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New websites - one from ZEN

Hi folks,

Stranger Greg Albright here. Just wanted to let everyone know about two new websites I just launched.

1) http://indyrotary.org
This site was a collaborative effort from the great folks at Promethius and yours truly. So far, so good. This site features a lot of OG capability because we have over 20 committees in the club. I spent a lot of time editing CSS on this site and still find small areas that can forevermore, be tweaked. It's received great response thus far.

2) http://planinconline.com

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Sub theme of Zen used for OoglieBooglie.com

We recently launched a sub theme of Zen for a client here in Virginia Beach, VA -- http://www.oogliebooglie.com. OoglieBooglie is a place where artists and art lovers gather. Artists create designs that they think would look great printed on a T shirt. OoglieBooglie and the members vote for the designs they think are the best. Then, OoglieBooglie prints the design on T shirts and sells them on the site. The artist then gets paid $2 USD per shirt sold on the site for an entire year.

A more detailed post is available at http://drupal.org/node/509602.

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New Adobe.com article: Building Drupal Zen sub-themes with Dreamweaver CS4

The third article in my Drupal series for Adobe.com is out now. This article covers Drupal Zen Sub-Themes, including Dreamweaver tip(s) when working with Drupal themes.

"When asked why I would recommend the Zen theme versus a core theme such as Garland, I answer, Zen was built to be a seed for your tree—you plant the seed, water it, and watch it grow! Garland looks nice, but is not documented well and has custom page template code that should not appear elsewhere. In short, Garland is just not right as the basis for a theme; the Zen theme is."

Read the article now at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/drupal_zen_subthemes.html

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Website launched! Drupal Design Camp Boston

The Drupal Design Camp Boston website is launched and we are getting ready for the June 13-14 event at MIT.

The attendee list is growing, and the sponsors are almost as excited as we are!

If you plan to attend, jump in at http://boston.design4drupal.org and sign up before it fills up completely.

Attendees can submit sessions, post to forums, join live chat on IRC, make small financial donations, and check out the latest News.

You can also follow us on twitter at D4DBoston

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A theming session for next meetup?

There's been quite a lot of request for a Zen theming session (http://drupal.org/project/zen) so wanted to know if this is something that most of you will be keen to come along to? if there is enough people that wish to attend, i'll see what can be done, ie:

  • A date most of you can attend
  • A free venue to host the session or any company wanting to sponsor this event.

If you would like to contact me direct to discuss this further, please use: http://drupalscotland.org/contact


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Theming Getting Started - Part 1 -

This post acts as a reference to drupal theming.

Basically there is one choice as far as theming is concerned, you should choose whether you will start from scratch or you will install a 'ready' theme and customize it a bit to your preferences. This part will cover the second choice while the first choice will be covered in part 2. I must state again that this tutorial will act as a reference and only.

I am personally fond of choosing a theme where basically only the layout structure exists in its css.I am aware of two such themes.

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Drupal Developer/Theme Designer | Kehila Chadasha

Employment type: 

We are a local non-profit religious community. We have a new website that we have built in Drupal 5.x and it looks great. But we are having a problem with IE and the Zen template that our Theme was created on. The goal is to upgrade the site to Drupal 6.x and to fix our Theme so that we dont have the problems with IE that we have been having.

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CS4 Party site launched with Zen Theme

Earlier this week I launched http://cs4party.com to promote the celebration our Los Angeles Adobe User Groups are holding for Adobe. I used Strata 3D, exported to H.264 video which I converted to FLV with Flash CS3, and made a SWF header to play and loop the FLV video. Zen was used entirely, so I have a cs4party sub-zen-theme that is literally my first public Zen theme, ever. FYI, the site is Drupal 6.


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Redoing my themes in Zen

(cross-post from bloggy)

I started doing Drupal themes with the idea that we could have simple, minimalist themes that can get the job done with little images.

Color.module helped with the eye-hurting colors and Zen just provided an excellent starting point to make a very high quality theme.


After having taken a peek into the Zen project and drinking the kool aid the syntax markup and quality is blue skies over here. Color.module and Zen work well in combination. :)

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Themer | VoiceHero

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are looking for a themer who is familiar with zen and/or yaml and able to work in standardized work flows and development procedures. If you add value to our team and help us to make the company more successful we are happy to discuss whatever set up fits you best - freelancer, permanent contract and/or equity and profit related bonus. Ideally you are based in Europe or able to come here for a while - but we are open to US or Asia as well.

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