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This group is a space for both developers and staff working at/with Community Media Centers and Public Access TV Stations to discuss the implementation of Drupal and CiviCRM based systems. This project has a long, complicated history, but several key contributors have been contributing to this project since 2006.

The "CMDrupal" project focuses on all major components of the operational workflow of a Community Media Center and involves Drupal module development and custom configuration in several distinct but overlapping areas:

  • integration with CiviCRM for membership management and training class enrollment
  • a project based system for resource reservations linked to user training certifications
  • ingestion of video content and metadata integrated with local playback servers

The Community Media Starter Kits distributions provide the structure for the project. The starter kits are available in Easy (ESK), Moderate (MSK), and Difficult (DSK) versions. The starter kits are Drupal distributions that include most modules, libraries, and themes needed to build a community media related site, but are not designed as one size fits all solution. Even the Community Media Starter Kit (Easy) typically requires several hours of configuration and customization to meet the needs of an organization. The DSK is

If you are interested in getting involved in CMDrupal, please read our Commitment to Contribute. Unlike an open source project like Firefox that may actually benefit from just using the browser, this project requires users to eventually become contributors at some level to be successful.

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Drupal Developer | Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Employment type: 

Manhattan Neighborhood Network seeks a Drupal shop to update our main D6 site - - to D7.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network is the largest Community Media Center in the United States. We operate two media production and education facilities in Manhattan and run four cablecast channels, reaching 620,000 cable subscribers in the borough.

This update will initially be a direct port of from D6 to D7.

Secondly, we will integrate this new D7 site with our CM Drupal staff site.

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CiviVolunteer is coming!

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Google Offering Community Media Free Development, Testing and Documentation (DEADLINE FRIDAY, OCT 18!)

I've already added tasks to review the CiviCRM and Community Media (Easy) Starter Kits, but if you have tasks that would make Drupal better that a high school student might be interested in helping with, add them to this wiki. Ideally, you'd volunteer to help mentor to the student, but that's not even required.

If you already have a high school intern or previous interns (@jdcreativity... I'm talking to you!), get them involved.

All that's required is to define are 2 steps...

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RETN Web Demo

2013-09-25 14:00 - 15:30 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

RETN will be offering a web demo of next Wednesday, September 25, from 2:00 - 3:30 PM EDT. We are trying to accommodate scheduling requests from various colleagues, hence the short notice. We will, however, plan on posting the video afterward to extend the conversation to those who might be interested but are unable to attend.

Please register for this demo here:

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Broadcast live on YouTube

Live streaming via YouTube is now possible if the channel has at least 100 subsribers:

As we are using YouTube for our VOD:s at Open Channel Vaxjo we would like to stream live via YouTube as well (currently we use Bambuser, but the quality is not ideal).

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to make us reach 100 subscribers and we will be able to test it this week!


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Deprecating Modules from a Starter Kit

From time to time we are going to realize that a module we originally added to the Starter Kit is no longer what we want to use. This can happen for a number of reason:



  • The module has fucntional limitations that can't be resolved with patches or contributions to the module
  • The module is no longer compatible with other modules we include
  • The module's maintainer is no longer maintaining it and suggesting sites use an alternative
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    Documentation Gaps.

    Based on discussions, the need has been identified to strengthen the documentation of current modules and projects. As such, we need to identify gaps in the current documentation and areas of improvement.

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    Seeking Feedback from Nonprofits using CiviCRM w/ Volunteer Tracking Need

    Crossposting from LinkedIn group....

    Desperately Seeking Nonprofits using CiviCRM that also have volunteers. If this is you, please contact me to discuss the upcoming CiviVolunteer extension

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    Barnraising / Code-a-thon October 10-11 Sturbridge, MA

    I have working with the organizers of the Alliance for Community Media Northeast for their regional conference.

    I pitched the idea to have a session dedicated to web development - possibly to include helping somebody get a CM site spun up from scratch. (not a migration from Facil or anything.)

    So, the organizers are reserving a booth at the tradeshow. The event takes place on October 10-11 in Sturbridge, MA.

