Screencast: Rich content and applications in Drupal - what is H5P all about?

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I've previously submitted a couple of H5P teasers here at G.D.O. without explaining what H5P really is.

We've now created a screencast that shows how H5P may be used by authors to create, publish and share rich content in Drupal. H5P focuses on enabling Drupal users to create richer content like interactive videos, presentations where tests may be included on the different slides, question sets, games and more.

H5P is

  • a powerful authoring tool for rich content and applications
  • A tool for importing and exporting rich content and applications.
  • a file format.
  • a framework extension enabling existing frameworks like Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla etc to use richer content.
  • an open source community.

Watch the H5P screencast and learn more about H5P. H5P exists for Drupal 6. Drupal 7 and 8 versions are coming soon along with a Joomla version. (Most of the H5P code is Drupal independent)


Really Impressive

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A few questions if I may, from an e-learning perspective.

  1. Is it possible to distribute h5p files. For example, upload a h5p file to a repository from where it can be downloaded for use on another Drupal website?

  2. Can 'scores' be linked to users and presented in a view. For example, user1 scored 2/3, user2 scored 3/3

  3. Can multiple lessons be combined to create a course, with similar reporting as question 2.

I have been looking at Sensai for Wordpress - and really want a similar tool for Drupal. From what you have shown us, H5P looks very promising indeed.

Thanks for sharing


Answers to your questions

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I'm glad you're interested in the H5P Project. Here are answers to Your questions:

  • Absolutely. Exporting H5P content as H5P files is something we're working on right now. Import is obviously already in place. We will also add the ability for authors to push a button when editing a H5P node in order to export it to a repository. The default repository will probably be on
  • Yes, this will be included soon. We will include tracking of what H5P nodes users have startet, their progress, whether or not they have completed the node and their result
  • To do this you'll need to develop something like a course H5P Library(this hasn't been planned yet, but might be a great idea) or join different H5P nodes together using other Drupal modules.

Yes, REALLY Impressive

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A lot of this is also possible with Popcorn.js, but I really like what I'm seeing.

Is this only D6?

Any plans on supporting Media on D7?

Drupal 7 will be here soon!

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Drupal 7 will be here in time for DrupalCon Prague. Hopefully the D8 Version as well.

Our main sponsor has their one kinda Media like module for D6. H5P integrates With this module, and a Media integration would be easy to create for D7, I can't promise Media integration in the first Version.

can't wait for D7. I'd be

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can't wait for D7. I'd be more than happy to help. at least with testing and debug

H5P for D7 is ready

Drop Dead Unbelievable

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Please send out notice when D7 release is available. I will begin using immediately!!!!


Impressive Functionality

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Thanks for clarifying with the screencast. H5P looks promising.

H5P make me so excited ! Hope

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H5P make me so excited ! Hope the D7 version publish soon !


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We are about to do a revamp and upgrade to D7 so definably looking to use this. Very exciting.

Very positive feedback

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I'm very excited about the feedback. Thanks!

This is awesome. exactly what

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This is awesome. exactly what we needed for Drupal Persian community.

Thank you

does it support RTL languages

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does it support RTL languages as well?

Don't know

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The honest answer is, I don't know... I have no experience with RTL languages.

We want to support RTL languages

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Obviously we want to support RTL languages, but I don't know what we need to do to support RTL languages. I will Google it later, and H5P is open source, so those who have RTL language experience are very much welcome to provide patches etc.

What about a standalone app?

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Can you see a situation where a standalone viewer might also be on the cards?

Again, I am thinking of the classroom, where iPads are starting to become normal (in the UK at least).

I can see a situation where teachers create H5P lessons and upload them to a repository (powered by Drupal of course) from where they could be shared amongst other teachers or schools.

If the files could be viewed within an iOS or Android app, as well as via a website, I think you might achieve widespread adoption.


It's a great idea

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One of the cool things about HTML5 is that it works on most modern devices and operating systems. We envision a future where a .h5p file or application/h5p stream(mime type) may be associated with apps on different operating systems. Apps from different vendors. This will allow vendors to create new user experiences through apps. A user might get a notification when he receives an H5P. His activities in the H5P might be pushed to a LMS/Student administrative system/etc..

I've been following this

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I've been following this thread with great interest, just wanted to chime in and congratulate falcon and everyone else involved in this project.

Just like everyone else here, I look forward to seeing where this goes and hopefully contributing to the project in the near future.

Keep up the great work!

Web & Multimedia Developer


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Me too,
I have been following this thread with great interest !
Congratulations falcon, waiting for a drupal 7 release...

Nice work !


DrupalCon BoF

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There will be some discussion today on this and Quiz at DrupalCon Prague...

Interactive online video and Quiz

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We have created interactive eLearn video material by integrating the Zentrick studio ( with the Quiz module It allows teachers to add different types of interaction to video's that are used for educational purposes.

You can visit the demo here:

The video is an introduction to a course on software architecture (video source YouTube):
1) The intro takes 10 seconden ; You can use "skip intro" to fast forward to the first interaction.
2) At "15 secs" the video will stop and a multiple choice question is displayed on top of the still image.The student can answer and will receive feedback.
3) After answering the question, the student can continue the video. In the next scene a link button will appear. If the students needs more background material about the video or the question that he just answered, this link will take him from the video to some more online course material. The video stops while the student examines the new material. When done , the student can continue the video.
4) At "26 secs" a second question is asked. This is the last question of the quiz and the student sees his final score.
5) Next a Skype icoon appears. If the students clicks on it, he will be connected with a teaching assistant or coach.
6) The last part is about the integration with social media. In the demo we have added a Twitter share icon but we can also work with other social media such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn…

H5P for Drupal 7 is now ready

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We've now launched the Drupal 7 version of H5P. H5P has also moved forward a bit since my last update.

You may check out the current content types here:

And download the module from here:

Exciting to try it :)

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Exciting to try it :)


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This module/tool kit looks quite interesting. I am going to look into it further for possible use. Congrats on the launch of this awesome module!

Brill - a great prospective resource

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I've posted this on my blog and having started a grad course on technology enhanced learning, look f/w to trying the D7 version. This is very useful judging from the reading I've been doing about the current (well 2007) state of learning design tools.
While clearly ack. this achievement release is there any advanced news re. anticipated Drupal 8 developments? Maybe this is listed somewhere?

Many thanks

Peter Jones
Lancashire, UK
Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model
h2cm: help2Cmore - help-2-listen - help-2-care


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We haven't started on the D8 version yet, we're obviously going to make a D8 port as soon as we see people converting to D8.

Fixed problem with invalid H5P packages

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Some of the people who tried to install H5P had problems when uploading packages from They got error messages like this one:

"Missing required library H5PEditor.DragQuestion 1.0
The uploaded file was not a valid h5p package "

The interactive video and boardgame packages was missing a library. This has now been fixed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We tested some of the packages before making the announcement, but there was an error in some of the packages we didn't test :/

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