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Welcome to the Semantic Web group in Drupal. This group was started at DrupalCon Barcelona 2007 and includes discussions on how to integrate the Semantic Web technologies into Drupal and list the various effort of the community towards enabling RDF in Drupal. Drupal 7 comes with native RDFa support in core. If you want extra RDF capabilities such as other serialization formats and SPARQL support, checkout the RDF Extensions, SPARQL and SPARQL Views contributed projects. If you need support or have found a bug in one of the fore mentioned projects, please file a ticket in their issue tracker (block on the right on each project page).

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Updating RDF documentation for Drupal 7?

While plugging away at the documentation issue queue I noticed that the RDF documentation ( hasn't been touched for a couple of years so I'm wondering if it needs to be updated in any way for Drupal 7.

I don't know anything about RDF myself, so if someone who's up to speed could look at this it would be really appreciated.

Anyone can edit the Drupal handbooks if they're logged in.

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Is D7's default use of the Semantic Web ethical?

Obviously, the title was created was designed to elicit discussion ... but I am seriously interested in the prospects for unintended consequences of D7's default use of RDF. D7 will be a great leap forward, and I'm genuinely excited about the prospects of D7's adoption of RDFa. Upon further reflection, I'm wondering if D7's embrace might actually make it easier for users to be tracked by organizations like Recorded Future. I understand, that today's default settings can be "undone" ... but it is the default that has me most concerned ... precisely because it is the novice end user who isn't particularly savvy that will be put at most risk ... and is unlikely to even know what is going on "under the hood" ... I know, I know ... probably an exaggerated concern, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone might want to comment.

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Report Developer | Southwind Digital Productions Inc.

Employment type: 

I am publishing a web site called ThinkBanQ which is being developed by Mediacurrent, a local Drupal shop here in Atlanta. ThinkBanQ is primarily a forum for innovators invested in three major sectors. It employs many familiar social media tools designed to engage users and encourage greater participation as an open-sourced and self-determining community. Most significantly, this participation is semantically rendered, then valuated according to its contextual significance within the community. I like to think of it as “Facebook as if it mattered” or “LinkedIn on steroids.”

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XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)

Does anyone have an idea of how to integrate XBRL with Drupal? According to wikipedia...

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VIVO WEB - Enabling National Networking of Scientists

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any comments on the project and it's relationship ship to Drupal. VIVO in a nutshell, is a web application provides a semantic database that can be searched that contains information about scientists, their research interests, affiliations, publications, grants, etc. VIVO is in deployment at several universities and is being expanded through a $12.2m stimulus grant from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). see more at

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Call for Chapters: Library Automation and OPAC 2.0 (and waiting for Drupal)

Dear Friends

We are working on editing a book on, and we believe that the community of Drupal users in libraries can provide content of interest. Therefore we invite you to submit proposals for chapter. They will be very well received. Thanks in advance for your work.

Call for Chapter Proposals
Proposal Submission Deadline: July 10, 2010

Library Automation and OPAC 2.0: Information Access and Services in the 2.0 Landscape
A book edited by Dr. Jesús Tramullas and Dr. Piedad Garrido
University of Zaragoza (Spain)


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Importing and round-tripping RDF in Drupal

Importing catalogues

We need to import arbritary catalogues (spreadsheets) into RDFable Drupal nodes.

We suggest the following as a way forward: before implementing this, we want to see if this would be useful to the broader Drupal RDF community, and whether it is compatible with other existing proposals:

Option 1: Dynamically create content types

For each import format dynamically create a node type that matches the field structure. Provide an RDF mapping for the created node type to enable the imported items to be tagged up with RDF.

Option 2: Define a generic content type for imports

Spreadsheets are imported into two node types. The 'header' includes the spreadsheet file and information about it's structure. A second content type is used to import each row. A row is a list of attributes taken from the column data for that row.

We also need to consider round-tripping issues, as follows:

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Upcoming webcast: The RDFa initiative in Drupal 7, and how it will impact the Semantic Web

2010-04-30 11:00 - 12:00 America/Los_Angeles

For those who missed DrupalCon San Francisco and are interested in learning more about the semantic web capabilities of Drupal 7, there will be a webcast happening on Friday at 11am PDT.

See more information including how to register at

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BoF at Drupalcon - RDFa, Semantic Web and Distributed Social Networks

2010-04-19 11:00 - 12:00 America/Los_Angeles

There will be a RDFa, Semantic Web and Distributed Social Networks BoF on Monday the 19th at 11am room 200. If you are interested please come and be ready to talk.

I will be demoing some of the work that has been done (by others!) that integrates WebIDs with Drupal. This is the first step in creating a global, decentralized network. Really cool stuff.

