This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

Welcome all Nepalese Druplers in the first group dedicated for the enthusiastic and professionals interested in Drupal CMS. Our mission is to create awareness of Drupal CMS, exchange of ideas and information of drupal and helping all the people interested in drupal. togather

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Merge two groups

There are two groups called Nepal and both are sparsely active. I propose lets merge both groups to form One united group for Nepalese Drupalers.

Another group is:

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Representing Asia at Drupal Association At-large Board Elections

A few weeks back Drupal Association announced the Elections for it’s Director-At-Large position. The At-large Director position is specifically designed to ensure community representation on the Drupal Association board. I strongly feel there should be a representation from Asia. Drupal Asian communities have seen tremendous growth in recent years, be it adopting Drupal by Enterprises, conducting successful Drupal Camps, Organizing Training Days, Conducting Code Sprints or taking initiatives to make Drupal community flourish.

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Drupal Mumbai Welcomes you to DrupalCon Asia 2016

2016-02-18 10:00 - 2016-02-21 17:30 Asia/Kolkata
Event type: 

Dear All,

Welcome to Mumbai – Maximum City, India’s financial capital, the city of millions of hopes and dreams, home of the great Sachin Tendulkar, Bollywood’s playground, known for its dabbawallas, pav bhaji, cutting chai, vada pav, Bambaiya-Hindi, super-prime real estate, ever-optimistic spirit and non-pretentious chilled-out-ness amongst other strokes that paint this masterpiece of a city.

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DrupalCon Asia Community Leadership Forum

Dear All,

Drupal Indian community invites all the community leads from Asia region to join DrupalCon Asia leadership forum. Through this virtual forum we intend to connect with Drupal community regional leads to understand about their regional Drupal Community and seek their help and support to engage Asian Drupal communities different regional communities.

Connect here -

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DrupalCon Asia Community Connect #1

2015-10-17 11:30 - 12:30 Asia/Kolkata
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Dear All,

As we are getting closer to DrupalCon Asia, Drupal Mumbai is planning to conduct a series of meetups/Hangouts, intended to engage the larger community to engage and involve them in DrupalCon Asia.

These meetups/hangouts will be the interactive session where we will have members from DrupalCon Organizing team to help answer all queries related to DrupalCon Asia , be it Sponsorship, Participation, Sessions , new Ideas or suggestion.

Agenda for 17th Oct Meeting -

• Briefing on DrupalCon Asia

• Information on events, Sessions and Tracks

• Important Dates

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DrupalCon Asia Invitation - Watch Live Event today @ DrupalCon Barcelona Closing session

DrupalCon Asia Invitation

DrupalCon Asia Invitation

Dear All,

Watch the live broadcast of DrupalCon Barcelona Closing Session where Drupal Asia community will be inviting the Global Drupal community for the next DrupalCon - DrupalCon Asia (, Feb 2016 at Mumbai.

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Rough Estimation of new version

Is there any rough estimation of new release of wysiwyg 7.x-2.x? I mean any rough date.

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Looking for Drupal Developers for a Startup


I am looking for Drupal Developers who would like to partner with me on a startup. I have a few solid ideas for the startup that can be implemented in the Nepalese market with success. Building the website will require extensive knowledge of Drupal.

So far, I have managed to acquire an office space in Kathmandu. I am planning to use this office as the platform for all meetings, brainstorming and coding to some extent. Also, I have met and networked with many budding entrepreneurs who have already shown interest in being part of my team.

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Content / Second Sidebar is being pushed below on most pages...

HI there, Love This Theme set of tools, but with one site I am having a problem... the content block is being pushed left and "downwards" depending on the content. Or in other words, the second sidebar does not stay to the right, but breaks down to the left side of the page. Crazy. Here are some screen shots showing what I mean, with the first one representing "perfect for me" and the next two are illustrative of the problem that I am having. Well, thx for your help!

latest drupal core
Omega 7.x-3.1
Omega HTML5 sub theme
(but I tried them all)

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DrupalCon in South Asia? 2013?

Is the South Asian community ready to take on a DrupalCon, perhaps as soon as January 2013?

If so, now would be the perfect time to start discussing it. It would be great to open this discussion before DrupalCon Chicago, next month. Of course, if you are going to Chicago, we can have a very informal meeting there.

To be clear, there has been no discussion, let alone a decision of any kind by the Drupal Association. This is strictly a fact-finding mission by me to gauge the level of interest in your communities.

