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Anyone can contribute to documentation, and the entire Drupal community will benefit from your help! You do not have to formally join a team (or this group) or ask for permission -- just start writing and editing. The Contribute to Documentation section on has more information, and the New Contributors section on has some tasks that will help you get you started.

If you have ideas about how the processes, procedures, and tools for Drupal documentation can be improved, the Documentation Working Group (a committee that is part of the Drupal project governance structure) invites you to make suggestions. Information on how to do that is on the Documnetation Working Group home page.

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Documentation Working Group

As you probably know, over the past several months, Dries Buytaert has been formalizing the governance structure of the Drupal project, by forming a number of governance committees. A few weeks ago, he chartered the Documentation Working Group, consisting (currently) of Boris Doesborg (batigolix), Lee Hunter (LeeHunter), Joe Shindelar (eojthebrave), and myself.

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Open Help Conference and Sprints

2014-06-14 (All day) - 2014-06-18 (All day) America/Indiana/Indianapolis

The annual "Open Help" conference will be taking place in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 14-15, with sprints following June 16-18.

This is a gathering of people interested in documentation and support from across many open source projects. I haven't attended before, but I think it's supposed to be pretty good, and the format looks great (part of the day for sessions encouraging discussion; part of the day for just discussion).

See for more information. I might try to attend; anyone else?

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Documentation Sprint Dev Days Szeged

2014-03-27 (All day) - 2014-03-29 (All day) UTC

The documentation sprint takes places during the Szeged Drupal Developer Days

We want to focus on the different Multilingual issues.

We need people to check the existing help texts to see what functionality and wording has changed and where necessary rewrite them, as well as writing new texts for new modules and functionalities. We also need people to manually test the texts.

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Proposal for Drupal 8 developer docs

There is a proposal to revamp the Developer API tutorials for Drupal 8, which is being discussed on if anyone is interested. Please read/respond there, not here.

DrupalCon Prague Documentation Sprint

28 contributers who took up tasks in 38 issues both at the sprint and working remotely, 32 inital patches and at least one contributer who had his first patch committed to Drupal 8 - that's just the figures from the Documentation Sprint at DrupalCon Prague.

What made it work?

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Drupalcon Prague Doc Sprint

2013-09-27 09:00 - 18:00 Europe/Prague

Another Drupalcon and another Docs Sprint! Join us in Panorama Hall or on IRC and help get the docs ready for Drupal 8.

Some of the work to be done includes trying out existing (or patched) hook_help, and checking for:

  • Clarity
  • Accuracy (Making sure the text matches what's on the admin screens)
  • Completeness (Covers most or all of what the module does)
  • Style
  • Working links

An issue that lists all the D8 modules is here:

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Building landing pages for

This is the plan for building audience-specific landing pages on Calling all user researchers and content specialist: help us help site builders find their thing on Start with your thoughts on the approach outlined here.


The current structure and sheer amount of pages on make it hard for people to find the specific information they are looking for.

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BoF at Portland DrupalCon

Is anyone attending Portland DrupalCon 2013 interested in a BoF session? Could be a good way to get some more momentum or volunteers in this area.

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Panelists for "Structured Content Authoring" session at Design for Drupal Boston?

One of the important challenges facing the effort to improve Drupal as tech comm tool is getting the right user experience for authors especially when we start adding things like conditional text, single-sourced content and DITA-style mapping.

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Not one, but TWO, sprints in Portland!

I wanted to let everyone know that there will be two sprints immediately after Drupalcon Portland: a doc team sprint focused on the content, followed the next day by a sprint focused on evolving Drupal as a technical communication CMS.

Doc Team Sprint - Friday, May 24

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Open Help conference

There's a conference coming up in Cincinnati Ohio USA that might be of interest for Drupal Docs folks, in June:

I probably won't be able to attend (just got back from "WriteTheDocs" in Portland), but it sounds interesting.

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Drupal Docs Sprint Weekend

2013-03-09 09:00 - 2013-03-10 04:00 America/Montreal

This doc sprint is timed to coincide with and support the various Sprint Weekend events ( which are taking place on March 9 and 10. This will allow attendees at any of those local events to also be a part of a global doc sprint.

There's plenty of work to be done, including general activity on the issue queue:

Getting started on the Drupal 8 docs:

Or performing the heroic work of cleaning up comments:

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Docs session at upcoming ApacheCon

ApacheCon NA 2013 is February 26th – 28th, in Portland Oregon. There is a "Documentation: Don't be Afraid" session Tuesday 2:45 p.m.–3:45 p.m.

Just a heads up in case anyone in the area wanted to attend.

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Write the Docs Conference in Portland in April

There's a conference coming up in Portland called "Write The Docs". I don't know much about it (Lee tweeted it on the @drupaldocs Twitter feed so I thought I'd post here too)...

They have a web site:
and Twitter:

I'm considering going, depending on the cost, logistics, etc., since Portland is not too far away from where I live. How about anyone else?

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Drupal 8 Docs: Some Thoughts

With feature freeze for Drupal 8 approaching quickly, I thought it might be a good time to raise the thorny subject of what can/should/will/might be done to update the core documentation on d.o and the online help. At a bare minimum, it would be useful to at least articulate the scope of the work and perhaps identify priorities and challenges.

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Drupal 7 Managed File Form API

For managed_file form API the Properties: #prefix and #suffix does not work.

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GSoC Docs Sprint Camp

This is an announcement I received today by email... I met some of last year's attendees at this event, and they all said it was great!

The Documentation Group also applied last year to do a book, and we weren't selected. I'm personally not interested in putting together a proposal for this year (especially since I'm not the Docs Team Leader any more), but if there's a group that wants to make a proposal, you might discuss that here to coordinate. You'd need to make sure to have several people who are free to attend on those dates.

Anyway, here's the announcement:

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PNW Drupal Summit Docs BoF

For those of you who will be attending the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, who would have an interest in participating in a Docs BoF/sprint? I'm new to the Docs team, but I wouldn't mind organizing this (whenever the summit site gets BoFs up and running!). I also wouldn't mind helping someone out if they've got more experience in organizing a BoF of this type.


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Introduction to automation for content checking

This message has been cross posted to Improvements, Documentation Team, and Testing Infrastructure.


I want to use automation to improve d.o content quality. I do not have access to do this and I have been unable to get someone with access interested enough to get this project moving.

The long version

My vision for improving the Drupal Documentation and can be broken into three equally important ideas:

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Display Suite Documentation

I finished writing Documentation for Display Suite:
(And all child pages)

This initiative was discussed here:

Feel free to help a hand by reviewing the text & making changes where necessary.


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