I will also be talking about RDFa in general and vocabs and what you can expect with the upcoming Drupal 7 release.

And of course everyone who attends is welcome to add to the discussion!



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Drupal Developer Intern (unpaid) | Commonweatlh of Massachusetts Information Technology Division

Employment type: 
Part time
Not allowed

Are you interested in open government and open data, and looking for a web development internship?

The Commonweatlh of Massachusetts Information Technology Division is building the Massachusetts Open Data Initiative, a state project to make public data easy to find, use and collaborate on. We are considering Drupal as a collaborative platform, so Drupal experience and interest would be helpful, as would be an interest in linked data and RDF.

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Implementing Kendra Signpost using Drupal and RDF?

We (the Kendra team) are in a bit of a quandary. We need to implement our EU funded project (Kendra Signpost) using Drupal but we are unsure, given recent D7/RDF announcements, as to which direction to take, namely D6 or D7 and using which modules.

Here is a brief description of what we want to achieve with questions as how to proceed - given that we have developers that can contribute to collaborative efforts so long as there is mutual benefit and we get to build Kendra Signpost.


  • Kendra is being paid by the EU to build Kendra Signpost which needs to launch middle of 2010. Let's put this EU money to good use.
  • Initially we wanted to build this system using only Drupal 7 but there are a number of modules that are just not ready for us yet. But as soon as Drupal 7 is ready we want to move all projects to it. So, we need to have clear upgrade paths when we choose Drupal modules. And perhaps only work on and contribute to efforts that are both Drupal 6 and 7 simultaneously.
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Abitrary n-ary relationships

This might be complete insanity. Bear with me a moment.

I and others have already hinted at trying to create arbitrary RDF relationships with drupal and CCK (For example and Obviously useful in cases where you're mapping data in which you don't know what all the relationships look like (or just can't be arsed mapping them all yourself >:) ). This aspect it more or less underway.

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RDF code sprint at DrupalCon SF wiki

DrupalCon will be a great opportunity for folks interested in Semantic Web to gather and discuss the next steps of RDF in Drupal. In addition to the session The story of RDF in Drupal 7 and what it means for the Web at large, there will be some informal events at the conference in the form of code sprint and Birds of a Feather.

RDF Drupal 7 core issue queue

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D7 semantic modules ecosystem

There are a number of modules available for using RDF in D6 now that there is some RDF support in core what other modules do people see as being needed to be ported to D7 and how should they work together?

As not the whole of the RDF module was put into core I would assume there would be some other dependencies.

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Missing Module

I have created a basic function for making calls to a sparql endpoint. I have looked arround and while there are a number of modules which provide some specific functionality to access a sparql endpoint, I was hoping for something which would provide an API, prehaps to add endpoints and to query them.

I am happy to create a module to do this, but don't want to duplicate work. Is there a module I am missing.

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RDF and autotagging.

I've been trying very hard to get the OpenCalais system working for me. In terms of auto tagging it's been the best system I've used so far. I really don't have any idea what RDF is. My guess is it's a way to store information about entities using an intuitive three part structure, subject, predicate, and object.

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Parsing variable to SPARQL and get the result

Hi community. I am a research student and currently looking at RAP. I have this code as below but with some problems

:: CODE ::
// Determine the query execution runtime
function getmicrotime()
list($usec, $sec) = explode(" ",microtime());
return ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);
$start = getmicrotime();

// Include RAP
define("RDFAPI_INCLUDE_DIR", "C:/xampp/htdocs/monokb/rdfapi-php/api/");
include (RDFAPI_INCLUDE_DIR . "RdfAPI.php");
include (RDFAPI_INCLUDE_DIR . "sparql/SparqlEngine.php");
//include (RDFAPI_INCLUDE_DIR . 'sparql/SparqlParser.php');

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RDF theming.

I am working on a very exciting drupal/ symantic web project. Part of what I am doing will involve theming data which has come from an RDF triple store.

I was thinking about the possibility of using RDF data to help choose the theme function to use.

For example I may be trying to theme something which is a imdb:director, and have no idea how to theme that. But if I have something which I know can theme a foaf:person and my rdf says that an imdb:director is a foaf:person I can use that function to theme the item.

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Position filled | ys

Employment type: 
Full time

Position filled

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Developer | Open Source Schools

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

I'm building on top of Drupal 6 distribution profiles such as Open Atrium and Drupal Commons that use featues to create niche portals. That's why it would be great to work with a php/mysql programmer who understands distributions, features, and also things we want to use to make them really useful such as rss, rdf, and location, let alone the mundane Ubercart.

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