This group is specifically for organising, planning and working on Drupal projects being fostered by Kendraio - starting with Kendra Hub and Kendra Signpost. These projects all aim to make it easier for artists and content owners to distribute their content and are related to media, metadata, syndication, semantic web and search. Kendraio (partly funded by the EU via P2P-Next and Saracen but mostly voluntary non-profit organisation) is building all new projects using Drupal and all projects are free and open source. For general discussion about Kendraio please refer to the lists section on the main website. This group is for discussions that relate only to Drupal projects fostered by Kendraio.

Please no job posts here. Use Drupal Jobs. Thanks.

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Drupal 8 social network integration rewritten (thanks Google)

Drupal 8 social network integration and functionality is being rewritten and harmonised thanks to Google grant. Expect more unified social network user interaction and config management.

Tomorrow's (Wednesday's) Drupal Social API call (Hangout On Air) 3pm CEST 27 July 2016. Join at
We'll post exact invite code just before 3pm CEST. Be ready for it – headsets recommended.

To be included in future weekly calls follow
and join

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I am selling my DrupalCon Prague ticket...

I am selling my DrupalCon Prague ticket. Please get in touch by PM if you are interested in a discounted ticket. Cheers Daniel

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Importing Facebook groups wholesale into Drupal Organic Groups?

I'm wondering if anyone has done any work on importing Facebook groups wholesale into Drupal Organic Groups? I know we can export all the data from a Facebook group using the Facebook API. I guess the main task is to how to map Facebook comments (with revisions?), users, events and pages to a local Drupal instance. I guess make placeholders for these Facebook objects and allow these to be acquired retrospectively? Any ideas? Any projects with similar aims?

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Abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal

2012-06-15 10:30 - 2012-06-17 15:00 Europe/Madrid
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The Abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal sprint will run at Drupal Developer Days Barcelona 2012. The main sprint day will be Friday 15th June 2012 from 10:30 in the morning. We will also have access to dedicated sprint space on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th if we wish to continue. Win a free ticket (see Abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal for details).

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Drupal Social Initiative (Social API)


  • The goal of the Drupal Social Initiative (Social API) is to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal; provide more functionality to end-users; provide easier site creation and configuration to site administrators and developers; and enable easier module maintenance for developers.
  • Add more ideas...


  • Provide a common interface to access common functions across multiple social networks. Making it easier for:
  • Developers to create and maintain social network integration modules.
  • Site builders to utilise social network integration modules that harmoniously work together.
  • Users to access social networks functionality.
  • Let's work on clarifying these objectives over the next few weeks leading up to the Abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal sprint.
  • There are numerous modules for Drupal social networking integration.
  • Connecting with other networks
  • Pulling in content
  • Pushing out content
  • What else?
    Abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal stack
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Importing arbitrary data into ARC2 with RDFx module

We are working on importing profile information from social networks. I have been looking at the RDFx module, because it includes ARC2 as a data store.

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20110605 Federated Social Web Group Meeting Notes

We had a meeting of Drupalers at the Federated Social Web Summit 2011, with voxpelli, dahacouk, quiron and myself. I posted the following comment to the Federated Social Web Drupal task force but maybe it will find more eyes here.

Here are the notes from our discussion about OStatus implementation for Drupal. Any comments would be most welcome.

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Vote for Kendra session for DrupalCon London 2011 now!


If you haven't yet done so please vote for:

Cheers Daniel

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Federated Social Web Summit 2011

2011-06-03 15:30 - 2011-06-05 15:00 Europe/Berlin
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Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)

I would like to invite you to join us for the upcoming Federated Social Web Summit 2011 - June 3-5 20 in Berlin

Goals and Scope: This workshop intends to bring together communities building federated social networking code-bases with those involved in privacy and identity. It will be the second conference, following up on the original Federated Social Web Summit in Portland in 2010, but now with a focus on privacy protection in the social web and the cloud. As it is a W3C Workshop, it will have one day for position papers and discussion. To continue the tradition of the Federated Social Web Summit in Portland in 2010 and attract more developers, the summit will also have a open-space, including opportunities for collaborative coding and open talks, for an entire day. [*]

And also consider joining W3C Federated Social Web Incubator Group (soon changing into community group)

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Semantic Data Storage Programmer Analyst Position | Amerit Consulting for UC Schools

Employment type: 
Not allowed

If you are interested please send me a copy of your resume and I will follow up with you.

Matthew Haver
858.521.9080 Office

UC Schools, Oakland - UCOP
Semantic Data Storage Programmer Analyst
Oakland, CA 94607
1+ years
W2 or Individual C-2-C with Insurance

Desired Tools / Technologies:
• RDF, OWL, or MCF
• Triplestores
• Semantic Wikis
• Linked Data Paradigm
• Open Source Technologies
• Data Storage Methodologies and Technologies

Desired Skills / Experience:

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