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Open Outreach is a Drupal 7 distribution that aims to provide grassroots, activist, and nonprofit groups with the web tools they need for effective public engagement. Open Outreach includes features from event calendars and WYSIWYG editing to social media integration. This group is a place for Open Outreach users and developers to plan new functionality, exchange tips, and generally collaborate.

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Please post jobs here only if they are explicitly linked to Open Outreach, e.g., Open Outreach will be used in building a site. Otherwise they will be removed.

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What's new on

One of our goals in the development of the Open Outreach distribution has been to create a community of users in which groups can assist other groups, resources can be pooled for adding new functionality and we can all learn from each other. We've recently added some new functionality on to help us realize that goal.

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How to customize contacts fields

My web site is for use locally only. I would like to set up a default for the City and State and do other customization of the Add Contact fields in RedHen. How can I do this?

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How does Open Outreach create a link on top of a view to create new content?

How do I create a link to allow users to add a specific content type when viewing a specific View.

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Link a New Contact with an organization


I'm new to Red Hen, and I have had a lot of experience with CiviCRM, but I am ready to jump into the Red Hen flock (I raise chickens too, so it's a good match). Enough of that.

I hope someone can help me with the following flow: A new user signs up. During registration, RedHen contact info is collected. One piece that is also collected is, using check boxes, s/he can select one or more organizations that s/he is affiliated with, and that already exist as organizations in RedHen.

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Wisdom of the Bees

let me share a story about a recent experience and perhaps it resonates around the Backdrop story

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New Open Outreach releated initiative

Earlier this year we discussed how to strengthen the Open Outreach distro for nonprofits and community-based organizations. Now we've got an answer.

We're in the planning stages of putting together a new cooperative that will bring together groups using the distro and those developing and contributing to it. The aim is to build a strong organizational basis that will allow groups to pool their resources, both benefiting from and contributing to the project.

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Big Data Drupal: Cloudera Hadoop, MapReduce, Nutch, Solr, Aegir BOA, Drupal 7 ApacheSolr Views

I am giving a talk at Badcamp on Big Data Drupal: Cloudera Hadoop, MapReduce, Nutch, Solr, Aegir BOA, Drupal 7 ApacheSolr Views

I am trying to gather some other experts i.e. Cloudera / Hadoop / MapReduce + HyperDrupal + Twig etc to come and handle the bigger and deeper questions!topic/cdh-user/Uwuj1q7bWBY

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Big Data Drupal with Cloudera, Hadoop, MapReduce, Nutch and Solr

thanks to the recent work of the Solr Nutch sandbox project I've managed to get Nutch 1.6 jobs to run on a Cloudera CDH3 4 node cluster sending results to Solr 3.6.2 (hosted within Tomcat on Aegir BOA) and then integrated into the Apache Solr 7.1.1 module (not the dev) into search results and Apache Solr Views

I must say, I am pretty excited about Hadoop / Cloudera running Nutch and Solr and integrating with Drupal

for anyone interested in setting up a Cloudera cluster I recommend masterschema (centos) and Gregory Grubbs on YouTube (debian)

I'll post some notes etc ASAP

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Strengthening the Open Outreach distribution: a SWOT analysis

Coming from discussion on, this wiki page aims to analyze the current status of Open Outreach and generate strategies for improvement via a SWOT analysis and resulting strategies.

What are your thoughts about the strong points and weaknesses of the distribution? What opportunities or threats are out there? What are the most promising strategies for strengthening the distribution? Please add your ideas, either as comments or directly in the wiki!

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Latest Open Outreach release includes CRM and mapping

The new release of Open Outreach - RC5 - includes two significant new features that ramp up the scope of what nonprofit users get out of the box.

The development of these two new features has been our major work over the summer and are the last two pieces we're planning to add before aiming for a stable release within the next month or so.

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Hola estoy creando la estructura del sitio siguiendo las recomendaciones de uso con el tipo de contenido SECTIONS.
La sección RECURSOS tiene los items: Libros, Artículos, Multimedia, Blogs, Eventos, etc. Pero al pasar el pasar el ratón (mouse) sobre él no visualiza el submenú con los items mencionados.
Qué hace falta configurar para poder ver los submenues?
Podría alguien ayudarme?

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Help setting up site for non-profit

I downloaded and installed open outreach without too many problems. Had to get my server to make some changes to their setup but mostly it was a breeze.

However, I know find myself at a loss... I've started to set it up, you can see it here

Right now, my main confusion is getting profiles set up. They don't seem to contain any information and I don't know how to change that.

I am using social login, if that matters.

Even if someone could point me to a page that says "Do this", it would be greatly appreciated.

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What CRM approach to use for Open Outreach? CiviCRM? native Drupal CRM?

Membership management and other CRM functionality is a common need for the nonprofits and activist organizations that the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aims to serve. With basic organizational website needs now covered in Open Outreach, turning to CRM is a key next step.

But how? CiviCRM integration? Or native Drupal CRM functionality?

We'd love to hear from both CiviCRM users and integrators and those working on native Drupal CRM solutions.

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Configuration Management initiative and Drupal distributions

What considerations need to be addressed to ensure the Configuration Management Initiative is informed by and reflects the needs of Drupal distributions?

The Configuration Management Initiative tackles problems that are distinct from but overlap with what's done in Drupal 7 with the Features module, the tool of choice for producing distributions. Features allows capturing bundles of configuration and deploying them in a form that can be reproduced on multiple sites.

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Learn Drupal 7 Site Building with Open Outreach - Enroll Today for Community College Short Course

2012-01-01 (All day) - 2012-01-31 (All day) UTC
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Enroll Today

Enrolments Now Open

Call Ms. Dera Williams at Merritt College, Oakland, California (510) 436-2413
Tell her that you want to enroll in EDT 801 Class Code 24295
This is the only way to enroll in this class!
Cost: $ 130
Class completely online, class materials run by Moodle
Scheduled interactions via Elluminate

More information:
Enrollments: Phone Ms. Dera Williams at Merritt College, Oakland, California (510) 436-2413

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