Can't Log In to Admin Page

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I'm stuck. I was messing around within the admin area of my new Drupal installation. I host on GoDaddy. At some point, I unchecked the login box for the admin page and now I cannot login. Duh, I should've figured it was there for a reason, but now I can't get in.

Fortunately, I haven't done anything with it, aside from messing it up. Is there some way to get that log in box back on the admin page or should I just reinstall and start again?

I feel so silly.



Try this

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You should be able to login using the site url followed by "/user" (sans the quotes)

That will bring you to the Drupal login page.


Another Log in problem

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Just installed SMF which is supposed to tie into the Drupal log in. However, it did something funky to where the page just reloads when I try to log in to Drupal. Since I can't log in as the admin, I can't even disable to module. Any ideas?

Delete SMF folder

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For future visitors, the "fix" was to delete the offending SMF installation folder. Some script was erroring out, giving a blank page whenever someone tried to log in. We had just upgraded to SMF 2.0, so deleting the old installation wasn't a problem.

Login issues

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Download firefox and login with the firefox browser

I know, I know!!! It sounds crazy but it works.

This solution goes against everything I know about browsers, but I have done a lot of testing with different locations browsers and drupal versions. The Only thing that's consistent is the successful login with firefox.

thats true .. this always works..

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beats me too.. i never could understand how this happens.

can't login

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Hopefully the problem will go away when I logoff my PC and log in again. but FF did the deed!!

thank you! , Lol, I tried to

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thank you! , Lol, I tried to put / login or / q = login lol, I need a lot of experience


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Thanks Sir, i was worried, but after your suggestion , m glade


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Sorry,I don't get the login.
Is it the core drupal login page shows ? or we should create one?
I tried "/?q=admin","/?q=login" but it get the page

It Worked

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Thanks jskowyra. Your idea worked and I fixed it.


Same problem as pjkwis

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Our site has been up and running fine for months, then all of a sudden I can't login under any username, even SuperAdmin. Entered username and password and it cycles back to the login page. Asked for a new password and followed the email link, again cycles back to the login page... but now it shows the username as being online. Did the same thing with two different usernames with the same result. Any suggestions???

Is this an issue on any

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Is this an issue on any computer or browser you try?

login problems

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Have the same problem. Keep trying to log in with username and password. The Drupal homepage accepts them, but my own website doesn't. very frustrating...

This problem really doesn't

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This problem really doesn't have anything to do with the Drupal homepage. Users on are not automatically allowed to log in to other Drupal sites.

What version of Drupal are you running?
What is the address that you are trying to log in to?
Is this a new site?
Was it working before?
Have you created a user on your site?

Learn more at

problem solved. i was running

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problem solved.
i was running drupal locally and the password change that it let me do (email, link, new password etc.) didn't affect my local copy of drupal. Had to go in and manually change it.
Thanks for the response!

Solution, but don't understand what the problem was!

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After writing my note I went back and tried clearing cache, cookies and logins for Firefox browser and now I can get in. Had the same problem with IE8, Chrome. Just tried Chrome without clearing cache, etc. and it also works now. I don't understand what's going on that clearing cache on one browser will fix another browser. Can anyone enlighten?

I am having the same problem.

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I am having the same problem. I am using firefox 3.6.8.

I have drupal 6.17 installed. Putting '/users' after the site name does not help - that just gets me a 403 error.

User, not users..

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I've stumbled on that once or twice myself but you want to use /user (singular) not/users (plural).

  • Jay

had the same problem - i'm

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had the same problem - i'm thinking something funky is going on with cookies / cache .. couldn't login in chrome (page kept cycling back to login form even from "restore password") but then tried in FF and it worked fine.

Network Resources - -

Loggin issue with different browsers

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I have a 2 Mac network, with VM fusion; installed Ubuntu LAMP with Drupal.

When I tried to login into the Admin pages from Safari, no joy; locally or from 2nd Mac;
After going bold from pulling my hair out, I download and tried Firefox 4 beta and it worked (Logged in without any issue.

This issue can be replicated; I have logged this issue but the guys think I am insane.

Anyway it's a work around for now.

I have a 2 Mac network, with

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I have a 2 Mac network, with VM fusion; installed Ubuntu LAMP with Drupal.

When I tried to login into the Admin pages from Safari, no joy; locally or from 2nd Mac;
After going bold from pulling my hair out, I download and tried Firefox 4 beta and it worked (Logged in without any issue.

