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Shipping a Product in Multiple Packages/Boxes

I am shipping (via Fedex) products (furniture) that need to be split into multiple boxes. Currently I have some products that ship in 5 separate boxes. I'm thinking that I need to figure out how to "attach" boxes to my product so that when it is added to the cart the boxes are added as well (but not shown). That way at checkout it would calculate the shipping for all the boxes.

Is there currently any way to handle this in Commerce? What direction should I go? I'm migrating from Ubercart and I'm not quite up to speed...

Thanks for any help!

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Views within views

Good day all,
I'm trying to find out if anyone has accomplished, or knows how to accomplish views within views. What I'm trying to achieve is displaying 3 different views (with different fields and styles) within one view.

An example of what I'm trying to accomplish is having a view based on the taxonomy shoes, which displays 3 views, each showing nodes tagged with the vocab: nike, reebok, or addidas.
Nike has 2 columns 1 row, Reebok 2 columns 2 rows, Addidas 2 columns 4 rows.

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Users, Permissions Accross Subdomains


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Don't Share Modules/Theme

Hi everyone,

I have sucessfully got Drupal running with multiple sites (using: sites/something.domain.tld, etc).

However, whenever I install a theme or module on one of the sites, they get added to: sites/all/*

Is there a way to stop this?

Thank you very much!


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Jquery tabs integrated into Views

Hey guys, I'm having an issue with using a combination of jquery tabs and the views module. I have created a content type called "Movie Listings" and a custom template that puts all the fields from Movie Listings into a tabs table:


div class="movie_listing">


div id="tabs">

            <div id="tabs-1">
                <div class="left forty">
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Which Drupal photo upload/management suite of modules is best for OpenPublish: 1) image and related modules 2) flickr and related modules 3) open publish's own?

I have 3 requirements for publishing my own photos on my own site
1) multiple batch uploading
2) integration with an external photo sharing network to widen my presence on the web i.e. so that my content will get seen elsewhere which will draw people to my site. The photos themselves would either hosted on the external site and referenced by my site OR a copy is on my site and on the external site
3) low resolution versions, but not too low available on the site, with ubercart integration should people wish to buy a hires version - expecting occasional trade here at best but would like to learn about this aspect.

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Multiple Loctions Displayed on Single Map

Dear All

I'm looking to recreate Google Map functionality I wrote for my site ( in asp using Drupal.

I have the modules installed and can display a single location to a single map.

Is it possible to send multiple (500+) locations to a single map using the standard GMap module ?

How can this be achieved ?


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