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Restringir acceso a directorio

Muy buenas noches amigos,

mi nombre es Jorge A González y manejo una agencia de diseño web. Estamos especializándonos en drupal y tenemos un proyecto en desarrollo al cual le hemos encontrado algunos problemas.

La web se esta haciendo con Drupal 8 y esta en la raíz, en la raíz también hay un directorio con herramientas desarrolladas en PHP, son 95 herramientas en total.

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Organic group content per user access

I am in the middle of figuring how to setup a per user based group content access permission.

The scenario is like this.
I have a group of users, when publishing a post into the group, the author will be able to select which member from the group will be able to access the content.

Anyone has experience on this kind of implementation, mind to share?

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Synchronization of Drupal Users/Roles & CiviCRM Contacts/Groups

In CiviCRM I have following categories of individuals that is relevant to permissions they would have in the system:
- manager
- team lead
- sales
- customer

Each of these individuals are belonging to one and only one country, and each country has one and only one manager.

1: Custom ACL

  • A user logged in as a manager can create contacts of types team lead, sales and customer for the country he is responsible for.
  • A lead can create sales contacts only. And they will belong to the same country, he is operating in.
  • Sales and customers aren't allowed to create any contacts.
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CiviCRM 3.4.1 ACL Is Now Ignored When Calling API Via PHP in Content Template

I've posted this over in CiviCRM forums but I'm thinking that if Gregory Heller or someone similar sees this post, he/they might be able to help.

I've just upgraded to CiviCRM 3.4.1. I am wondering if that's what caused what I'm describing here.

If you refer to

Re: Trying to print CiviCRM_Address fields for Contact Refernce Via a NODE

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[GSoC] New system of restrictions (community prototype)

The idea I was looking for in different CMS, but didn't find. I also looked a lot of drupal modules and didn't find suitable module.

My idea is to create a special access control system, that support flexible and full restriction methods to author's content.

This system should meet next requirements:
1. Access system can be applied to all types of content: menu item, category, topic or a single post
2. System should have next restriction types:
- Allow All - allows to read, edit and comment content

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Dynamic forum permissions

My users access Drupal through SSO and everytime the server authorizes them, it returns a set of permissions, according to which I need to dynamically set the User's forum permissions.

So for example if a User logs in and the SSO says that he has enrolled in a course, I need to give him specific permissions for that course's forum.

Obviously I need a custom module for that, but it's a little hard to start.

I'm thinking of using the ACL module's API, but I can find any documentation or tutorial online. Is there any?

Is there a better way to get around this?

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Hierarchical corporate structure for an intranet

We are building our new intranet on Drupal. We are a group of companies, i.e. our organizational structure consists of sub-companies, which again have sub-companies or departments, which also can have sub-departments and/or employees belonging to them. We need to have this organizational structure in our Drupal-based intranet system, both:
1) in terms of content: displaying the corporate structure as a hierarchical list of companies, sub-companies, departments; displaying employee listings per company and department;

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Bygga om rättigheter för innehåll


Jag la precis in två moduler (ACL och Forum Access) som när jag aktiverade krävde att jag byggde om rättigheterna för innehållet på sidan. Okej, fine, tänkte jag och satte igång det. Visserligen stod det att det skulle ta lång tid, men va fasen, den har kört i flera timmar!? Är detta normalt? Jag har bara ca 200 noder i databasen, så det borde ju inte ta så lång tid!?

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Organic groups and ACL compatibility

Hi to all,

Our organisation recently decided to change our CMS from Joomla to Drupal. We would like to use groups on our site and organic groups seemed the obvious choice. I suggested this to our site designer but he immediately flag a concern with incompatibility of the Organic groups module with the ACL module as he found information in the OG handbook stating that "you can't use this module with other node access modules". He sent a query 2 weeks ago at but has so far received no replies.

I also found a thread at which states that the OG user roles modules supports ACL. Does "support "mean that it is compatible? And does this mean that the OG module is as well?

Is the Organic groups module compatible with the ACL module? How can we use both OG and ACL modules together?

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ACL or Rules-Based Security for Drupal?

Joomla has announced availability of new ACL: and they seem pretty excited about it. Is that something for Drupal community to be jealous of?

If you come from a Java/J2EE background the clear answer is: NO (yes, in capital letters). You have to actually suffer from a structured, strict ACL to really appreciate the simplicity of a security system like that of Drupal.

Now, you may argue that Drupal security is slightly over-simplistic and too code-oriented (makes us, the developers happy) for "business" use.

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