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.htaccess (Internal Server Error) Hatası

.htaccess dosyamı düzenlemek isterken sildim.
yedeğim yok ne yapabilirim tekrar oluşturmanın bir yolu varmı ?

elimde dosyanın son haline dair bir kopya mevcut herhangi bir yerini silmedim ama sanırım bir yerinde hata var o yedeği yüklediğimdede Internal Server Error hatası devam ediyor

.htaccess dosyasını tamamen sildiğimde ana sayfa açılıyor fakat giriş yapamıyorum ve ana sayfa dışındaki tüm linklerde not found hatası alıyorum

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Drupal 8 in a Virtual Machine and Multi-sites with subdirectories

I followed this tutorial(Drupal 7) but it not worked for me(Drupal 8):

Multi-site in subdirectories https://www.drupal.org/docs/7/multisite-drupal/multi-site-in-subdirectories

My Drupal is on a Virtual Machine with only access via IP, not hostname.

This is my enviroment:

  • CentOs 7 with SELinux(mode: enforcing)
  • Varnish 4.0.3
  • Apache 2.4.23
  • Drupal 8.2.4

I need to create the next structure of sites:

  • / <-- First site
  • /site2 <-- Second site
  • /site3 <-- Third site

In the file sites/sites.php i have:

  • $sites['localhost.site2'] = 'site2';
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Creating new site results in root-level index page on server, not default site homepage

When I click the "Go there now" link after entering and submitting the basic site creation credentials, I am served up the index page on the root level of the server, and not the default home page for the site I just created. In addition to this, I am not getting the email I am supposed to get after successful site creation. Since I am not a server administrator, I can only speculate that the problem might have to do with permissions not being set correctly and/or paths are not set correctly in certain files (such as .htaccess or httpd.conf).

A bit of context:

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Do you need an .htaccess file to run a multisite

This is my first ever attempt at making a multisite, and before I started, the documentation made it seem pretty easy to do (I'm using Drupal 7).
We already have a working Drupal site, but we now want to make it a multisite. I've gone through the instructions a few times and it will not work for me.
(I am trying to make a multisite on the same domain: www.example.com/site1, www.example.com/site2...)

During the initial install, we had to remove the .htaccess file to allow Drupal to work on our server. Not sure why (this was before I started this position),

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help required using .htaccess to do a 301 redirect


I have a page with a URL alias that had a spelling mistake. I want to fix it but I also don't want to lose the traffic that has been coming to the site via the misspelt alias. So I added the following line to my .htaccess file just below Drupal's rewrite rules:
  redirect 301 /Hampton-Court-SA http://www.mysite.co.za/hampton_park_sa

This would have worked except for the fact that Drupal seemingly adds a query string at the end so the redirect then fails. The URL in the browser ends up being this:

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Multi-site Drupal 7 Install with Sym Links

I host several sites on a cloud server running Cent OS and using Plesk. I have complete command line access since it is my own cloud server. For my Drupal 6 sites, I used the alias trick to do an easy multi-site setup. It works fine but it does not allow me to get individual traffic stats for the sites. So for Drupal 7 I decided I would try to do an install that would let me track individual usage. The fairly universal advice re multi-site setup on the main Drupal site is to use sym links.

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Clean URL's on a sub domain and one-off's

I had a very interesting learning experience regarding Clean URL's and a subdomain. Try as I could I just could not get Drupal 6-X to pass the clean URL test. After much Googling and very little SERP's on the subject I finally found (or was shown) what the answer could be to fix this vexing problem.

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301 redirect is working for www.example.com but not for ....

I am getting a strange problem with 301 redirect it the code is working for with www in the link and not working for with out www

RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^api$ http://example.com/topic/api [R=301,L]

if i type http://www.example.com/api it works but if i do http://example.com/api it doesnt work \

Adv thanks

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Is no-one of you using WWW redirection?

I need help.
I want to redirect all my sites to the URL version without the www. prefix.

Please, could someone post his .htaccess?

I search since 22 days for a solution (here, here, here and here) - it hurts me, because I got time, I want to start playing with Drupal, but can't, until I know it will work :(

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Shared hosting: Clean URLs not working for additional sites


I just started my first multisite setup (on a shared hosting account).

The problem

Clean URLs work great for example.com/drupal.

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