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Mandakini_Kumari's picture

creating view

I need help in creating view.

I have two content type(profile and patient_services ) reference nid to connect two are nid and field_patient_service_reference_nid.

I need to display data from both table
where content_type_profile.nid = content_type_patient_services.field_patient_service_reference_nid

Please let me know how to get this result.

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Drupal web admin | elloKIRKLAND

Employment type: 

We need a well seasoned drupal developer (over 3 yrs) & admin who has upgraded servers from 6.x to 7.0 versions. This will be for a short term contract. At the conclusion of this assigment, there is an opportunity to consider hiring the person for a part time position. The part time postion will require developing drupal modules and managing the web site.

If you are interested, please send your resume to


hi2vino's picture

Lead / Senior Developer | Technologies

Employment type: 
Full time

We are looking to hire for following positions. If you know anyone who meets these criteria, please
refer them.
(1) Drupal : Lead (4+ exp), Senior Software Engineer (3+ exp)

• Good confidence level
• Good communication skill
• Team management skill
• Leadership qualities
• Positive attitude

Email your updated Resume :
Contact Details : 9894313165

santosh_srinivas's picture

Free lancer required in Chennai for short assignment

Hello, I need the help of a Drupal expert / mentor to put together a small web-application.
It will be in the financial services space and I will provide all needed inputs.

Please let me know if you or someone in your group is willing to provide the technical guidance for this project. I expect max of two days to get the project done for an expert.
I am open to reasonable remuneration. Please email at

Thank you.

Building Selenium Tests for

The steps involved in taking forward the Selenium test for initiative:

Link to issue queue:

  • Identifying a groups of people interested in building Selenium test-cases
  • Working on Identifying critical tests
  • Writing tests
  • Working with the infrastructure team to run these tests

If you are interested in building Selenium tests and supporting the same, please add you name and the area of support.


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kkismu's picture

Drupal workshop at SALEM, Tamilnadu

Dear all,

           I would like to organise a Drupal workshop at Salem city. Anybody interested to provide venue or any other resources?
logeshmba's picture

Need help regarding adding a additional column(like in webform module

hi all
I am using drupal 7 and i am creating a survey for my MBA project using webform module everything is going fine but it will be nice if there is an option to add Serial number to each question in a separate column some thing like auto-increment in mysql.. ....can any one help me out ?

highermath's picture

DrupalCon in South Asia? 2013?

Is the South Asian community ready to take on a DrupalCon, perhaps as soon as January 2013?

If so, now would be the perfect time to start discussing it. It would be great to open this discussion before DrupalCon Chicago, next month. Of course, if you are going to Chicago, we can have a very informal meeting there.

To be clear, there has been no discussion, let alone a decision of any kind by the Drupal Association. This is strictly a fact-finding mission by me to gauge the level of interest in your communities.

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fireinIT's picture

Developer | Startup

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Look for 1-2 yrs experienced candidates in Drupal. Please email me resume at

kdineshbe's picture

Help me on removing CSRF attack

Anyone help me in removing CSRF attacks from drupal 6 sites.

i tried to pad some token with logout menu and validate it when logout is invoked.
When i am updating the site using update.php this module gets invoked, but after that it is not invoking
My site has cck, date and so on modules.

Any other options for CSRf attacks ?

Thanks in advance.

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acquia Drupal Gardens


acquia has recently released Drupal Gardens to create socially smart websites and microsites in minutes. From design to online in 15 minutes.

Check it out at

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Senior PHP/Drupal Developer | e24 Technologies, LLC

Employment type: 
Full time

Seattle based company e24 Technologies, LLC is looking for a Full Time Senior PHP/Drupal Developer. Candidate should have experience writing custom modules, maintaining production site, customizing contributed module, UI Design and Team Management Skills.

We are starting our offshore development center and need a Senior Developer who can help build a strong offshore team.

Please visit our site

Work Location: Chennai, India.'s picture

Looking for Drupal experts in Chennai | E-ndicus InfoTech

Employment type: 
Full time

E-ndicus InfoTech is one of the growing organizations in Chennai. At the moment we are offering Drupal and OpenERP services to our customers. At E-ndicus we are looking for Druapl developers to expand our team. Your responsiblity in our team includes developing and maintaining Drupal sites, writing custom module, overriding / customizing contrib module in Drupal way to meet project requirement.

Work location : Chennai

Minimum qualification
* At least 6 months experience in Drupal 6.
* Fairly proficient in Drupal API, hooks, PHP and MySQL

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S.Siva's picture

Drupal Tutorial Blog Spot

Hi Guys Here is blog,created by digitalpiku, which contains the tips and tutorials for drupal. If every body provide some helpful tips tutorial and

what ever things you know please share here. So that we might get lot of ideas' and techniques. Check the below link.

digitalpiku's picture

Drupal Tutorial and Tips Blog

Hello, I have started a new blog about drupal tips and tutorials. I regularly post tutorials and videos which I found useful regarding drupal website development while browsing internet. I like to share knowledge among drupal enthusiastic people around the world and also I would like the people to interact with me with their problem and knowledges they have.

Go to for more details.

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axsubram's picture

Experience with Drupal commons in Chennai


I am evaluating a project request for a site using Drupal commons. Does anyone in chennai have experience in projects involving Drupal Commons?

If so, please send across any sample sites/portfolio information.



zealcity's picture

senior web developer | Zealcity studios

Employment type: 
Full time

Zealcity studios is one of the fastest growing virtual worlds, game development and social networks developer in India. The company is currently working with Marquee clients from across the globe and the company has just released their first skill based gaming portal India. the company is looking for expereinced drupal developers who have prior knowledge in module development, customization , themes, views, panels, ajax, jquery ui, and strong Mysql grasp in the drupal architecture.

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ajajmal006's picture

Senior software engineer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Pioneer Solutions Riyadh

Employment type: 
Full time

Pioneer Solutions Riyadh, a Open Source company specializing in Drupal technologies is looking to expand its Drupal development team. You must be from India. Relocation to Riyadh Saudi Arabia is must. You will be working on very high profile projects.

Skills required are

Experience working of PHP ,java ,drupal , drupal themeing and css
Expert knowledge JQuery / Ajax Technology ,alfresco, and Object Oriented Concept
3-5 years experience
Strong database handling and design
If you are interested pls send us your updated profile at az_gh [at] hotmail [dot] com

D7 Party by Chennai Group !

Thanks to Shyamala of UniMity for hosting the D7 party. The Drupal enthusiast were no doubt enthusiastic about the party but were surprisingly pleasing bunch of varied technology enthusiasts. There was a round of introduction by the members of the Chennai Drupal Group. Some of the members have been with Drupal since its 4th version and many of them have deployed number of web sites on Drupal. One of the revelation of the party was that the community showed the supporting and nurturing attitude amongst its people.

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Vinoth Govindarajan's picture

Software engineer trainee | Infanion

Employment type: 
Full time

Infanion is an innovating software development company bridging the offline and online worlds. We design, develop and market (online, internet based) software solutions for all kinds of businesses like e-commerce, distribution, medical, warehouse management, planning software, financial tools, transport, online marketing solutions, etc.

Software engineer trainee (Job #1148)
Knowledge of HTML, javascript and PHP is a must
Knowledge of Drupal is a plus
Open positions: two

Work environment: Work from home, Flexible timings
Work location: Bangalore, Chennai

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