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A critical warning related to meta tags module??

Just to share something that happened to my cuentos site some weeks ago. I was configuring metatags to include geourl info (previously was it was only including description, abstract and keywords fields). When I checked the geourl field to be included, then automatically DC.title tag was added to my all pages (although I didn't notice until some time ago).
The problem was that this was considered by Google as a duplicated tittle issue, and my pages were so heavily penalized that it was almost impossible to find my site in Google, even for keyworks that were very, very closely related to my site, that previously were #1 or #2. It took me about a week to discover what had happened to my site's rankings (webmaster tools was very helpful with this, although it took some time to report the "duplicate title" cue). Once I removed geourl field, DC.tittle disappeared and good rankings returned after another week. At least, I learned something very valuable, don' do that ever again!

Has anyone of you experience those kind of problems with DC.tittle tags? is it supposed Google to consider them as a duplicated title tag, and penalize them?

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Drupal Path module SEO problem

If using the Path Module (which is standard for SEO), the URLs become case insensitive even on *nix servers. That means you can get duplicate content if people accidentally link to versions of your URLs with different cases.



Just something to watch out for until it's fixed.

I added an issue here:

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Another duplicate content problem


I just checked google webmaster tools and i found that i have 4 pages duplicated from categories (taxonomy) one of them is:

/taxonomy/term/10 that its duplicated of ‎/taxonomy/term/10/0

Is the correct method to disallow all of those duplicate categories with:

Disallow /taxonomy/term/*/0

I would like to just remove all the /taxonomy/term/*/0 in all categories, for example:



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Taxonomy and splitting votes

I've been doing quite a lot of seo tweaking to various Drupal sites over the past few years. I've run into an issue that I would like to throw out for discussion. On the one hand, taxonomy is great for categorizing your site, getting crawled and helping engines understand your clusters of content. On the other hand, all of those taxonomy links in posts are internal site "votes" for taxonomy listing pages which might or might not be the key search engine target pages for those concepts.

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PHP/MySQL Developer | CEMPER GmbH

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

CEMPER.COM Internet Marketing Services is seeking a


Web Developer

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htaccess redirect and duplicate content

Hi! I'm new to Drupal, but am trying out the tips I see in this group. They've been very helpful.

I recently just moved my old site, to Drupal. I still have to learn how to do themes soon. The old links that were indexed by google, I used htaccess to redirect to relevant pages of the new website. Since the old links redirect to new pages, won't they be treated as pages with duplicate content?



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Drupal SEO Tutorial Update

This Drupal SEO tutorial was written about 1 1/2 years ago and was getting badly outdated, so I updated it.

I'll organize it better when I have time, but at least wanted to have it be current.

In a nutshell:

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Beware duplicate content - redirect IP to URL with .htaccess

Today I discovered something disturbing: a bunch of pages of my Drupal 5 cruise guide site were missing from Google's index under the site name, and showed up under the IP address instead. Worse yet, Google has been known to penalize sites for duplicating content on a large scale - a real risk if it's seeing both the URL and the IP address. I did some digging, and I think I found a solution worth sharing.

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SEO Tips for Newspaper Websites

Generally speaking I find that SEO articles are light on details and heavy on the same old simple ideas, so I was quite happily surprised by Newspaper SEO by Joost de Valk.

Of course, all of these things are easy to achieve with Drupal (if not already standard) :)

Some interesting tips:


blockquote>Make sure the article title is in the tag too, and include the category. - - works best in my experience.

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Our 2c on SEO...

I work on a cruise information site built in Drupal 5. In addition to a handy guide explaining the essentials of a 1st cruise, we lets users browse and share cruise ship pictures and cruise stories. We've given some thought to SEO, so I thought I'd share a few things we've learned....

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Search Engine Optimization

How to SEO

  1. Better keyword selection. Phrases like "Community Plumbing" are cute/fun/interesting but do little to actually move our cause forward. We should change the title tag to: "Drupal Content Management System, an Open Source CMS"

  • There isn't an H1 tag. There should be an H1 tag (styled to match the theme) just beneath/near the logo that matches the Title Tag.
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    Need Drupal SEO Consultant |

    Employment type: 
    Part time
    Employment type: 

    Need an SEO Consultant to help my drupal based website. Have a a couple hundred dollars to spend initially, most likely on an hourly basis. More money to spend depending on your help/success. is a popular college basketball site, that uses Drupal in part. Drupal is housed in the /new/ directory while the frontpage and other sections are static html pages or another system (like vbulletin).

    Since moving large sections of the site to drupal, overall search engine ranking has been hurt (especially on Google.)

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    Still having 404 issues with Drupal


    I am using Drupal 5.2, Cleanurls, Pathauto and Global Redirect enabled.
    Drupal is throwing correct 404 in most cases, BUT
    Drupal doesnt throw 404 for all urls with the following pattern:

    You can see this Issue live:

    Maybe this could be exploited by someone and hurt your SE rankings.
    Has anyone a workaround for this? Or don't you see this as an issue?

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    How to change title of...


    I have been checking Google Webmaster Tools and i got 32 Duplicate meta descriptions:

    All the /node?page=* pages.

    How do i add custom titles for those pagination pages?


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    What makes a good CMS from an SEO Perspective

    A good roundup of what an SEO friendly CMS should offer by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz. Most of the needs are met by Drupal core and the rest can be done with contrib modules. Two questions come to my mind:

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    Time to Give Back: Become a Speaker at Drupalcon Boston 2008


    We are looking for speakers for the upcoming DrupalCon in Boston. Since you are subscribed to a business and marketing related group, you might be especially interested in the "Business and Marketing" track (see ).

    This track covers the following topics:

    • The Drupal ecosystem
    • Businesses learning to use Drupal
    • Case studies
    • Showcases: NPO, Education, News, Media, Government, Healthcare
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    Nofollow Module

    I think something that is badly needed for drupal SEO is a way to add nofollow tags selectively to a menu link.

    The noindex idea is good but it doesn't really solve the intended problem. Even if a page is set to noindex and there is a link to it (which of course there is) link juice will be sent it's way. So in a way its actually worse. Your sending link juice to a page and then telling the SE's not to index it. Essentially sending your link juice to oblivian.

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    Drupal and ? variable

    I noticed that a few variables of Drupal could cause a few bots take it as duplicate content. For example: domain.ext/?randomtext.

    I checked google today and i got indexed domain.ext?text in google and its flagged as duplicate content.

    I added this to robots.txt:


    Do you think its enough to be removed from google results?


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    SEO Drupal specialist needed for new property website | TBA

    Employment type: 


    I am looking for a SEO specialist for my new Drupal site. I have built the shell and the main content pages.

    I need help with:

    • suggestions for good domain names based on my targeted market,

    • SEO healthcheck (navigation scheme / contents keywords / SEO related modules / other).

    Please contact me through my profile with a couple of references, your availabilities and costs.

    Kind regards,

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    Announcing the "SEO" Checklist Module

    I am pleased to announce the release of the Drupal "SEO" Checklist Module.

    The "SEO" Checklist Module provides a list of good Search Engine Optimization actions that you should take to maximize the presence of your website in the major search engines. It provides little functionality itself but rather it helps you keep track of what needs to be done.


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