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This group is a space for both developers and staff working at/with Community Media Centers and Public Access TV Stations to discuss the implementation of Drupal and CiviCRM based systems. This project has a long, complicated history, but several key contributors have been contributing to this project since 2006.

The "CMDrupal" project focuses on all major components of the operational workflow of a Community Media Center and involves Drupal module development and custom configuration in several distinct but overlapping areas:

  • integration with CiviCRM for membership management and training class enrollment
  • a project based system for resource reservations linked to user training certifications
  • ingestion of video content and metadata integrated with local playback servers

The Community Media Starter Kits distributions provide the structure for the project. The starter kits are available in Easy (ESK), Moderate (MSK), and Difficult (DSK) versions. The starter kits are Drupal distributions that include most modules, libraries, and themes needed to build a community media related site, but are not designed as one size fits all solution. Even the Community Media Starter Kit (Easy) typically requires several hours of configuration and customization to meet the needs of an organization. The DSK is

If you are interested in getting involved in CMDrupal, please read our Commitment to Contribute. Unlike an open source project like Firefox that may actually benefit from just using the browser, this project requires users to eventually become contributors at some level to be successful.

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Installing PEGevent and Station on the same site

Right now if you try to install both the Station Module and PEGevent module on the same site you end up with a name conflict for the CCK type Program. For Station a program is a period of programming that has similar content (e.g. the Access Hour, Blues Cruise or The War and Peace Report with Amy Goodman), so that is a bit different than program on PEGevent module.

I wonder if PEGevent would be open to a patch that would rename the Program type within PEGevent to the PEGevent Type. This idea would leave the Showing type alone. A further change would be to change the descriptions available to the user so that there would be less confusion, but an initial change would be to only make the change at the drupal content type level.

I think of this as an initial step towards bringing the Station and PEGevent modules so that they complement each other. PEGevent would be the way that programs are scheduled and Station would be how they are displayed to the public.

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some feedback on Drupal and Cable Access Televison

I recently gave a talk at a conference for folks in community cable access television about migrating their sites to content managements systems. I put lots of emphasis on Drupal. It was terrific to demo Burlington Vermont's new Drupal site ( and Denver's, too (
Here are the notes

I got some feedback that I thought I would share as a way to keep the KDI/pegspace beach ball up in the air.

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Namac Telesalon with Laurie Cirivello

Check out this conference call presentation by Laurie Cirivello from Grand Rapids. Its very relevant to our PEGspace efforts and I think you'll enjoy it.


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Pegspace and KDI

I'd encourage this group to keep tabs on the progress of the Knight Drupal Initiative group (

The development projects being undertaken by this group have a strong relation to the goals of the KDI, and are prime candidates for support of that initiative, but we need to stay plugged-in to the process. Deproduction has a strong (and growing) relationship with Knight and I would love to support any groups out there who want to apply for support from the KDI for Drupal development projects aimed at bolstering the PEG community.


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PEG sites using Drupal

I went through the database of, which has about 200 stations listed with about 160 websites. I basically tried to scrape out which ones were using Drupal:

1) searching for /CHANGELOG.txt
2) searching for /modules/node/node.css
3) searching for /misc/drupal.css (for the oldies)

I came up with 10 sites that are using Drupal; some that are duh, and others that we might not have known about:

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Here to lend a hand

Hi Folks,

sw9 softly-nagged me into joining the group. I'd love to help out. I can code, I can document, I can write grants. Let me know how I can help.

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PEGevent Live Demo

Thanks for the audio post Jason.

If anybody wants to get a better feel for PEGevent in action, I've got a live demo up at

I've gotten some interest and good feedback from

Drewish, there might be an easy way to integrate event repeat w/ PEGevent: each program airing is an event and could be scheduled using the power and wonder of event repeat I think.


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PEGspace at Drupalcon 2008 -- audio file & meeting minutes
This is the breakout discussion held during the Drupalcon 2008 Boston conference on March 5, 2008. This discussion tracks the progress of a number of concurrent Drupal development projects focusing on enabling PEG (public, educational and government) Access centers to utilize Drupal for their organization.