This issue can be replicated; I have logged this issue but the guys think I am insane.

Anyway it's a work around for now.

I have a 2 Mac network, with

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I have a 2 Mac network, with VM fusion; installed Ubuntu LAMP with Drupal.

When I tried to login into the Admin pages from Safari, no joy; locally or from 2nd Mac;
After going bold from pulling my hair out, I download and tried Firefox 4 beta and it worked (Logged in without any issue.

This issue can be replicated; I have logged this issue but the guys think I am insane.

Anyway it's a work around for now.

Had the same issue and fixed it

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Drupal 6.19. Working on Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

I was ok to login with Firefox. But I couldn't log in to my website using Safari: Access denied message was displayed. On Firefox side, in recent log entries, I could see that the atempted login was sucessful... Weird.

Here is what I did:

1- Disabled and uninstalled all unused modules. Among them: Addthis, Chaos Tools suites, Panels, Numbers, Node reference, JQuery Eyecandy, Views Embed Form, Link, ImageAPI ImageMagick, Color.

2- Empty session table of database via PhpMyadmin

3- cleared all caches and cookies from all browsers on my computer

4- Atempted to login as admin in Safari: Success!

5- Atemped to login as user in Safari: Success!

I have still the same login problem with Chrome, and it still gives me Access denied message when tyring to login. But as my client work with Safari, I'm ok.

Hope it could help someone else.

Had the same issue and not fixed me please

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My site has been running fine for a years, then all of a sudden I can't login under any username, even SuperAdmin. Entered username and password and it cycles back to the Homepage. Asked for a new password and followed the email link, again cycles back to the Homepage...

that's happen after i added a google ajax search module but i cancel for used it...and after disable that's module i want to create block but caould not....and then i log out....after that i want to LOGIN and add some posting but after i fiil in username and password...I can't login and it cycles back to the homepage...

I empthy cache on database and browser...but can't solve the problem.....i used opera, chrome and mozilla also can't solve the problem until now.

I have 2 website with the same problem and used Drupal v5.1.2 and v4.7
my website is : and Any suggestions ???

Thank you for your answer...
I really appreciated :)


my problem was solved now...

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After waiting a few months, and some advice on this forum no one can, finally I try to "UPGRADE" drupal from 5x to 6x but the first time you must back up your database, finally after the upgrade is complete, I can login again with the old username and password....Cheerss :D

this is my site

Thank you

Pls Help Me with this

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Please i need help concerning this challenge, i uploaded my site to the remote server after disabling the clean URL, then i logged in with the super admin password and username so that i will be able to enable clean URL BUT the admin page did not open. It is giving error 404 which i don't understand. please help me out

Browsers and servers are

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Browsers and servers are getting much pickier about cookie/session domains. I have also run into a problem if the admin theme is different from the content theme.

Here is what to do:

  1. Don't use clean paths until you are sure you can log in. So, go to Instead of
  2. Don't depend on the login block. So, go to Instead of
  3. Try to login in there.
  4. If you cannot get in, pay close attention to the path that you are redirected to. Did you start at, and now you are at Is it the other way around? If the domain did change, try logging in again using the domain that you were redirected to. In other words, if did not work go to, or vice-versa.

Learn more at

Thanks alot

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RoloDMonkey ! It fixed the problem.

Administrative panel/bar & Editing mode

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My question is about Administrative panel/bar & Editing mode. Off your topic, and current. Thanks in advance!
I can't view the Administrative panel/bar & Editing mode after my superAdmin login on my local server (my site is in development). After login I can view some content from my previous site (pre-error) but when I click on "Edit" or "Configure the block" it takes me to a blank screen. It's a dead end. I can back up to the home page but no editing or admin access to my editing mode at all. Please, help!

Can you please start a whole

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Can you please start a whole new topic? This will help future generations.

One more thing...

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One more thing to try is to include index.php in the paths above. For instance, where I say, also try

If you discover that you have to include index.php, you may want to get someone to look at your server configuration. It should not be necessary to do this, and it suggests that there may be other problems with your configuration.

Learn more at


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thank you for the replies.
One from where this login page is coming whether it is from drupal core or from the theme


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thanks alot.... shakthi

sakthipriyadevakumar's picture

thanks alot....


Thanks for that tip!!!

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Thanks for that tip!!!

Which page?

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Which page gives you a 404 error? Is it the login page, or the user page that you normally get after logging in? Or something else? Do you mind posting the site url?


