Community Media

This group is a space for both developers and staff working at/with Community Media Centers and Public Access TV Stations to discuss the implementation of Drupal and CiviCRM based systems. This project has a long, complicated history, but several key contributors have been contributing to this project since 2006.

The "CMDrupal" project focuses on all major components of the operational workflow of a Community Media Center and involves Drupal module development and custom configuration in several distinct but overlapping areas:

  • integration with CiviCRM for membership management and training class enrollment
  • a project based system for resource reservations linked to user training certifications
  • ingestion of video content and metadata integrated with local playback servers

The Community Media Starter Kits distributions provide the structure for the project. The starter kits are available in Easy (ESK), Moderate (MSK), and Difficult (DSK) versions. The starter kits are Drupal distributions that include most modules, libraries, and themes needed to build a community media related site, but are not designed as one size fits all solution. Even the Community Media Starter Kit (Easy) typically requires several hours of configuration and customization to meet the needs of an organization. The DSK is

If you are interested in getting involved in CMDrupal, please read our Commitment to Contribute. Unlike an open source project like Firefox that may actually benefit from just using the browser, this project requires users to eventually become contributors at some level to be successful.

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Community Media Drupal Camp: Urbana July 30

UPTV will be hosting a Community Media Drupal Camp on Monday, July 30th, 2012 in downtown Urbana, Illinois. This falls directly in between the Grassroots Radio Conference in Urbana (July 26th-July29th) and the Alliance for Community Media Conference in Chicago (July 31st-August 2nd). All the details along with the opportunity to register (not required, but it will give us some sort of an idea on who will be there) are at

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Responsive Media


Serving the content of a site to mobile devices is more important then ever and a lot of sites take a responsive approach, i.e. not using a dedicated mobile version of the site but instead resize and reorder the content depending on the screen-size.
Using a theme like Omega, AdaptiveTheme or Arctica (just to name a few) you can create a responsive design fairly easily. Images resize nicely thanks to html5 and the same would go for videos utilizing the "video" element.

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Multi-lingual documentation?

Can the Community Media documentation be translated to other languages? Once the Comminuty Media theme is ready for its first official release I'm thinking of maybe translating some documentation to Swedish, for other Swedish channels to use Drupal and Community Media.

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Community Media Drupal Summit Presentation: Video

Here is a link to video of a session at the Community Media Drupal Summit

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Community Media Drupal Summit: Video on Project Management

Presentation by Elizabeth Raley, Project Manager and Certified ScrumMaster, CivicActions, at the Community Media Drupal Summit in Austin, Texas on March 9, 2012.

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Open Media Foundation and The Open Media Project Update

Hello Drupalers,

My name is Joe Meersman, I was hired on at the end of last year by the Open Media Foundation (OMF) in Denver to start work on a new incarnation of the Open Media Project (OMP). As many of you know, the history of the OMP is full of successes and failures. My ultimate goal with the Drupal 7 version, is to get rid of as many of the failures as we can, and make the things that worked well work better. Easier said than done, I know, but where would we be without the evolutionary process?

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Report on the Community Media Drupal Summit

Report on Community Media Drupal Summit In Austin, Texas, on March 8 and 9, 2012, Executive Directors and staff from Access Humboldt, Amherst Media, channelAustin, Easton Community Access Television, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Philadelphia Community Access Media, Regional Educational Technology Network, and St.

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D7 directions: Community Media?

The D7 Community Media project,, (previously Open Media Project in D6, is an end-to-end suite of modules for managing Public Access TV station assets relevant to producers: shows, airings, scheduling, video media assets, transcoding, playback server integration, media archiving, producer projects, physical and studio inventories, and continuing education classes.

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Austin Summit: Key takeaways and Next Actions

The Community Media checklist is being rebundled and repackaged so that basic requirement for users, such as a account will be the barrier for entry into using the system. Subsequently, committing documentation is necessary for participants, done in small chucks on a per module basis - and thorough testing must be done by an end user who fits the end user story for that function - not the admin/developer. It is estimated that there are about 25 contributed modules being and that 25 people need to step up for testing.


