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Tool Builder - Liberating Innovation via site building

https://www.elmsln.org/blog/post/tool-builder video showing new functionality built into elms that allows for effectively allowing anyone that can site build to submit their idea to our innovations github repo without needing to understand code or version control. This is one of the more ridiculous goals of the project.

We have armies of faculty, instructional designers and site builders throughout the education space. We're seeking to unlock the ability for everyone, without knowledge of code or version control, to be able to contribute their creations.

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ELMSLN packaged via Vagrant for easy spin up and try out

If you don't need to know how to setup vagrant and want to play:


This screencast is a series of 4 videos (for now, will be more in the future potentially) that show how to get ELMSLN up and running with Vagrant. This is the easiest way to setup this system as other methods require knowledge of bash scripting and a clean server to deploy against.

If you don't know what ELMSLN is check out http://elms.psu.edu/blog/post/elmsln-doodle-series

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New version of elms out

http://drupal.org/project/elms -- Try it out now! The abstraction of ELMS is nearly complete. If you care about ELMS implications for application development, check out drupal.psu.edu and read through my posts about abstraction (or http://btopro.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/what-im-really-excited-about/ or http://elearning.psu.edu/elearning/elms-drupal-drupal-elms )

Just some highlights:
--improved installer
--major focus on ensuring accessibility is met
--style guide that accompanies 15 newly released themes
--22 features, many of which are kit compliant

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