To become the place for Ethiopian Drupal web developers to meet, work on projects, discuss anything and everything related to Drupal, and organize local events.

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Looking for Co-Organizers for our Group

Our group needs at least two more organizers!

Plans are underway for this group to become more active and hence, a need for some of our members here to step up and volunteer as organizers.

I must admit that this group has not been active since it's creation and I would like to encourage all members to get things started.Please feel free to share with anyone interested to join and let's work together to make this a vibrant community!

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Building an E-Commerce platform using AngularJs and Drupal

2017-03-30 18:00 - 21:00 Africa/Addis_Ababa
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Training (free or commercial)

During this event Ousmane Samba,, one of the top Senior front-end engineers at Gebeya will demonstrate how to build an online e-commerce platform using Drupal-7 (with commerce module) as back-end and AngularJS as front-end.

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Drupal 8 Release Party

Finally November 19th, Drupal 8 will be released. It is going to be a great release that will set a new standard for CMSs.

So, all over the world the Drupal community is organising Drupal 8 Release Parties.

Is there already one in your country? If not? Why not get together with a few likeminded Drupal people and talk Drupal 8, no matter where you are.

If you do organise something, there are some instructions that can help you make your party more visible in this group:

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Drupal 7 Release Parties

We all know Drupal 7 will be released shortly.
D7 Release Parties are being thrown all over the world in celebration - most taking place Jan 7, 2011.

I know for a fact the African Drupal Community is much larger and more active than most people realize, so why not take this opportunity to show the world where all the African Drupal communities are hiding?

The official site:

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Drupal Amharic Translation Underway

Hi all! I just wanted to inform all of your that the translation for Drupal into Amharic is under way. We have a lot of work ahead of us and it would so nice to see all of you (Amharic speakers I mean) to contribute.

You can see our status here,, you can join the project and suggest some translations. Hopefully we would have a wiki on how to do that right at the Ethiopian groups by the end of this week.

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Project ideas

Post ideas for dev projects as comments below

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Why an Ethiopian group? Because we need each other! We need to work together, we need to do things our way! That is what came to my mind when I wanted to start this group. This group is all about working together and sharing! If anyone has a project to work on whether free or paid, we could pitch in together and do a decent job.

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