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Google indexing of URL's: How many directories in the URL is appropriate and how many is too many?

Hello, I've heard that Google indexes up to 3 levels of directories inside URL's.

Does that mean real directories (like in an static site) or does it mean the "/" forward slash that might be placed inside a URL created by pathauto?

For example, I am wondering how would Google deal with the following URL:

All of above are important keywords and it adds up to just 81 characters. They were created by pathauto based on the following setting for that content type: [termpath]/[title-raw]

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Google Website Optimizer

After seeing a Google Website Optimizer module for WordPress I started looking for a similar module for Drupal. I came across the following Google Website Optimizer module. It is useful for multivariate testing. I was wondering what other SEOs/Interactive Designers are using for optimizing website content and improving website usability? Are there any other modules that offer similar or added benefits?

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New SEO Friend Module

My new SEO Friend modules is available at:

The module is meant to be used with other Drupal SEO modules, particularly (for now) nodewords, nodewords_bypath, page_title, and pathauto.

I would love feedback and suggestions for new features.


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Contract work | Individual

Employment type: 

I am looking for someone to develop a search page that combines an exposed taxonomy filter approach (checkboxes and radios rather than dropdowns) with the Apache-Solr Keyword (and resultant faceted search setup) together with Saved Searches.
Please contact me for more information.
Many thanks
Glen Moore

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Listing all URLs for a Drupal site - for 301 redirect from old site


I am using Xenu's Link Sleuth (PageRank 7) to generate a list of URLs for a drupal site (and also find all the broken links). I am migrating a site to Drupal CMS and need to map the old URLs to the new URLs using a 301 redirect to move over all the SEO ranking values to the new URLs. Using Xenu's Link Sleuth has always been helpful but I was really surprised when I saw hundreds upon hundreds of URLs that are dynamically generated by Drupal.

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Interactive Search and Social Networking Lead | At-Tech Technical Recruiters

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We are looking for someone who is interested in charting a new bold course on the internet for how Internet Search and Social Networking is done. This person will be a practice leader who takes the industry's best practices to new levels of excellence. Through these efforts this person will build a Search & Social Networking service line with its own P&L in Scottsdale, AZ.

Skills & Requirements·
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience ·
Experience in the ability to be self sufficient in delivery these services, and in leading a team to achieve these objectives·

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SEO issue with Drupal Forums

There is an SEO issue with Drupal's forums similar to the SEO problem with Drupal views where pages that don't exist still send a 200 OK header.

This is the correct URL of a Drupal forum:

This non-existant URL also sends a 200 OK header when it should send a 404 Not Found header:

An example of where this might cause problems is when you take a non-Drupal forum and convert it to a Drupal forum that has different URLs.

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Views block exposed filters get indexed?

Hello recently I am hectic about my drupal sites seo.

Recently I have created a block in my site with exposed filters and I noticed that googlebot is trying all the filters and sometimes giving me...

"Message Illegal choice in field_age_value_many_to_one element"

should i block the spider crawl those filters?


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Post on a number of techniques for Drupal SEO

Hello all.

I recently did a post on a number of things I do to Drupal websites to help with SEO. I hope it helps people who are looking for this kind of stuff, and let me know if there's anything you feel should be addressed.

A Guide to Drupal SEO

Take care.

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Possible to set entire blocks to nofollow?

Is it possible to set an entire block region to "nofollow" for the purpose of pagerank sculpting? For example, take the use of a tagadelic tag cloud block on a website. If I wanted all those links to be nofollow automatically, how would I do that?

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PageRank Sculpting

I'm curious what everyone is for pagerank sculpting overall. There doesn't seem to be a clear, straightforward way to add nofollow attributes to links in primary/secondary links to such pages as /contact et cetera... What's everyone doing?

-=- christopher

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SEO issues with Views 2

Here's an SEO issue with the Views module. I haven't found a solution yet.

Default views in the Views 2 Module have an SEO issue. They don't send 404 errors when a non-existent URL is requested.

For example, if your view is located at

and your page is at:

but you accidentally link to:

Drupal sends a "200 OK" header and the content from:

instead of sending a 404 header/page.

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Flash sites

I mentioned SWFAddress in the SEO BoF at DC DrupalCON 2009.

This allows you to build full Flash experience sites with support for deep-linking and browser history while still maintaining a full HTML version for screen readers, search engines, and other non-traditional browsers. If you are building Flash sites on top of Drupal, you will probably also want to check out the Services and AMFPHP modules.

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<link> tag to reduce duplicate content

I just came across an article on about <link> tags being used to minimize the problem of duplicate content. Anyone know of a module or manageable techinique to add URL information to the header within a <link> tag?

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Suture CSS or JavaScript Files to Reduce HTTP Requests

I was just reading Suture CSS or JavaScript Files to Reduce HTTP Requests which describes a technique for reducing HTTP requests by combining JavaScript and CSS files. Is there any such functionality or module for Drupal that could make this easy for non-developers? If I am posting to the wrong group please let me know if there a more appropriate group for this subject.

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Fundamentals of Adsense campaigns

I'm wondering if anyone would like to share your fundamental setup of a new Adsense campaign. When you evaluate a client, do you typically guide them to focus on local areas and more specific keywords? Do you run multiple campaigns, broad keywords with lower CPC vs specific keywords with higher CPC?

Just looking for feedback for those who want to share. Thanks!

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nofollow improvements

One feature I would like to have (I think!) is that I would like the URLs to any internal pages that are outlawed in robots.txt to be nofollowed.

I'm not sure what the best way would be to do this, but I would like to know!


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Read More and Unique Strings for Sub-Teaser Links

We've been discussing the need for unique strings of text for unique links in the new WCAG 2.0 standards. But Cliff brought up that there are some SEO issues involved in this as well. So how do we get more meaningful links coming from our list/view pages so that instead of having 100 links pointing to your page say "Read more" and we have more using a related string, like "Accessible Themes for Drupal".

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Best practices for URLs, Titles, etc for SEO

I am redesigning my site using Drupal and am using pathauto, pagetitle, menu breadcrumb, global redirect, and other modules. I am quite new to Drupal and still getting my bearings.

Before I go live, I thought it would be helpful to decide on one pattern that would make sense to human readers and take into account SEO. I've seen pieces of this addressed, but haven't found anything that seems to cover the whole picture.

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Pathauto, clean urls, SEO in business directories

I am almost done with the development of a social business directory, and would love to start the SEO side of things, in which I am not well versed at.

The website structure is divided into 3 sections: Business Directory | Events | Community

Business Directory content is added by the following node types:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Health
  3. Religious
  4. Restaurant
  5. Service
  6. Shop
  7. Website

Events content:

  1. Event

Community Content:

  1. group
  2. group post
  3. album (photos)
  4. question (answers)
  5. blogs
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