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On IE 8, Open Publish Website is a Disaster. This suddenly happened.

I have already posted about gallery images being distorted.
Now my entire front page is getting wiped out in IE8 because some sort of CSS malfunction and distorted photos.
Does anyone know how I can put an end to this?
Thanks for your assistance.

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Gallery Photos Distorted in Internet Explorer

Hello, not sure how long this has been happening, but this is a major issue.
It's fine on mobile and on chrome and on firefox.
Only appears to be an issue with gallery photos.

Also, the photos aren't rendering in photoswipe

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Date Tab

I am using the gazette tab and wish to turn off the "date" on the user menu.
It seems to only work for some browsers and wreaks havoc with my ability to create a logo.
Is there an easy way to do this?
If not, can someone point me to where I can find this in the CSS so I can remove it?


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OP Articles Lose Formatting

In each install I have done, OP Articles have lost their format.

What is causing this? How can I fix it?

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OpenPublish theme for OP drupal 7 ?

Hi, I just installed the latest version of OP (OpenPublish3-alpha7), install seems ok, but I can't find the defaut theme I can see in the demo (

I thought "open publish" allowed to have a "ready to use" magazine site...

Is any body can tell me How can I find the theme for open publish (D7) ?

How could I find the link to download openpublish with drupal 6 ?

Thank you very much for your help

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problem with op theming

Hie, guys. I have a problem with my OP 2. I copy openpublish_theme directory and rename it. I change all "openpublish_theme" to "mytheme" in template.php. But after this I can't open my site

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Any OPublishers in New York?

Hello, fellow OPublishers!

Just wanted to know if there are any OPs in New York that want to meet up and connect / share / learn and grow together. Maybe even co-work weekly?

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OpenPublish subtheme with Frame as base theme

Frame is allready a responsive theme but i wish to have different css files for wide, narrow etc. devices.

I made (using the wizard) a subtheme based on Frame but styles are not inherited from Frame (with a starter kit).

If a make a subtheme using Frame without a starterkit i get a subtheme with inherited styles from Frame but with no css files like:

What am i missing ?
Should i add these files manually inside my .info file ?

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Daily Times Nigeria re-launches website in OP2 (D6)

While there has been a lot of discussion about OP in D6 & D7, I believe you can still do a lot with OP2 (D6).

When faced with the task of redesigning the DailyTimesNG website, the "no upgrade path from OP2 to OP3" reluctantly and grudgingly made us decide to stick to OP2 (D6).

Four weeks of theming & tweaking & here is the result. Depending on when you visit this post the new DailyTimesNG version 2.0 website will either reside at (beta, being developed & tested) or

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Article Title is Missing From Content Type Display!

Why does the article title display in teaser mode, but not in detail mode - just the byline and body appear in detail. How do I fix this?

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