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sitemap and clean urls

this is my first post, I hope I do it properly.

I'm tring to optimize drupal for seo. I'm using clean urls with pathauto and semplified urls. To avoid duplicated content between clean urls and nodes I've disabled the spiders to visit the nodes pages by editing the robots.txt file
Disallow: /agenzietui/node$

Now the problem is that the sitemap module is generating a sitemap which includes all the nodes pages and not the semplified urls pages.

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ä = ae or a? From a SEO standpoint. What does google prefer?

If you and have the transliteration on with pathauto so that when it creates paths to content it replaces foreign characters like ä and ö with a and o. But you can also have it translate ä to ae and ö to oe. What does google prefer?

My only theory is that is that it's more likely that it interprets (or porhaps will in the future) ae as ä, but it can't interpret a as ä. Or will the extra letters that ae versus just a screw it up even more, seo wise..?

What's are your recommendations/experiences?

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Split Testing with Drupal

Hi Guys,

I've just finished a basic AB Split Testing module for Drupal 5 that allows you to select 2 themes and offer them to alternating visitors. It tracks whether they reach a supplied action page (such as a thankyou page after a sale) and then lets you know the conversion rate for each theme.

You can download it from:

I've applied for CVS access to get this into the module directory. Any suggestions, bugs etc are welcome.

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Video Guide for Drupal SEO

Here is a step by step video tutorial on how to use create search friendly content that is picked up by search engines with little effort for Drupal SEO. In this demo I am using Drupal 5.2 with friendly URLs turned on and the meta tag module. Path auto is another module to consider, however if you want more control I recommend sticking to the meta tag module, that allows you to set index nofollow tags sitewide or for each content.

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Themeing/webdeveloper | Droople

Employment type: 

Ebay style, table search results with CKK fieds and listing thumbnail

I am working on a classified ad site,

I built a custom content-type called advert.

I have managed to build the listing views using views, image field and image cache

I want a custom search box with tabbed options to either search the advert-node-type only or the rest of the site. So it will look like this:

|search| (adverts)(help)

the two tabs will be adverts and help

searching with the adverts tab selected will render only advert-node-type content

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a noindex tag

I just recently learned about the meta robots noindex tag and realized that it could be useful in removing some of the lower quality pages in a site from the index. For example, user/ user/register user/password are all pages which frequently get indexed early and stay in the index, but which are not really useful parts of the SERPS.

I'm sure that you all can think of other pages which you would like to exclude.

My proposal for the module is pretty simple:

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Drupal Robots.txt

The default robots.txt file in Drupal 5.* has some problems. Also, the more modules one adds, the more duplicate content and low-quality URLs are created.

What robots.txt issues have people come across? Here are a few of my common modifications:

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Announcing the Drupal SEO Podcast

Greetings! I would like to announce that SpryDev today launched the Drupal SEO Podcast at Over the coming months we'll be exploring all aspects of SEO on Drupal. I wanted to start out with the basics so the first podcast is rather short and covers the Page Title module. I know that's pretty basic stuff for this crowd but we wanted to get the ball rolling and it seemed a good place to start. If you have any suggestions for future topics, please let me know.

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Active URL alias, and a revamped alias editing interface! demands your review. Code freeze has happened, but i'm still tempted to get this in, and hopefully it will. The patch is nothing that's stuck anywhere. That is, we should be ready for the RTBC state, as soon as there are a few more detailed reviews. Even usability reviews are welcomed!

Details about changes

  • Active/Preferred(Redirect to) alias per system path. So that all your aliases can redirect to the preferred one.
  • Search Engine Optimization! Google hates multiple urls with same content, this one of course is a ++ to SEO in Drupal.
  • A whole new intuitive path alias editing interface. Easy to grasp at first glance!
  • Total multi-language support for aliases. Language tabs appears, whenever you are editing an alias. A screen shot says it all: aliases | Drupal_1181082809921.png
  • Fixes several glitches in path module/system.

Screen shot

Only local images are allowed.

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Drupal Trumps Static HTML Sites

I wrote the following article on improving search results bymoving from an html site to a drupal site a little while ago and wanted to know if others have had similar conversations with clients. Basically it seems that there are a lot of folks who will toss money at techies who have a plan to increase their search engine rankings.

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The module page_lang which I have build for this Spanish school in spain is an attempt to adapt pages to searches from concrete countries. The proyect en drupal site is

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Index aliases with the Pathauto module

I'm using the Pathauto module to define the path of nodes.
From a SEO point of view, would you recommend the use of hierarchical alias?

As an example consider the pattern for the posts of my site


Every time I publish a new post

several index aliases are generated

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Understand Drupal's logs better with regard to search engines

I have recently seen a number of references in the detailed logs of "Referrer" -- what's going on here?

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Search bugs that need addressing

I'd like to draw your attention to two significant (and possibly related) search module bugs that are leading to widespread corruption of our search indexes:

Missing nodes in search index:

The problem is missing content. You can't find a node with the search index if it doesn't get indexed for some reason.

Duplicate entries:

The problem is duplicated entries in the search index which bloats the index and makes potential upcoming query optimizations impossible.

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Hi Friend! I am New to Drupal. Please help me in SEO

Hi Friends,

I am new to drupal. I am very much intrested in SEO. Please help me to develope in SEO.


Kannan C.

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Is there an easy way to achieve one H1 per page? [for page title]

When starting with Drupal recently, I was a bit startled to see that - in Garland and Aberdeen themes - there were H1 tags around site title. Removed these, easily enough.

But - I'd like to use H1 for main page title, which is surely the intended purpose, and important for SEO - Google, say, figuring that the words in H1 tags are key to describing what a page is about.

I think easy enough to do for node titles. But then, might find that get several h1 tags if have a list of node titles on a page.

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I Just had an SEO Geek's Fantasy Day...

The great Yahoo DrupalCon, formerly know as OSCMS, was my first visit to the Mecca of Search (Sunnyvale/Mountain View) and the experience was just made complete a few days ago. A friend of mine asked me to accompany him to a meeting at the Microsoft offices in Mountain View. He was presenting one of his inventions to some Microsoft bigwigs and wanted me to come along as a technical consult. It sounded interesting...

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Paging query optimization in Drupal - from "?page=1" to "/page/1" ?


I have a quick SEO question I couldn't find any information about.

The paging in Drupal of, say, the frontpage, results to URLS like "node?page=1", even with CleanURL enabled. With Global Redirect this is even shorter, with something like "/?page=1".

I have a feeling this could be optimized to "/page/1", but I wasn't able to find any reference to this subject anywhere (though I might be missing something).

I'd be happy to hear from you on this issue, and if it is indeed SEO relevant - how to implement it.


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adding nofollow on "unimportant pages"

At drupalcon I had some discussions with chad jones about adding a rel=nofollow attribute to certain links in Drupal. Specifically we discussed pages like the user login page, the feed links, and other similar links which are on most every page of every drupal site but which are not "important" pages where you want to send your "link juice".

We talked about several possible solutions to this. I brought up that it could be done at the theme level or in a module on a per site basis. Chad seemed to prefer the idea of having it in core.

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Dealing With Duplicate Content in Drupal: My Approach

I see this has already been covered a bit, but I wanted to share my own approach to dealing with Drupal's duplicate content issues. I've written a new article called How Duplicate Content Hurts Drupal Sites. In this article I outline how to use .htaccess and robots.txt to redirect and hide duplicate content from search engines, and discuss a few related modules.

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