Relationships & site structuring

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

The focus of this group is very broad in one sense (relationships between nodes, and between other elements, in Drupal), and yet it is very specific in another sense (metadata, tagging, hierarchical structuring, etc). This group exists to discuss the future (and the current state) of these things in Drupal.

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Bricks 8.x-1.3 just released!

Bricks 8.x-1.3 just released!

Draggable Entity tree, Inline Entity Form, Revisions and Paragraphs support!

Bootstrap 4 (!) support as a separate module!

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Automatic Semantic Tagging Module launched

REEEP and CTCN have recently launched Climate Tagger, a new tool to automatically scan, label, sort and catalogue datasets and document collections. Climate Tagger now incorporates a Drupal Module for automatic annotation of Drupal content nodes. Climate Tagger addresses knowledge-driven organizations in the climate and development arenas, providing automated functionality to streamline, catalogue and link their Climate Compatible Development data and information resources.

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Tracking published date in Core

Have you ever wished core would track the date/time a node was published, instead of just when it was created and modified? Well, now is your chance! There is a patch in the issue queue, but it needs review and time is running out before feature freeze. Please get involved.

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Linking vocabularies

I've asked this question on the post-installation section but not come up with too much and then I stumbled upon this group when searching for a solution. I hope you don't mind me asking this here. it's for drupal 7.

I want to create a menu structure something like this:

Information about item location


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One taxonomy menu using 2 different vocabularies

My problem is I have two vocabularies for each node: topic and tag.
Topic is predefined but tags must be freely written by the user.

I would like to have a menu block that lists the topics and under each topic the tags related to the topic.

So if I have BlogEntry 1 which has topic_a, tag_a and tag_b, BlogEntry 2 that has topic_a, tag_b and tag_c and BlogEntry 3 that has topic_b, tag_a and tag_c, my menu block should look like below:

topic_a (goes to listing of posts under topic_a)
-tag_a (goes to listing of posts under topic_a and has tag_a)


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Workflow with relation concept

For sometime we have been working on a publication workflow system at the California Science Center in D6 and I've been considering how such a system might be implemented in D7. This lead me to the work being done on the Relation module, which lead me to the following conceptual model. I'd like some feedback on the appropriateness and feasibility of this approach.

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Date field granularity always set to Year

I am using
cck-6.x-3.x-dev and date 6.x-2.x-dev to create new content type for my project.
However, I am facing issue with setting the granularity:-

1) If I select granularity other then Year i get error saying "Granularity must include a year."
2) If I select granularity as Year and Month I get error saying
"Granularity field has to have maximum 1 values."
Hence I am forced to set the granularity to "Year": this in turn sets the format as Year and only value that i get is year

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Make it possible to Relate everything to each other in Drupal 7

Page Rules

  • Everybody is welcome to edit the page
  • Do not change the structure of the page
  • Do not change the titles inside html tags h2, h3
  • Use the revision log message to explain your additions or updates
  • When you make important changes, explain them in a comment here and include a url to your revision at the end of your comment

Page Why

  • To make it clear for people who are planing to structure their site on how to relate things to each other
  • To help the development of new modules addressing relationships inside Drupal
  • // TODO add more
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Relation module storage concept proposal

This originates from a discussion between chx, sun, naught101, and dpi and bangpound.

Discussion topic: relation storage, relations-as-entities

Background: relations issue queue

Assumptions and requirements


  • Relations are fundamentally uni-directional. Directionality can be added on top.
  • Relations are not editable. If you want to edit a relation, delete it, and re-create it.

Assumptions we discussed but have not shared yet (TBD)



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Entity set domain based CCK field: naturally represents multi-component data or arbitrary n-ary relations between system entities

It is now for quite some time i'm using a bunch of modules i built for my projects.
I call the entire package N-Tuple.
The purpose of modules is to extend the drupal frameworking capabilties.
Modules were developed based on concepts of ER modeling.

N-Tuple modules provides cck field that developers can use in different ways:

  1. Build multi-column fields
  2. Per-column options
  3. Assign each column a list of available values
  4. Advanced management of available values
  5. As base cck field for your module. (just implement your application specific logic)
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Juicing up Book module

A couple of stabs have been made in the past at rewriting Book module entirely, turning it into a general site hierarchy manager. I took a stab at making a small change that would make it a bit more useful in this patch. It just allows book.module to hide its navigation pagers, and render a book page's children as teasers rather than titles in a UL.

