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Code-In 2015 - Call for Mentors

We try not to post too much about Google's Code-In contest for students ages 13-17 in our Summer of Code group. However, we're currently looking for mentors to sign up for GCI 2015 @

Join our specific group to learn more about contributing @

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Proposed Solution For Recruiting More Mentors and Contributors

Bellow is a summary of BOF's talk on DrupalCon Barcelona.

The problems:

  • Useful modules are being abandoned because maintainers are not supporting them
  • New Drupal contributors are creating “useless” modules just to get access for creating full projects




  • A page listing abandoned modules that is well promoted
  • New members may find a module they would like to support, and become a co-maintainer by solving issues and submitting patches
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    Mentors Needed

    Hi, I hope I'm allowed to post this here. Sorry in advance if this isn't allowed:

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    DrupalEasy Community Mentors

    Hey everybody,

    I want to let everyone know about a mentoring program that I'm organizing for a group of students that I'll be training over the next few months.

    The tl:dr version is this: I run a 10-week, 70-hour Drupal training program in Brevard County, Florida (home of Kennedy Space Center) for recently laid-off residents. With the retirement of the Space Shuttle, there have been over 8,000 layoffs - many of these people are skilled IT workers looking for new careers.

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    Drupal Career Starter Program and Community Mentors

    Good morning everybody,

    I know that there's a lot of people interested in the 2nd edition of the Drupal Career Starter Program (DCSP) that we run in Brevard County, so I figured I've provide a quick update as to our fantastic progress. I also want to let everyone know about our DrupalEasy Community Mentor program - keep reading for more information about that...

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    Docs Mentors

    After a big discussion with some of the core devs who attended the PNW Drupal Summit last weekend, I've created a page for people who don't consider themselves part of the Docs Team to sign up as willing to mentor people working on Docs.

    The idea is that people working on docs often need help with technical details of what they're documenting, and don't know who they can ask. The people I was talking to were more than willing to help out, and we also talked about pairing up docs people with contrib maintainers so they can help maintain project-specific docs.

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    Dojo 2.1: Another attempt to revive the Drupal learning and mentoring group

    Several months have passed since the Dojo lost it's way a bit when some noble ninjas attempted to create a great deal of good for the Drupal project. In a group of 1500+ members, there is no way to achieve any sort of consensus to why it stalled, how it could succeed, or what the purpose was in the first place. There are, however, a lot of indicators that the concept/ideal of an open learning/mentoring group is solid and is worth reviving.

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    Mentors/coaches for proposals

    One observation I've had from lurking in the Knight Drupal Initiative meetings is something that's haunted me before. If only I was good at writing a solid grant proposal and subsequent review and revisions, some of my pie-in the sky ideas might actually turn into something valuable for the community (and provide a self-sustainable way for me to contribute).

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    Interested in mentoring for Summer of Code 2008? Comment here! :)

    It's never too early to start thinking about the next round of Summer of Code. If you're interested in joining the mentoring team, leave a comment here!

    What are the requirements for becoming a mentor?

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    EC maintainer seeks: non-smoker, likes bushwalking and ...

    Hi there

    I'm trying to locate developers (any skill level is ok) who have the same E-Commerce focus that I do. The idea is that I am available for feedback, reviews, advice, escalation, and even tuition. Yes, tuition, which means I'm happy for this to be a mentor arrangement (which is why I've posted to Dojo).

    The problem with developing for E-Commerce is a) we are not giving out CVS access and b) patches in the queue can be painfully slow to commit. We already have 5 maintainers. So the challenge is to have patches committed promptly by one of the maintainers. I can do this, as long as the patches are for areas that I am familiar with.

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