Welcome to the Bellingham Drupal Users' Group!

The BhamDUG is currently planning its meetups to talk about Drupal, to contribute to regional Drupal events like PNW Drupal Camp, and have some Drupal Fun. During BhamDUG meetups, we showcase modules and projects, share tips and tricks, and answer nagging questions about Drupal.

This is a geographic Drupal User Group, meant primarily for planning local Drupal related events and meetups, and for supporting users locally.

Don't know much about Drupal yet? That's okay. New Drupal people are welcome!

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Javascript in Drupal - Notes from Meetup

Hi everyone,

I meant to post the slides from our session but it slipped my mind. Thanks to Rob for reminding me.

It is an .odp file so for best results in viewing it I recommend LibreOffice. Keynote and PowerPoint should open it as well.

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Meetup Monday June 9th: Drupal Security & DrupalCon Roundup

NOTE: Last-minute location change! We will meet at The Woods Coffee on Lakeway, where we have a table reserved from 7PM to 8:30PM. Max Bronsema will report directly from his recent experiences at DrupalCon Austin, and we'll talk about security issues with Drupal.

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Meetup Monday May 12th: Drupal and JS Libraries

We've got some great meetup topics lined up for the next few months, starting with this month's meetup on Monday at 7PM, when we'll be talking about the use of Javascript libraries with Drupal. Read more and get all the particulars on our Meetup page:

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Join us for Devsigner (designers + developers) Conference in Portland this May

The first ever Devsigner Conference is happening in Portland May 23-25, and we'd love to see you there!

Devsigner is a brand new event that will bring together frontend developers and technology-oriented designers and invite them to share their expertise, helping them take frontend development to the next level. We will be using Drupal as an assumed base platform, but since frontend development isn't tied to a particular backend, our audience includes any frontend dev and web-focused designer.

More information and registration:

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Drupal Core Sprint Weekend!

2014-01-25 10:00 - 2014-01-26 14:00 America/Vancouver
Event type: 

Mentoring: 10AM to 1PM Saturday, 01/25
Sprint: 10AM to 4PM Saturday, 01/25 and 10AM to 2PM Sunday, 01/26

Q: Do you have to be a "programmer" to contribute?
A: No!

If you've built a site with Drupal, you can find a way to contribute. Documentation of issues, testing patches, writing issue descriptions, and more are all valid ways to contribute to the success of Drupal 8.

If you want to get set up ahead of time, check the thread on the Meetup page with details from the Community Tools workshop from DrupalCon 2013:

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Global Sprint Days Jan 25-26

Sprint next weekend.

Would anyone want to get together to sprint on core next weekend? If so I can work on securing some space. I would be able to meet Saturday. Sunday I am headed to the community seed swap so would need to wrap up by noon.

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Bham Drupal User Group Survey!

Hi all! There's a new post on the Meetup page about a survey regarding our activities for 2014. If you've thought about coming to our meetups but haven't, or if you are a sometimes-attendee, please come on over to the Meetup page and click the link to fill out the survey. Your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Introducing BHAMSessions - Informal Tech Talks for Bellingham Area Web Professionals!

Please join us on Tuesday, December 17th at 6:00pm for a low-key, informative gathering of Bellingham area web professionals!

The goal: To provide a local venue for the sharing of interesting web-related topics.

The format: One or two presenters will provide around 20 minutes of insight on their chosen areas of web expertise.

Who's invited: All Bellingham area web professionals are invited to this free event, slated to be the first of many to be held on a monthly basis.

For additional information, please visit

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Chat Text from Virtual Meetup 11-18-13

Discussion topics:

  • Enabling Google Auth for a possible shared Drupal calendar app for the group sharing calendar (so anyone can setup a login without having to establish a new username/password)
  • Learning how to use the Calendar module (for that same project)
  • Working with text areas with on-screen keyboards for text input with different character sets (relevant to David Sienko's Native language project, this time on a mobile/Android platform)
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jrdixey's picture FREE videos: Command Line Basics

Hi Drupallers,

I thought this worth sharing here, given the number of BDUG members who have expressed an interest in tools like drush and git, but need to increase their comfort level with working on the command line to manage a Drupal site. has a whole series of Command Line Basics videos that are FREE. Check it out:

~ Jennifer

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Taxonomy Views

At our in-person meetup last week the subject came up of embedding external information from another node in a taxonomy view. I'd forgotten all about the EVA module, but I think it might work for this.

From the module description, I wonder if this would help solve the problem of pulling a different node's output into a taxonomy view without using Node Relation?

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Drupal 7 Video Tutorials

The following are some decent video tutorials on the Drupal 7 Views v3.x module



Source Subject Link

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Bham Drupal Online Virtual Meetup

2013-08-26 19:00 - 21:00 America/Vancouver
Event type: 
User group meeting

We are trying out a format for weekly online meetups. Visit the Meetup link for more info and to RSVP! Our regular monthly in-person meetups will continue to be the 2nd Monday of each month.

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Freelance or Contracting Opportunity

Hello my Drupalers,

I have a client at WompMobile who is in need of a freelance or contractor to help with a few drupal tasks. It's a spinal correction system out of Chehalis, WA.


Contact: Miriam Battson, 253-853-5590


Miriam is a sweetheart, so I promised I would reach out to you guys and see if anyone had some open time. She is interested in adding a translation feature. They have some business in China and are hoping to do more international sales so a translation button would be great.

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Website Development Manager | Strategic Asset Alliance

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The Website Development Manager (WDM) is responsible for the ongoing development and expansion of The WDM works with a small internal group as well as external resources, to provide the most effective web experience for users, sponsors, and others involved with InsurerCIO. is Drupal based and an extensive knowledge in utilizing drupal is essential in the site's growth and maintenance. This position is located in Bellingham, WA.

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August 12th 7pm-9pm @ Gravit Digital

Hi all,

We have a meeting coming up two Mondays for now. If you have a burning desire to discuss something please post so we can begin to formulate an agenda.

Perhaps follow a format like the following:

Title: This should describe what you want to discuss
Estimated Time: Just give a best guess how long you think the discussion will take.
Description: Describe in detail if you wish the topic.

If you have a question, but maybe not a full-fledged discussion, post that too so people can start formulating answers.

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July 15 Meetup - Code Per Node module overview document

Greetings all,

I made some small revisions to the original PDF I provided for the Code Per Node module overview. Please find it attached, it is paginated and PDF bookmarked/Table of Contented for ease of navigation. Questions welcome.


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Notes from July 15 2013 Meeting

I'm attaching my notes from the meeting last night as a PDF. If anyone wants to add anything, feel free!

Thanks for attending, everyone, especially on such a nice evening. See you in August! Don't forget to vote in the meeting-night poll!

~ Jennifer

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Move Meetup Date to 7PM, the 3rd Tuesday of each Month?

Yes - That works for me.
40% (2 votes)
No - Keep it on the 2nd Monday.
40% (2 votes)
No - I have a different suggestion.
20% (1 vote)
Total votes: 5
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