    I'm throwing this out there to try and find a few folks who might want to come and help.

    Also, any suggestions on structuring our time productively is most welcome.

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    Configuring Airings Importer with Telvue Feed

    For anyone who is trying to get Airings set up as an import from Telvue, if you are using the 7.x-3.x version, here are a few tips that might help:

    In addition, if you're using the 3.x version then you need to update 2 views on your system because there is a broken handler:

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    How to update nodes with feeds from multiple sources (and setting unique fields)

    At RETN they ran into a problem where they have a lot of legacy VOD on Amazon from when they were on a Synergy system. They also have thousands of shows in their Drupal site that have a field called "streaming_filename" that holds the filename to these legacy shows.

    Then they decided to move to Telvue Hypercaster and also Cloudcast, but they needed a way to bulk update all the shows with the new Cloudcast VOD.

    What they decided to do was to keep the filename the same in Telvue so that the filename would ultimately be the same in Cloudcast.

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    Using Picture module for responsive images

    I'm testing the Picture module to use that instead of Responsive Images and Styles for responsive images.

    It's part of Drupal 8 and is also recommended over Responsive Images & Styles. There is a submodule for Flexslider and there's a patch for Media to work with CKEditor WYSIWYG (I'm not sure about TinyMCE):

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    Projects, shows, members and VODs

    We're thinking about the best way to use shows, projects and VODs and the workflow around them. Currently only organizations can be members, although we also air shows by individuals or other organizations that are not members. However, we're moving towards a freemium model where it will be free to broadcast ready-made content, but other services will cost, which makes it easier for anyone to broadcast good content.

    Members -> Series -> Shows

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    Inspiring Demo built on CiviCRM Starter Kit

    Most of you know the CiviCRM Starter Kit is a big part of the code included in the moderate and difficult level of the Community Media Starter Kits. At the moderate level, the functionality is split pretty evenly between Drupal and CiviCRM.

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    Media Workflow(s) for CM Stations

    Expanding on Stefan's post Telvue Playback Server and Cloudcast Integration With Drupal, let's document the ideal workflow related to how VOD files/media will be created/stored/displayed. This discussion is primarily for stations using Cloudcast/Telvue because I am referencing the uuid, but the workflow could really be applied to any other system as well where a media link is getting mapped through Drupal's media module.

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    CM Drupal Camp in SF

    Community media television Executive Directors and staff along with Drupal developers enjoy beverages at Martin Mack's on Haight St. after a day long CM Drupal Camp on May 28 at the University of San Francisco, preceding the Alliance for Community Media Conference.

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    Worthwhile Read/Watch - CiviCRM's Draft of Service Provider Association

    This detailed blog post by Michael McAndrew (CiviCRM's Community Manager) is a follow up to a Strategic Planning Sessions that happened at CiviCon.

    I know this is a lot to suggest as required reading/watching before CMDrupal camp, but it would really help avoid having the same conversations again.

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    Telvue Playback Server and Cloudcast Integration With Drupal

    First under the Open Media Project and now under the Community Media Drupal Initiative there have been ongoing efforts to integrate Drupal with Telvue's products. Initially, this focused on Telvue's playback servers for the purposes of moving show metadata from Drupal to Telvue and moving Telvue schedule data back to Drupal. The "original" Telvue API had its limitations and developers made requests to add needed fields. Now, in addition to the Telvue playback server there is also a Cloudcast VOD server. The Cloudcast RSS feed references VOD files and metadata on Cloudcast.

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    Community Media Drupal Making Strides

    The Community Media Drupal Initiative begins the week with some good news.

    • channelAustin and MNN have signed an agreement on Drupal collaboration
    • Amherst Media's Craig Sinclair has accepted a job at MNN
    • Community Media Starter Kits are now available on Pantheon
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    Transcoding and audio normalization

    I'm trying to setup a workflow with automatic transcoding of ingested files to SD and HD with ffmpeg + audio normalization according to EBU R128 (loudness normalization).

    I'm starting this discussion for others to chip in, if you have suggetions for how to best do this or if you are looking to do the same.

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