I'm curious to see how others are able to leverage book module, and what easy wins might be there for site organization on small to medium sized sites...

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Module for portfolio website

Hello all , I am preparing drupal based self portfolio websites.
So I need to know about some of the most important drupal module which can help me for developing my online Portfolio website.

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Proposed Specs for Competency System

there are two parts: Competency repository and the competency-to-product mapping module

Competency Repository

The repository is a space/site dedicated to storing community defined Drupal-related competencies. But what is a competency? How are competencies organized? I have been doing some pondering and tested my thoughts with a google search.

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Site Architecture for Location Based Navigation Based User Experience

Hello All! (originally posted this in forum... thought this might be better)
I am looking for some advice/examples/tutorials/suggestions/etc..

Trying to build a site with drupal, and stuck on the core architecture. The desired effect overview:

*User can go to a search page and select country, state, and city.

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Cross vocabulary hierarchy

Hi all,

Is there a way to make vocabularies hierarchically dependent, so that their terms would inherit this hierarchy?


voc 1: Countries
  voc 2: Cities
    voc 3: Theaters

Now for tagging an event we first select Country, then City, then Theater.
I found no solution for this on D5, now I'm on D6.
Any ideas (patches are welcome too)?

And, of course, having this working together with would be great.

p.s. Thing which is not an option - placing terms in one vocab.

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Does Taxonomy Still Matters?

Hello there,
I´m working with Drupal some years now, and everytime I need to set some sort of classification, I think always in taxonomy. So I create some taxo vocabs and terms and everything goes smooth.

But recently I started to rethink my way of doing it, and started to play with CCK list fields.
You can work with them in a flexible manner, and it does have excellent Views support. You can show them in views and use them as filters, exposed or not.

So, overall, replacing Taxonomy terms for CCK text list fields are OK in my book.

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Multisites and shared databases


I am planning a multisite project where I want to be able to share users and some content between sites.

All sites will be more or less clones of each other, but they will have different target markets (countries mainly).

What I want to do is:



  • Use Drupal 6.x
  • Have one Drupal installation with many sites
  • Be able to quickly deploy a new site based on a master site
  • Multilingual support (using the Internationalization modules)
  • Share the user database between them
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    Multisite Avatars still not usable! Who's going to make the great push?

    I'm going to bring the following issue under your attention

    Currently the directory where you can store userpictures is restricted to a map within the directory you've selected for your files
    (user_picture_path must reside within file_directory_path)

    However, if you're working on a multisite, with a shared database and shared tables for the usernames, seperate settings for file_directory_temp and file_directory_path it is NOT POSSIBLE to have a common pictures directory, thus severely limiting multisite possibilities.

    My request is to release the restriction for the user_picture_path, and make the variable in a similar way as done with the file_directory_path (sites/domain/files) and the file_directory_temp (sites/domain/tmp) variable so we can have for example sites/all/pictures (or something else) set for user_picture_path
    (user_picture_path side-to-side with file_directory_path)

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    Drupal Dev Day at CommunityOne - free pass!

    2008-05-05 11:00 - 18:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Event type: 
    User group meeting

    Monday May 5, 2008
    Moscone Center SF

    This is a barcamp/unconference style Drupal meetup for us at CommunityOne! So bring the topic you want to discuss!

    Space available in Hall A - section of tables, white boards, wifi (opportunity for it to be very noisy)
    - space is available 5/5 from 11a - 8p (reception is held in that hall from 6-8p)

    I can see about a projector if it is needed. I will have a camera guy there too documenting.

    Please Register so they have enough space, food and such! I believe currently we have room for 40.

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    Drupalcon Boston 2008 mashup demo

    This is the 5-minute "video from the future" demo presented by Dries in his State of Drupal keynote presentation at Drupalcon Boston 2008. The video demonstrates some of the mashup capabilities of an RDF and SPARQL-enabled Drupal as envisioned by Dries for the upcoming Drupal 7.x release. The version of the demo below includes the original narration by Ben Lavender (the audio from Dries's actual presentation is also available - the RDF material starts after the 52m:30s marker).

    Only local images are allowed.

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