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How to login admin panel. That shows access denied in the front page


Learn more at

not working for me

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plus clearing all cache in firefox and safari....

nothing is leading me to a login....


Is your domain available on

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Is your domain available on the web? What is the real address?

Learn more at


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The first solution suggested worked for my issue. Thanks for the help!

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I've tried each of the suggestions listed on this forum and many others, but can't seem to find a way to log in. I went through the install process no problem, and it was supposed to end with me logged in, but it just went straight to the site.

Any thoughts?

Don't have time to look

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Don't have time to look further, but here is a hint:

ugh. I can't thank you

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ugh. I can't thank you enough. Of course it would be something silly like that. Thanks again! Maybe the problem was that I was working on this at 2am last night and my eyes were going crossed.

I'm glad you found the

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I'm glad you found the solution. However, you need to check your server settings and make sure that index.php is set as the default page to load when only the folder is requested. It should look something like this:

DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htmls index.htm

Also, there may be a difference between 'new' and 'new/', but I don't remember what settings control that. Normally, apache is set up to recognize a folder without the trailing slash by default so I haven't had to deal with that case in a long time.

Learn more at

login problem

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any time i want to login it will take back to wampserver page after try all these solution

To directly reset your password, log into phpMyAdmin and execute the following mySQL statement:

UPDATE users SET pass = md5('newpassword') WHERE uid = 1;

Enter your new password in the md5 function - it will automatically be converted via a one-way hash (this is why we can't retrieve your old password - the decryption is a one-way process). Note that for earlier versions of Drupal you may need to use SET password, instead of SET pass.

This will effectively reset the Drupal admin password for user 1. Note that you can use this to reset the password of any user, although this is typically unnecessary as you should be able to simply log in as admin user (user 1), under which you have the ability to reset any user's password.

please anybody who will help me solve this problem because im very tired now...

I can't login

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when I login on my website, just loads a white page , I log to try to fix a little bug that appears in my page, but i can't login, i don't know what happened.

this is the little bug maybe this have a relation wiht my problem:

It is saying that headers are

RoloDMonkey's picture

It is saying that headers are already sent on line 1 of index.php. That is a big problem. Take a look at the index.php file and make sure there is absolutely nothing before the first php tag.

Learn more at

this say index.php

jspuler's picture

the page work properly in the past and something happened, not sure if the problem comming for a module actualisacion, because it was the only thing I did the last time I connect to the page, or if any partner did something wrong

this say index.php


* @file
* The PHP page that serves all page requests on a Drupal installation.
* The routines here dispatch control to the appropriate handler, which then
* prints the appropriate page.
* All Drupal code is released under the GNU General Public License.
* See COPYRIGHT.txt and LICENSE.txt.

* Root directory of Drupal installation.
define('DRUPAL_ROOT', getcwd());

require_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/includes/';

New or modified module

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Did you add a new module or modify one. This can occur when a php closing tag gets added to a file such as when creating a new .module file. Drupal php files should only contain the opening php tag but not the closing tag. There's more here under PHP Code tags:

Custom Drupal7 Theme

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Hello Guys I m new in Drupal And Now what i m doing is Using custom Html Theme for my Site. Which i can see well also.but my problem is when i logged out of the admin than can't access my Admin panel . Why ? Even though i tries for ?=admin then its showing me Access Denied.Can anyone suggest me how to work with admin panel as well as my custom theme.Thanks in Advance

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Wow okay I found out one thing that will cause it to not work is setting your default windows time out of sync. If you change it to several hours ahead or behind time it could cause you to not be able to login to your website. Restore it back to the defaults and clear your cache and cookies and then close out the browser and restart it. It worked for me!

Cookie Domain

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If you just transferred your site from one domain to another and no one can login into the site, you need to update your Cookie Domain.

In the settings.php file, update the $cookie_domain variable to your new domain name starting with a period. Such as:
$cookie_domain = '';

Login in missing

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I am new to this and a high school teacher got one of her kids to build my site, he just dropped it in my lap, anyway while working around in themes I logged out and now the admin toolbar is missing and when I use the ? says access denied, help

The admin toolbar doesn't

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The admin toolbar doesn't usually appear unless you are logged in. Can you log in? you could try going to your site at yoursitename/user

My site comes up when I

Jeannieandrews's picture

My site comes up when I But somehow I logged out when in themes and now I don't have my admin toolbar

My site comes up when I

Jeannieandrews's picture

My site comes up when I But somehow I logged out when in themes and now I don't have my admin toolbar

When you go to

dpatte's picture

When you go to are you presented with a login screen? If so, log in, then you should get the admin toolbar (assuming your account was given admin priveleges). If you don't see the login screen, you may already be logged in, and seeing your profile. In this case go to q=admin to see if you can see admin options there.