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Austin Summit: Developing shared funding for future community media development

Breakout session from the Community Media Summit at channelAustin. Friday March 9, 2012.

Actions Items/ Key takeaways:

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Austin Summit: Creating System for Documenting Shared Needs

-Establish a "product owner" to wrangle people together and ensure each station submits agreed upon documentation (e.g. needs assessment) at agreed upon times.
-Each station needs to establish their point person and compile their own needs assessment
-Establish listserv of PEG stakeholders
-Establish online communication platform - 1) - Community Media Group, 2) - issues queue, 3) Google Group

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Community Media Starter Kits

This wiki lists some of the Drupal 7 modules often used as part of Community Media installations. These are broken up into skill levels. See an overview of the Community Media Starter Kits on

Where documentation already existed for a module we have written new instructions specifically for a Community Media installation which reference any existing information. All other documentation was created explicitly for this project.

The modules are listed in order of recommended install, though many other permutations are possible.

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Help with building a forum

Hello there,

I am building a website where I need a Forum for a community and I wanted to extend the Drupal Core Forum's functionality but as I am new to drupal i am getting very confused and so Could anyone help me??? please...

Well I don't know if it is necessary as I have never used Core Forum before so I don't really now what it looks like, but I suppose it comes with the installation.

The forum would need to let people who wants to post content or reply to a thread to have a registered account ie they'd need to log in. However the content will have to be visible to the public.

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School Website


I am a Web Design student and am designing a website for a school as for my thesis project ( I haven't started yet). I am very new to Drupal as to webdesign and I wondered if anyone can help me choose the right modules as this is my first time.

So, the website will serve as a tool to rise funding as it is a charity School so it will take Donations
on top of being a standard school website.
The website will have these functionalities:
A portal - (Learning Management System or whatever to Track students, deliver

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Drupal 7 Media sprint

2011-09-24 09:00 - 2011-09-28 17:00 America/Chicago
Event type: 

Many of the current maintainers of the Media module are meeting for a week-long sprint in Chicago on September 24-28 (Saturday to Wednesday) to help push the module to a stable 1.0 release, work on important features for the 2.x branch, and help plan a potential Drupal 8 media initiative.

Because space is very limited, virtual participation in the #drupal-media IRC channel is highly encouraged and welcome! If you are very interested in attending in person, please contact Dave Reid.

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Where is Open Media headed?

There is a LOT of work being done with Open Media modules right now that is not being reflected on this list. On Drupal 7. A lot of things are in development, and I will only speak from my own experiences - but I'll post and hope others will add. Please correct any errors.

There really seem to be two aspects of the Open Media System that are being implemented concurrently.

1) Facility and Project Management through modules like MERCI and OM_Show.

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CiviCRM deployment specialist (setup and configuration) | MetroEast Community Media

Employment type: 

Portland Area: Gresham, OR. Some on site training or discussion may be necessary, much can be done remotely.
Our goal for this project is to provide the database and control infrastructure (pages, interfaces, views, forms, reporting tools and procedural support) for a system to manage, track and report on the daily operations of the facility.

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Community Media Database 1.0

This is not too off-topic, I trust. Using CiviCRM I've built an online database of U.S. community access television providers and LPFM radio stations - . The records can be searched by logged-in users, and updated by authorized provider representatives. This is a 3-month pilot project, funded by the Benton Foundation, and will be demonstrated at the NCMR conference in Boston next month. We've sent out the email below to all the access providers in the database, informing of them of the project and their ability to log in and update their records.

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The Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region is accepting proposals to redesign, and further develop the regional web site. This will be a concept to completion production. The purpose of this RFP is to provide a fair evaluation for all candidates and to provide the candidates with the evaluation criteria against which they will be judged.

The existing web site was originally designed and produced in 2008 on a Drupal 6 and modified slightly in 2010. The site is maintained with in-house resources.

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