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I'm the developer of a relatively popular WordPress plugin (, and with the release of D8 I feel that the platform may now have the media functionality I would need in order to bring over the same plugin to Drupal. Before I start this endeavor, I wanted to get some feedback on the "right" way to implement what I want to do in the Drupal way. If I'm going to bring it over, I want to do it right.

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Moving from emfield in d6 to Media in d7 with Migrate module

I'm not seeing a clear path on this, so I'm going to ask here if anyone has any advice. I have a D6 site, with a video content field using emfield. It has mostly Youtube and some Vimeo content.

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New module: fuse

Has anyone experience with ?

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Clipboard integration

I've made a short video how it works in WP when you buy a commercial product called Image Elevator. I was in luck to have beta test it and now i use it on my blog. Using it (like on Gmail) is just amazing - it makes writing a blog post really fast and natural as using MS Word. it is under 1 minute

If this could be achieved in Drupal it would be a killer feature for all content creators.

The nearest implementation I've found is filefield sources (with clipboard) + insert, but it is not as sleek as seen on video.

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What Media Module should I use to create a robust Media Library?

I'm a Drupal noobie, and I'm developing a site for the wildcat sanctuary where I work. We have massive need of a good media library, but I'm at a loss for how to go about researching what to use. Here's some of the features I'm trying to get for the site.

  1. Media library can contain many types of media files- photo, video, audio
  2. Media can be tagged for
    a. use in primary graphic slideshow on website pages (i.e. tiger photos used on tiger species page, event photos used on event pages, etc.)
    b. download by approved users - press packets, media requests
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Media: Google Docs?

As development of Media and its small galaxy of modules continues, i'd like to pose a simple question to other users and developers: Does anyone have the need for or see any value in a module that would provide support for Google Docs as entities, just like Media: YouTube does so for videos, Media: Flickr does so for images, and so on?

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Soundslides Media Module

We've recently released a new drupal module that helps integrate Soundslides projects ( Soundslides has traditionally been used by journalists on many sites like the NY Times and the BBC for creating audio slideshows. The new Soundslides shell is fully HTML5 and iOS compatible.

NYTimes - 1 in 8 Million project

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Digital Watermarking of audio files & audio download protection

Does anybody know a solution to watermark uploaded "mp3" or "aiff"-files with a 3rd party service or with some add on´s ?
Also I am looking for a good protection solution for the audio-files (mp3) which are used e.g. in players where you can see the url within the html source.

Thanks for any tipps.

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Plupload integration ?

What's the best alternative to upload several files at a time into Media field and then select them in one operation to insert them in a node ?

I have tested this module which works perfectly with Media-7.x-1.x-dev but not with Media 7.x-2.x:

Is there active work on this feature to be implemented in Media Core or in official add-on to Media ?

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Upload videos to external services


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