The video was not so good, so we just have the audio. Below are some notes from the conversation. Hopefully, this provides some context, history and direction for those in the Access community who are wondering what Drupal is, why it is something they should care about and also for those in the Drupal community who would like to know about a very exciting project. Please add, clarify or correct.

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PEGspace + Radio + Knight = a good thing for broadcast websites

I'm cross posting this because until I came across the PEG space Birds of a Feather session at DrupalCon I had no idea that there were two Drupal groupsworking on the resource and scheduling problems faced by community broadcasts. The other group had camouflaged themselves by using the insider name of PEG instead of something I'd have recognized like Public Access TV. Hopefully this can serve as the catalyst to get the two groups cross pollenating.

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DrupalCon BOF Feedback

I'm glad I ran into the birds of a feather session. I just wanted to start a thread so we could continue the discussion started there.

I'll start by saying that you should probably update the group's description to make it clear that mostly people would know PEG as Public Access Television.

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Something for DrupalEd users to check out

Now, I don't mean for this to sound like a plug for a product (cause it's not), I've been developing Drupal modules to help support the development of our e-learning courses at Penn State for the last year now. As things have progressed, our department has begun to pursue making these modules open source. I've been sitting on this stuff for a year now patiently waiting for the right time to start announcing the projects we've been working on and I think many (if not all of them) would be of interest to DrupalEd users.

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What's everyone doing?

Hey everyone, I've noticed the paucity of posts here. What's everyone doing at this time? Where are you all in your journeys with Drupal? What pieces are you waiting on?


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Changes at MNN

Hey everyone, today is my last day at MNN. I'm moving on to do Drupal development at Achieve Internet. Anyway, I'm leaving the MNN side of things in the capable hands of Damien Barrett and Forest Mars. They can be reached vi They should be joining the group very soon.

I wish you all the best, and I'll check in from time to time to see how things are going.


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Hi -
I'm Steve Hanson, the principal at Cruiskeen Consulting LLC. We're in the process of contracting with a community access group to re-do their web site. I noticed this project on the web, and was about to start a group here when I realized there already was one. I'm still kind of getting my bearings in this part of the Drupal world - but we're interested in helping out here. At the moment we're looking at modifying parts of the Station module, which already does a good deal of what we're interested in doing for program scheduling, etc.

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Calling all PEG stations...

MNN and Openflows are beginning the work on the scheduling module. It is a fairly large undertaking. I'd also love to get the rest of the community involved with this project, and this is as good a place to start as any.

The scheduling module encompasses both program scheduling as well as playback issues. I think it's critical to get input at this stage because everyone's requirements will be different. It's important that we put enough thought and flexibility into the system to accommodate the majority of needs.

That being said, here's what we need:

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Userpoints 3.x in BETA

Not sure if people know but I took on the redevelopment of the userpoints module to version 3. I did it for two reasons.

The first was making good on my word. I told the module maintainer that I would do the upgrade. Although, at that time, I thought I could get it done before I left NYC.
The second was that the changes make it extremely flexible for multiple purposes, allow for easier module development, and, more specifically, has some awesome features for the PEG world.

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PDF-IDCard updated.

Just a quick note about the various projects that I've been working on. While I was still in the U.S I had a chance to make a stable release for the PDF-IDCard module. The module takes a jpeg or png file and overlays text on top of it. Eric and the guys at OpenFlows had done a similar custom job (which served as the base and inspiration for this module) and I took their work and made a Drupal module out of it. I attempted to make it "easier" to create this badges on a large scale.

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Class Scheduler Available

Here's the first functional and testable version of the class scheduler system we're developing for MNN, as well as the latest reservations code. The class scheduler depends on this version of reservations in order to use reservable facilities as classrooms. Comments/questions are of course welcome. Enjoy!

The class scheduler:


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What others are doing...

Here's a link to the pegspace site (not sure if everyone knows this site)

this node details some of the modules in use by other PEG facilities.

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Waiting List Module

Waiting list module

During development of the education module for MNN, we discovered a feature that is outside the scope of our current arrangement. Here's a description of it. If anyone knows of a module, or would be interested in developing a module, post to the group. Also, if you want to help define the module, edit this page.


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