We can resolve this offline if you want.

can't login into my website

jhansoul's picture

hi guys,

I can't login into my website.At first I thought it was a password problem so I tried to reset it but it keeps giving me the following error message:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 11 database disk image is malformed: INSERT INTO {watchdog} (uid, type, message, variables, severity, link, location, referer, hostname, timestamp) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?); Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => user [2] => User %name used one-time login link at time %timestamp. [3] => a:2:{s:5:"%name";s:5:"admin";s:10:"%timestamp";s:10:"1365106554";} [4] => 5 [5] => [6] => [7] => [8] => [9] => 1365171853 ) in dblog_watchdog() (regel 154 van /customers/6/7/e/

Can someone help me please?

Your Database is Probably Toast

RoloDMonkey's picture

This doesn't have anything to do with the thread of this conversation. There is something seriously wrong with your MySQL database. There is a little more information here:

But mostly, I hope you have a recent backup of your site, because you are going to need it.

Learn more at

lost user log in screen

LCIS's picture

Your post of January 2011 re Browsers and lost login pages has saved my life and spared me HOURS of work. I thought I had inadvertently deleted the user login page or something! I had tried unsuccessfully to get to the access page using ../user and .../q=user but these all took me to a Page Not Found screen. Then I tried to restore a previous backup but after ages of uploading the file, I received an error/time out message.
But googling the problem brought me to your post re URL niceties - thank you so much for your brains and experience!

mod_rewrite disappeared which disabled login

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After a day of pondering all the threads on sudden loss of ability to log in to my drupal 7 site, I found the answer here: (all the way at the bottom).

It turned out a major ubuntu server upgrade disabled the apache2 mod_rewrite, but my drupal 7 site was set for clean url's. The two don't mix, so none of my attempts to log in failed until I used the "/?q=user" url. Login worked immediately. I then navigated to "/?q=admin/config/search/clean-urls" where I unchecked the "Clean URLs" box and my site worked fine as confirmed by being able to add content and make changes in administrative settings.

I then enabled mod_rewrite and restarted apache which allowed me to re-check the "Clean URLs" box and go back to normal.

Hope this helps others.

Cannot login to admin on MAMP

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Really weird problem here. I installed Drupal 7.34 on my local mamp server and followed the step by step instructions of the install. The install seems to follow to the end with no errors. When it says, "Visit site," it takes me to the front-end but usually the admin bar is there. Now its gone. I have no idea what happened. If I go to http://localhost:8888/test/?q=user it takes me to the admin login and when I input the password and username it says access denied. The url is (http://localhost:8888/test/user/1)

I've dbchecked the setttings.php to see if there was a db settings were misconfigured but it shows correct.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions I could try.

P.S - Figured I'd download and install Drupal 6 to see where that led me and of course it did install and I could reach the admin area.

SOLVED = Geesh!!! Very sorry. I checked out the answer above. It was the cookie domain. Is this in the documents somewhere?


Edit not solved. LOL....Came back to work on my site and did a log out and boom...same scenario of not being able to login in. Very dissapointing


In FF its not Working

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My login page is not working in FF (31.3.0) but its working fine on IE 11. Very strange and I wasted 3 hours on this Issue :(.

Vasandharaj M.

Hi, I am unable to log in

patelsachin444's picture

I am unable to log in as admin right after fresh installation of drupal.
After successful configuartion of drupal 7 it should directly login as administrator but it is asking me to login and after filling correct username and password it is not working .....
Nw what to do ???? pls help me........

Try resetting the password? I

bdevore's picture

Try resetting the password? I like the drush method.

Enable URL_rewrite

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if you are running on apache, enable url_rewrite module, then you can easily go on and change clean url settings as you wish.
I am suspecting other servers need to be configured similarly. this link was helpful in solving the logging in problem.
basically you have to use ?q=user instead of /user for getting to the logon page.
but, need to check that url_rewrite for web-server is enabled.

I found that the drush

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I found that the drush pm-update replaced my .htaccess file making it impossible to view ANY pages other than the home page, nor to login, even using /user as part of the url. Fortunately I keep several backups of that file and only had to copy it back to the root of my Drupal site (overwriting the one drush put there) and it worked just fine after that.

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