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Working on the improvement of the RSS/ATOM aggregation provided by Drupal.

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Integrate a podcast RSS-feed into a site

For over a week i'm looking for a way to integrate a RSS feed in my site. The RSS feed is a podcast. There's also an open dir which i could use.

I use Feedapi & Views to show the feed. The feed is only showing the link to the MP3, not a Mp3-field. I tried several players and methods, but none of them worked.

1) How can i convert in Views a link to a MP3 field to a player?
2) which modules do i need definitely?
3) what is the shortest way (with not too many modules) to accomplish this?

Hopefully, someone here with some experience (and maybe an up&running site) can help me

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Interfacing an external db during ingestion?

Just wanted to get some advice on a content aggregation project I'm working on.

I'll be sucking content from multiple XML feeds (Atom and custom XML feeds). I'm going to use either FeedAPI or SimpleFeed. I haven't decided that yet, but I'm sure either will work just fine for the basic requirements. I'm using Drupal 6.x.

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Can someone post a walk-thru for creating a Feed API processor for scrapped content?

Hi there,

I'm using Feed Api to aggregate a few blogs and want to grab the photos that accompany the posts as well.

I've taught myself the PHP to get the files, parse them and return the image URLs and have it all themed and looking nice.

But I need to store this data with the feed items at the time of "capture" rather than calling it everytime I reload the page and hotlinking the images. Not cool.

Feed API appears to have hooks that will let me create a processor that can add specific scraping functions like this to specific feeds.

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Displaying Video with RSS feeds

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

I have a website that would like to display RSS feeds, but the feeds are actually audio and video. I would like to aggregate the data and display the video, so a user would come to the site and see all the video's or audio and be able to just start the video or audio.

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What Taxonomy Terms to Aggregate

I'm working on an Aggregation site. I am using FeedAPI to pulling the feeds. I have a vocabulary for "tags" and "category." I assign each feed at least on "category" when the feed is created. I control the create of the Feeds and the "category". The "category" vocabulary also drives a menu on top of my page. I am using Feed Element Mapper to add tags from the Feeds to the "tags" vocabulary so I have no control over what gets put in it.

I am also using Messaging/Notifications to allow the users to subscribe to feeds and/or "category" vocabulary.

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Feedapi + views

Looking to see how people handle output of views blocks (or otherwise) generated by feedAPI that have HTML markup in the feed.

I have a blocks that display a feed title and the teaser. However, the feed has HTML that the teaserfield isn't parsing. Things like breaks 'br' font-sizes etc are displaying as pure text in the field. Has anyone managed to avoid this? Possibly by mapping a teaser field to a specific CCK field of sorts?

Feedback welcome.

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Content template and RSS custom

Hi there,

With a friend, we develop our drupal (v5) site, and use the contemplate module to customize the output. Everything is ok !

Now, I would like to add a RSS feed for all the users wishlist (please check @ ).
Each item should contain the title, description, picture, and direct URL.

I tried to activate the "Affect RSS Output" in the content template, but it does not work.
I cannot find the generated feed anywhere.
Also if I look into the source, it seems this page does not contain any RSS feed "embedded".

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FeedAPI + Flickr: Is there a guide?

I'm wondering if there is a comprehensive guide for configuring FeedAPI and Flickr to pull in Flickr feeds to create thumbnails that link to content/nodes. Thanks in advance!

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FeedAPI Node Delete

I've been working on an extension module / processor for FeedAPI (similar to feedapi_node) that does node deletions based upon incoming feed items parsed by FeedAPI. So, you can bring in and create new nodes from feed items -- why not be able to delete them as well!

I am currently matching on guid or node title -- the match type is configurable. Guid is pretty safe and should be unique. Also, you are probably not going to bring in and process a "delete feed" from an untrusted source.

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Control Title link and "read more" in RSS Feed of views

I have this need: use drupal as a rss remixer. That means I want to suscribe to feed1, feed2, feed3 and give "tag A" as a tag for feed 1 and 2.

Then I make a view that is the taxonomy term view for "tag A".
I want the RSS feed of this view to redirect title links and "read more" links directly to the original article, and not to my site.
But I can't, since the RSS style in views is not changeable.
I tried with "Contemplate module", but it will only allow me to change the teaser and body of the rss feed.

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Styling and Theming Aggregated Feeds

I'm working on a project that involves refactoring a content site while upgrading from Drupal 4.x to 5.x. One of the pieces I thought would be somewhat easy—displaying recent posts from blog feeds—has turned into a roadblock.

The desired outcome is to have the latest post from each of several external (i.e., non-Drupal) blogs show up such that the title of the blog links to the blog and the title of the post links to the post.

