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Path Finder module - another solution for path/alias management

Comments invited - new module to help with path-management and avoid broken links:

Code will be uploaded very shortly.

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❝ ❀ ❀ ❀ ➨ Drupal 7.x & Ubercart 3.x - module development + theme development | Sass CSS ❞ | NORR WING Ltd.

Employment type: 

How to apply?

To apply, please include the following at your application:
• Links to your Drupal code (preferably custom Drupal 7 modules),
• Your username on, or any other community where
your credentials could be assessed.
• Your LinkedIn profile as well your LinkedIn Email.
• Two references in Drupal 7 and Ubercart 3 especially.
• 2 recommendations from owners

The phases are established according with the priority.

The entire project is divided in 3 phases (next details are from first phase):


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Penguin Update any Help + Site Review?

after the well knowing updates from google my site is gone, and i dont know what it is. Is anyone around who can help me to droop out of the filter? I do all the things that google always says..i mean i´m not a seo, but i´am interested i also do all what i can but without luck. I feel very sick!

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Site Review for Good SEO

Typically when I launch a Drupal site using all of the SEO essentials (nodewords, proper URLs, etc) it shows a PageRank of 3 within a week or so. Perhaps you all could take a look at this site and share some pointers?

I would also like to invite other Drupalers to submit their sites here for review so we can all help each other out and share some tips and tricks :)

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PHP Developer / CSS designer / Drupal Expert | SubmitCore

Employment type: 
Part time

Senior Drupal Developer Required
We have to re-design our website Submitcore and migrate it from wordpress to drupal. Please send your resume at our email address. If you are expert in drupal and css designing only then apply for this job. We are also expert in drupal guest posting service.

Technology Skillset :
• Core PHP, OOP in PHP, Drupal and knowledge of Zend Framework would be prefered.

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Follow, NoIndex for Specific Pages


I am developing a new site and was curious, if there is a way for the automatized formatting of the page code to index/no-index.

Currently, Google crawls all pages from my site, but I have the taxonomy for the navigation finished, but I have no content there yet. It hurts my potential future ranking as Google Panda/Penguin will rank many pages as "pages with no content".

Is there a way to set taxonomy pages as "NoIndex, Follow"?



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SEO - Resolve Issues - Immediate Requirement - Please! | cmssite


Our site is Drupal 6 – CMS – ECOMMERCE
We take an order and these are automatically sent through to our supplier, we are using Ubercart and NAB transact for this.

The site has been built/semi built as Multi site CMS, where we would be 4 Main Sites/templates and from there each Main site would have multiple domains underneath that site. Example: Site 1 would have 10 other individual domains built using the same layout but of course different content.


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de/robots.txt not found

My website has two languages : French and German.
I see in my log warnings, type "Page not found" like that :

My French language has no path prefix.
Example url :

My German language has a prefix path : de
Example url :

Could problem comes from that difference between the 2 languages configuration?
If not, what could be the problem? How to solve it?

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Officially supported meta tags for Nodewords (D6) & Metatags (D7, D8)



Tag Nodewords?
(Drupal 6) Metatag?
(Drupal 7) Metatag?
(Drupal 8) General abstract Yes Yes Yes canonical URL Yes Yes Yes content-language No Yes Yes description Yes Yes Yes Read more
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Drupal SEO: The best how-to, with bonus SEO tips and tricks, for Drupal webmasters

I've created an article that I hope will become a great Drupal SEO 'tips and tricks' resource at Drupal SEO: The best how-to, with bonus SEO tips and tricks, for Drupal webmasters

For example, I've included:

Tweaking Drupal paths for SEO (with Path module)
.htaccess 301 redirects
Blocking stub pages with robots.txt
Writing SEO content for Drupal
Canonical URLs vs. robots.txt
Pass SEO juice with 301 redirects

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multilingual installation with some content types not translated


I wonder how it goes with multilingual installation where not all contents are translated.

My website has 2 languages, but a certain content type will never be translated. And that content type groups around 1000 nodes.

so "mysitename/mycontent name" shows same content as "mysitename/de/mycontent name".
Is that not duplicate content?

in http://www.mysitenam/sitemap.xml, I have:
and in in http://www.mysitenam/de/sitemap.xml, I have: http://www.mysitename/de/mytype/alala

I have redirect module, but I'm not sure it helps in that matter.

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Owner | Only Flowers

Employment type: 

Goal: A well optimized professional looking website.

Requirements: To to make changes to the header to give it the WOW factor.
Currently we are using sliding images (4 at present) would like to improve the quality - also add in the function of adding text in to each individual slider to for SEO purposes.

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Does SEO issue of duplicate content apply to iFrames?


I am adding some content to my website in iframes, as a convenience to the users of the site. Each iframe is in a separate page of its own.

I am wondering if google sees the iframes inside my site as duplicate content and this might count against my site's SE ranking.

If so, would it help if I specify that the duplicate content pages not be searched? How should I do it - in the robots.txt or better to do it via meta tags?

(I thought this question must've been asked before but couldn't find a duplicate. iframes)

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Can anyone help How Drupal SEO ll be optimize?

Can anyone help How Drupal SEO ll be optimize? I just need the basic ideas..

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Hello Sirs
I am very new to drupal previously i was using zen cart recently shifted to drupal and added ubercart into it please sugest me what are the best modules for seo can i add all these modules

Page Title
Global Redirect
Path redirect
Search 404

Please guide if i add all these seo modules it will work fine or will create any problem?

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SEO Freelancer with Drupal Experience | DNA2Diamonds

Employment type: 

Looking for SEO Freelancer

SEO professional experience with Drupal and understands both the importance and implementation of SEO.

Where we are at & what we need

We have built basics of the following
1.) Keyword workbook (SEO keywords by page and adwords)
2.) SEO Titles & Descriptions for main pages and sub pages
3.) Keywords of Competitors & Our Distributors for their homepage
4.) Current “in use” Module List

What we need
Utilize all tools in Drupal that will assist to fully optimize our organic search.

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Advice on Drupal Modules...Module Advice Needed - Creating Reservation Site/Shopping Cart

Hi All,

I have ubercart and doing a shopping cart/reservation system online for courses. Course Operators page is built. I need advice on:

A module for a customised Search Function
The Scheduler or Availability Calendar for the course operator

Can UC Hotel Booking have elements adapted and used? Or, is this something for an experienced DBA?


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manager | Home-Check

Employment type: 


In need of an expert Drupal Themer to integrate our custom theme into
Drupal 6. This is not a matter of adding a few modules and replacing a couple of banner
Images. The winning themer must be able to modify the css, dig into the .tpl files and incorporate javascript (or offer suggestions for modules or jquery replacements) where necessary.

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Telecommute Senior content writer job | 1 SEO Company

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Senior Content Writing Job – freelance telecommute job

1 SEO Company are a busy Search Engine Optimization, website promotion and design firm looking for a part-time freelance telecommute Senior Content Writer to work in an ongoing role.  This is a telecommute / work from home job for someone who writes fluent English.   Candidates from any country are welcome to apply.

The current vacancy is part-time and is anticipated to be 10 – 15 hours’ work a week in the first instance, with the possibility of going full-time in the future for the right candidate.

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Need Help for Multisites With Drupal new bee for multisites

Hello All,
I have to develop a site that can support multisite with drupal, my basic needs are
1) Main site can create the other site with different database
2) The site created from Main site can handle custom modules and themes.

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