users go to the complete feed if required.
Is there a way for me to show summary only? At the moment, if the feed it aggregate is a full feed, it will show the full thing as well. I want to trim down the aggregated content, say to only 250 characters.


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Aggregating video feeds on your site using OpenPackage Video

The major new feature of OpenPackage Video 5.x-3.8 is integration with Feed Element Mapper (feedapi_mapper).

The development of this functionality was sponsored by Hudson Street Media using our bounty system:

Feed Element Mapper is an add-on module for FeedAPI that maps a feed's elements such as tags or (in this case) videos to taxonomy or CCK fields on your site.

This enables your site to aggregate videos from other sites.

I have set up various video feeds on our site as a demonstration. Click on the 'Feed item' links to view the videos.

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$5000 Daylife Developer Challenge

I am very excited to announce the first Daylife Developer Challenge for building applications using the Daylife News Aggregation APIs. Folks hosting Drupal based websites on and have built drupal pages/blocks/modules serving syndicated content using the Daylife APIs earlier.

The prizes are: a $3500 first prize and two $750 runner up prizes. The contest ends midnight of July 25th


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Import from mediawiki XML?

I'm just wondering how to import mediawiki XML and turning it into a wikitools drupal system. This should theoretically be simple, but I'm not sure where to begin.

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Instant Syndicating Standards

Edit 07 August 2008 Edit 07 August 2008 This proposal has been passed along to Knight Foundation for consideration.


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Local Publishing Platform and Regional Aggregation Hub

Edit, July 10 This proposal has been passed along to the Knight Foundation for consideration: End Edit

This project will create two complementary sites: a Local Publishing Platform paired with a Regional Aggregation Hub.

The Publishing Platform will support a range of activities, from a K12 school magazine, a community paper, a writing project (something like the National Writing Project or Youth Radio), a college paper, etc.

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Specification and design of aggregator for Drupal 7

Here I summarize what you should expect from core aggregator for Drupal 7.

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Typical problems and questions while concepting about an aggregator

As maybe you heard, my application was accepted to write a new aggregator for Drupal core :) :
Here as a first step, I would like to collect lots of possible problems in aggregation area. Please share your opinion about these questions to help Drupal 7 to have as good aggregator as possible :) :

The items are not necessarily ordered by relevance.

Node creation

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FeedAPI Add-on: FeedAPI keyword filter module – is such an add-on necessary?

There are many people, who ask a possibility to filter feed items based on keywords in order to exclude them from processing (or possibly based on some other criteria like on timestamp, etc.). This issue has been raised under most aggregator modules and such feature request is in the pipeline of FeedAPI project as well:


The usual recommendation for such problem is to relay on standard syndication and use Views module afterwards for filtering.

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Website Consultant | World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy

Employment type: 

WFM-IGP is a non-for-profit organization seeking a short term off-site Website Consultant to assist with the overhaul and recreation of a website, and the launching of a site under construction.

The Website Consultant will work with the WFM-IGP Website and Database Developer in ensuring and implementing a transfer of the website off of its current Xaraya platform onto a new platform (Drupal, Joomla, etc.). The Consultant will be responsible for:

  • ensuring the layout of the website/CMS is logical and accessible
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Comment aggregation

Is anybody working/experimenting with aggregating comments for articles? I'd love to see a (FeedAPI) processor for pulling in comments for aggregated articles.

See also feature request here:

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SoC Proposal: RSS Overhaul (incl. Encryption)

This is my SoC proposal fro Drupal. Please feel free to post questions, suggestions or send me an email.

--------- Project proposal: RSS Overhaul (incl. Encryption) ---------

Improve over current RSS implementation:

  • Richer RSS options allowing to include/exclude text contents, images, related comments, digg-like links, etc.
  • Allow secure RSS and add access control settings in Admin interface accordingly.
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A new aggregator for Drupal 7



  • Drupal's core aggregator does not satisfy the requirements of state
    of the art aggregation applications. E. g. core aggregator lacks
    pluggable configurations or the possibility of creating nodes from
    feed items.
  • There is an explosion of contrib modules that try to cover the
    deficiencies of Drupal's aggregator in one or the other way. Previous
    attempts to unify aggregation functionality had limited success.
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Global News Content Module - Stories, Photos, Quotes, Connections

Moved to official ideas list:

I want to propose a project for building a module that pulls news content from a global news service called Daylife (

Daylife is a global news aggregation service that offers an Open API platform called DayPI ( for any developer, blogger, news service to pull stories and photos about any topic in the world. The API returns data in XML, JSON and PHP serialized formats. You can read the Daylife About page at to learn more about the company. All platform documentation is on

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