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How to sort by last name in Content Profile?

Hi Team,

I'm using Content Profile for my Faculty list, and there is single line field for first and last name. I can only sort by first name since there is only one field for name. Now I would like to sort it by last name. Is there any way to sort by last name since I already have Views created.

If I create two fields for first and last names, how would I display full name in single line using Views?

Thanks in advance.

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Email not sending with User Info


I created few users with WiscMail email account and Drupal site is not sending any email to users. I tested with Gmail email account and there was no problem. Gmail account receives user Id and password information. Is there any setting I need to tweak on Drupal site to allow WiscMail users receive this email??


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sites not compatible with Safari on Windows

Hi All,

I just moved sites to another server, and I Apache was not working well with Boost module. I installed mod_headers, and the problem was solved. Now when I use Safari on windows, CSS settings are not working. Every thing coming up in one block, and entire site broken. Any ideas what is causing this issues?


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Drupal Updates from OSI Days 2010 - Open Source Conference, Chennai - September 19-21, 2010

Conference Details -
Drupal Sessions with Overview and details:
Conference Registration -

Shortlisted Sessions:



  • Building Powerful search in Drupal by Prajwala Manchikatla -
  • Citizen Journalism on Drupal by Markus Franz -
  • Drupal Theming (Workshop) by Marek Sotak -
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    Experienced Drupal developer - theme development (short-term project) | Micro Insurance Academy

    Employment type: 

    We are a NGO based in Delhi (India) and we are in the process of refurbishing our 2-year old website.

    The revised content of the website is ready and we have an advanced draft of the graphics in Corel Draw format and in PDF format.

    We are seeking an experienced and flexible Drupal theme designer to take the PDF or Corel Draw file and make it into a drupal theme. As part of that we would like a JavaScript (no Flash) interactive banner to be created for our website.

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    7 Drupal Modules to improve SEO of your Drupal website

    Drupal out of the box has good SEO features that makes it Search Engine Friendly (SEF) instantly, just converting a website to Drupal has positive effects on the SEO side. With good themes that have SEF markups and things like javascript (JS) and CSS aggregation in Drupal core it helps to speed up a website and attract search engine bots. Core modules like path helps to define SEF URL for the content of your website with clean URL without the ?q=. If you have path on, I guess the obvious next step is to get pathauto, so I will not include pathauto in my list below.

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    DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organizers Invite You to Participate

    We are excited to announce the DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organisers group. DCAPO intends to lay foundations that will facilitate international Drupal Conferences (DrupalCons) in the Asia-Pacific region.

    DCAPO welcomes and needs input and assistance from Drupal users and communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. DrupalCons are a lot of work, and are only possible through the community's effort. Please join the DCAPO group to share your opinions and experience, volunteer your time, or nominate yourself or others for roles on the selection team.

    DCAPO will later announce a call to the community to suggest and research locations for the first Asia-Pacific DrupalCon. Note that a lot of work goes into researching locations. The DCAPO selection team will only be able to seriously consider locations with suitable venues, dates and event management companies, financial estimates, potential audience and motivated local teams.

    But first, as much of the Asia-Pacific Drupal community as possible needs to get involved. You can help by translating and reposting this announcement on other websites where Asia-Pacific Drupal users and communities are likely to find it. Don't forget to note any translations and reposts in the DCAPO group so that we can track progress and share translations with each other.

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    Drupal Meetup Kathmandu (DMK)

    2009-07-19 16:00 - 17:30 Asia/Katmandu
    Event type: 
    User group meeting

    I'd just like to introduce an idea we at YoungInnovations are trying to initiate. We're trying to organize a DrupalMeetupKathmandu (DMK). In this event, we're trying to get together Drupal enthusiasts be it simple Drupal user, Developer, Themer or anyone else who has embraced Drupal. The idea is that DMK would be an open event and like minded people can share their thoughts and discuss on any topic.

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    Which Session Proposals would you like to see in Drupal Camp India if you could pick only 3?

    Drupal Camp India - is looking for session proposal ideas.

    There are 3 parallel tracks (Marketing - Why Drupal, Drupal for Professionals, Drupal for Students).

    Your answer could be in format of "Session" (Track) and you are free to recommend all 3 options in the same track if you wish.


    1) "Session A" (MKTG)
    2) "Session B" (PRO)
    3) "Session C" (STUDENT)

    What is Indian / Asian Drupal Community looking for in Drupal Camp?

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