Let me describe where we started, what we tried, and where we wound up.

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Best way to get RSS -> Node?

I am looking to import RSS feed items into nodes. FeedAPI and Simple feed are currently being looked at but wondering what the group's thoughts were.

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PHP / Drupal Developer | Celsius Technology Group

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

Celsius Technology Group is building a platform to create and deliver content globally for multiple verticals including newspapers, schools, and government.
We are looking for php/drupal experts to help us develop and roll out this project over the next 3 - 6 months.
If you consider yourself a pro with php, drupal, and mysql, contact us at

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Complete Newbie Here


bear with me on this one please, as this is simething I need to understand but don't know where to start.

I install a default Drupal site, I create content and promote and voila I have an RSS icon at the bottom of the front page allowing a someone to subscribe to the feed.

Alternatively I create new content types and implement Views to display said content and again voila I have optionally an icon at the bottom of the list (or whatever) which allows someone to subscribe to that subset of my sites data.

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aggregator feed witch image

im new in drupal. i looking for help. is there any aggregator module which gives possibility to add my own custom image to aggregator feed?? image. if there isnt ,any hints how can i develope this by my self? - its very important to me.
tnx for advices

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Memetracker session at Szeged

I've proposed a session for Memetracker for the upcoming Drupalcon at Szeged.

Any votes for the session would be appreciated :)

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Use FeedAPI to aggregate mailing lists

Jose Reyero blogged this morning about how he used FeedAPI to aggregate mailing lists:

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Media Code Sprint: Status Report One

As announced, we've begun the Media Code Sprint to put better media handling into Drupal core!

It's been a great time so far. In the morning, drewish compiled a file function guessing game (free beer!), and andreiashu took the bait and completed the first round with great feedback about how unusable the current state is.

Next, we've sat down and begun writing SimpleTests for the hook_file patch. This has been great fun for me personally; though drewish is an old hand at building tests, this is completely new for me. And to top it off, webchick, Queen of Drupal testing, dropped by our table and got involved!

Even the process of writing tests has been helpful; we found at least one case for validation that had been missed in the original patch, and drewish decided that file_scan_directory needed refactoring. (He's currently chasing other problems as well, and cursing about finding himself going down rabbit holes.)

There's more fun to be had for all! If you want a quick 15 minute task that everyone is qualified to do, go play the File API Function Guessing Game. If you want to do more, then ping me (aaronwinborn), drewish, or dopry at #drupal in IRC, or leave a comment here!

(Cross-posted at

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Media Code Sprint (Top 3 Goals)

The Media Code Sprint is underway! Here's a cross-post from my blog detailing the goals of this sprint, which runs through Saturday. We need your help!

Andrew Morton (drewish), Darrel O'Pry (dopry, remotely), and I are heading up a Media Code Sprint in Portland this week! Come help, in person or remotely, if you're interested in multimedia and Drupal! It has now officially started, and as I've volunteered to help keep folks updated, here goes...

First the reasons.

Number One: Better Media Handling in Core

Dries conducted a survey prior to his State of Drupal presentation at Boston Drupalcon 2008, and number one on the top ten (or 11) list of what would make THE KILLER DRUPAL 7 Release was "Better media handling".

Let me repeat that. Better media handling.

People have done really amazing stuff in contrib, but it is difficult (if not impossible in many cases) for developers to coordinate the use of files, as there is no good means for file handling in the core of Drupal. Thus, we have several dozen (or more) media modules doing some small part, or even duplicating functionality, sometimes out of necessity.

We need (better) media and file handling in Drupal core. In particular, there has been a patch for a hook_file in the queue for over a year, which has been in the Patch Spotlight (for the second time, no less) since May! (And has been RTBC several times during that process...) Come on folks.

One of the powers of Drupal is its system of hooks. We have hooks to modify nodes, to notify changes to user objects, to alter nearly any data (such as forms and menus). Noticeably absent is a consistent handling for files or any sort of notification. We need hook_file.

So goal Number One: get media handling in core. The means? Add hook_file and make files into a 1st class Drupal object. We'll be creating a test suite for functionality in the hook_file patch to validate it and "grease the wheels" to get it committed.

The other goals of this sprint pale in comparison to the first in utility, but are still highly desirable and worthwhile.

Number Two: Refactor File Functionality in Core

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Why should we care about a new aggregator for Drupal 7?

I wrote a piece on our blog on why I think it is important that we unite efforts in aggregation land.

My intention was to make some noise around Aron's patch to core aggregator and get some of you guys to review ;-)

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