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Drupal, Site Design, and SEO


I'd like a "very cool-lookin' site" since it seems to be what the niche market I'll be getting into would demand -- but I've heard that SEO works on text and links and that graphics can compromise SEO. Is that true? In what ways? And how does the picture change, if at all, when Drupal enters the picture, especially with regards to a "quick hosted site" service such as Drupal Garden or Pagebuild?? I know this is a newbie question, so please forgive since I'm still finding my footing!


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How well is Drupal calendar content recognized by search engines?

I have a client who's been using an ancient (by web standards) Perl-based calendar script program (called, dully enough, "CalendarScript", which hasn't been updated in years.

I've recently converted other parts of her site over to Drupal 6.x, and have been strongly recommending moving off of this old calendar script out of both security concerns and usability reasons. However, she's used it for many years and is reluctant to abandon it.

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SEO consequences from transfering tld's to sub domains

We have a client that has multiple top level domains for the products they offer. These products are different full fledged softwares. They also have a domain for their actual company that makes these products. We are consolidating their sites so that all of them can be managed by one backend. One of our developers suggested to consolidate even more by moving their product tld's into sub domains of the company site.

So instead of this:

It would be this:

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Brainstorming for Adobe (Omniture) Test&Target integration

I haven't seen any sign of an official Test&Target integration for Drupal. Having one would be very useful. Here are my initial thoughts on how it could work.

Here's the API and integration guide:

  1. You can have MBoxes to replace whole pages. This is handy for testing different splash or landing pages. Drupal integration could offer you the chance to put 2 or more paths in and then render access to any of them as a test.
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What is your experience and opinion using OpenCalais to improve your SEO?

I would like to Know your opinions about OpenCalais and SEO


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Page Title Module and Fusion Theme

I am currently having a problem with the page title module and a custom fusion sub-theme. I have installed the module and it seems to be working properly; except when I edit the page title field for an individual page, the page title doesn't show, I still get the default page title I setup in the page titles module settings. I have looked in the issue ques for the module and there is a patch, but when the patch is applied I am still not getting the results.

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SEO and multilingual website with language per domain name

I would like some comments on basic questions

In a general way,
French being the default, if I have and, will I have to reference the two? Only the French one? In my point of view, I would like the 2 to be referenced.

If yes (meaning the two are possible)
I can’t see how to do that because it’s same website.
In Google, generally I choose option of putting a validation html file at root of website.
But if I have a second domain name for same website, I just must validate the same validation file and it will works?


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Drupal 7 SEO Checklist

I would love to put together a Drupal 7.0 SEO checklist. Please feel free to add/edit.

All comments should be related to SEO in Drupal 7.0 and unless directly relevant should not contain Drupal 6.0 advice (although links to D6 are welcome).



  • The SEO Checklist module (available for both 6 and 7) has most of these included it in with automatic checks, datestamps, links to the download pages, and links to the config pages. Very, very helpful module.
  • Alt Text for Images
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    CDN's SEO and PageRank

    I have heard many experts state that the use of a CDN has no impact on SEO, but I am not convinced. Clearly speeding up a website WILL have a positive impact but my primary area of concern is with regard to PageRank.

    My understanding of pagerank is that it is calculated on a per domain basis and that each sub-domain is considered a separate domain.

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    Excess Drupal Domains


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    Making your site SEO friendly

    Recently I decided to start answering commonly asked questions on Drupal SEO via blog posts, and I hope this is the place where I can share them with you. The first one talks about usage of pathauto, pathredirect, globalredirect, pagetitle, nodewords modules. Screen shots of modules are provided. Link to first article: Making your site SEO friendly: Part 1

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    google shorts urls


    someone knows why google hits sometimes links thats not exit? who knows why google abbreviated simply urls - - [23/Feb/2011:04:19:59 +0100] "GET /pressemitteil HTTP/1.1" 404 28521 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +"
    the right place is - - [23/Feb/2011:04:19:59 +0100] "GET /pressemitteilung HTTP/1.1" 200 28521 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +"

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    How to get a 'full listing' for your Drupal site in Google

    I'm not sure that 'full listing' is the appropriate term, but I've noticed that many websites have an extended listing showing links to their main sections. Even this site has an extended listing: see attached screenshot.

    I can find no information anywhere on how to get this type of listing.

    Is this a paid for Google feature?

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    Links as UI element in drupal - SEO question

    Drupal use links as a main element for the navigation in UI. We open help pages with the links, open many auxiliary pages. But search engines will try to index that links. So people will try to close these links by the robots or any other technique. May be there are some alternatives of using links in UI (forms for example).

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    SEO: Proper way of deleting pages


    I plan on redoing my site and would like to know the proper way of deleting pages in terms of seo. I have ~100 product nodes, taxonomy, views, and panel pages I will be deleting in the process. From what I can gather, I would need to implement a 301 redirect using Path Redirect for each of the pages before removing them. Since the pages will no longer be related to the new version of the site, does it matter where I redirect the pages to if they have no PR or inbound links? I was thinking of redirecting them to the home page. Will this have an effect on my home page (~100 page redirects to /), which has a PR of 2? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    SEO has a very interesting article about misuse of SEO techniques and Google's response.

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    Marketing Assistant with Drupal expertise - 4 weeks PTO, Austin, Texas | Emergo Group

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Not allowed

    Emergo Group is a global medical device consulting firm with headquarters in downtown Austin Texas. The majority of our client base is comprised of small to medium-sized Medical Device manufacturers that are required to develop, implement and/or maintain ISO Quality Assurance Systems in order to export their products. We have offices in Austin, Texas, The Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Mexico, and Brazil. Learn more about us at

    Emergo Group offers full-time employees a competitive compensation package that includes:

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    Module for portfolio website

    Hello all , I am preparing drupal based self portfolio websites.
    So I need to know about some of the most important drupal module which can help me for developing my online Portfolio website.

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    Dupal Developer | Drupfly

    Employment type: 


    we have a couple of projects in hand and are short of people. We need someone to join our team asap.

    The right person for the job will have the following:
    * A proven track record of completed development
    * Accurate and efficient work practices
    * An interest in current trends and what works for uers to deliver successful sites.
    * Experience in Drupal theming
    * Custom module development
    * Good understanding of php,html,css,javascript etc

    Thanks.. Send in your resumes and portfolios to

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    SEO freelancer |

    Employment type: 

    Hi there

    I run a fly fishing website called

    I'm looking to get up on google results. At the moment i don't feature at all on google for what i would say is my main search terms... fly fisherman's log, (fly) fisherman's diary, online fisherman's logbook etc. I mean I would love to get up for Fly fishing but realize that might be asking to much for the time being.

    Would you be interested in helping out? Do you think you could give me a estimation on cost and a time line?

    Looking forward to hearing from you


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